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Winter Skincare

winter_skin The holiday party season has arrived and your skin has taken a turn for the worst! Getting along with your skin during the winter months can be difficult, and with the festivities just around the corner you need a remedy ASAP! With a couple weeks to go before the big FIESTA we can help you recover the glow and maintain it throughout the New Year. :) Customizing your winter skin care routine will help you combat the drying effects of the season and keep your skin happy and healthy throughout. To be most effective with your treatment, you must first understand the signals your skin is displaying which will allow you to respond appropriately. So let us address some common winter skin care concerns.

My skin is oilier than usual and I’ve been breaking out…

Your skin is constantly fluctuating with changes in the temperature and moisture levels in the air. With the winter being a dry season both indoors and outdoors your skin is under an accelerated rate of trans epidermal water loss (TEWL), an evaporation and diffusion of skin hydration. Although water is what your skin requires, it compensates for the lost moisture by producing more oil. This causes a buildup of dead cells saturated in excess surface oils, clogged pores, and frequents breakouts. In order to restore your skins moisturizer balance and hydration, choose products containing hydrating (water) ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E. Stay away from heavy creams and oil based products as these will only block and clog further. Photofacials , AHA/BHA peels , and traditional facials are a great way to give your skin a fresh start, balance pH levels, and deliver a much needed boost of nutrients for the season. They also help clear clogged pores, excess oil, remove painful blemishes before they spread, and diminish existing scars. Try our Treatment Selection Guide to learn more and find the right treatment program for you. TIPS for taming OILY Winter Skin…
  • Use light gel cleansers free of parabens and sulfate. A thorough cleanse in the morning and double cleanse at night gives your skin the fresh cleanse it desires without stripping away vital moisture. Try GLO Purifying Cleanser with Salicylic Acid(BHA) to help clear breakouts and balance pH.
  • Using a hydrating toner or mist. This gives your skin a boost of hydration which helps your skin absorb moisture from deeper into the skin. Try GLO Conditioning Tonic with Hyaluronic Acid, Rose Hip, and soothing Chamomile.
  • Moisturize regularly. Using a lightweight oil-free moisturizer morning and night while skin is still moist will provide the right amount of moisture without leaving your skin feeling heavy or greasy. Try GLO Oil-Free Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid.

My skin is flaking non-stop no matter how much moisturizer I apply….

When faced with cooler temperatures your skins natural response is to slow its metabolic rate, which includes the rate at which your skin regenerates, this is known as the cell turnover rate. The cell turnover rate of your skin determines how frequently dried cells at the surface shed and regenerate. When this process slows down, you get a buildup of dead cells resulting in flaking skin, fine lines, and dry patches. These layers of dead cells also block vital nutrients and moisture from absorbing into the fresh cells, which is why no amount of product seems to relieve the dryness. Introducing regular exfoliation to your skin care routine will help increase your cell turnover rate throughout the winter months and maintain it at an active level. Exfoliation is achieved using chemical or manual exfoliants, both offering resurfacing benefits, but differ in procedure and interaction with the skin. Manual exfoliants (skin scrubs) will give a great skin scrubbing massage while sloughing away dead skin cells. Manual exfoliants are not recommended for sensitive or acneic skin types. Enzymatic exfoliants containing fruit enzymes, AHA, or BHA, react with the skin on a chemical level by dissolving the binding matter between the skin cells causing them to gently lift and rinse away. The active ingredients and intensity vary depending on concentration level and quality of the acids and enzymes. Photofacials , AHA peels , and traditional facials are an excellent way to eliminate flaking skin and bring plump new cells to the surface. Amongst the many benefits these treatments offer, they also speed up the skins cell turnover rate, boost collagen production, resurface, brighten complexion, and restore vital moisture and hydration. Try our Treatment Selection Guide to learn more and find the right treatment program for you. TIPS for smoothing FLAKING winter skin…
  • Exfoliate every 2-3 days. This ensures that your skin is always fresh and reaping the benefits of your skin care product ingredients. For those who enjoy a regular scrub try Glo Daily Polishing Cleanser with Salicylic Acid (BHA), amino acids, and gentle Jojoba beads.
  • Use skin scrubs that are made specifically for the face. It may be easy to reach for the body scrub in the shower, but the granules are not shaped or sized for use on sensitive skin such as the face. Facial scrubs contain micro beads that are smooth and will not cause tears in the skin.
  • Lactic Acid for AHA benefits. This hydrating milk acid is excellent for gently dissolving surface cells, boosting hydration, and balancing pH, and brighten dull complexion. Try Glo Refresh Facial Polish with nourishing benefits of Borage Oil, Acai Oil, and gentle Jojoba beads.
  • Hyaluronic Acid for added moisture. This excellent hydrating ingredient can attract and hold 1000 times its weight in water, making it a must have for dry skin. Try Glo Conditioning Hydration Cream with a powerful antioxidant combination of Vitamin E and Alpha Lipoic Acid.
Keeping your skin happy during the winter months is really quite simple…watch for the hints and DO as it asks! After all, your skin is your first line of defence and will show you who is BOSS when not tended to. ;) Try our Home Care Selection Guide to select the correct skincare products for your skin type and concerns! Visit our Online Skincare Store and view our section of Skincare lines and products. Schedule your treatment online now! Online Scheduling Love, Peace, and Great Skin! Dérmica MedEsthetics (780) 885-7108

Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown Hairs

The most common question we hear from our male skin care clients are regarding the ingrown hairs in their lower face/neck region. What causes them? How can I get rid of them? In this post we’ll answer your questions, and bring you tips for treating, and preventing ingrown hairs.


Ingrown hairs are caused by trapped hairs in the hair follicle that have become weakened, diverted, or blocked during the hair growth cycle. The trapped hair continues to grow within the follicle causing painful pressure and inflammation of the follicles.
The inflamed follicles often become infected causing painful discomfort; they can also leave your skin scarred for months, and be harmful to your health.
As with any infection, if left untreated, it can spread to other areas of the system via the circulatory system. In severe cases a trip to the doctor for drainage, and a course of antibiotics, may be required.

Using a dull or low quality razor contributes to this condition by increasing the need to apply unnecessary pressure in order to achieve a clean shave. The excess pressure causes the blades to scrape along the skin and opening of the hair follicle, creating micro-tears.
Your skin reacts to this trauma by forming new cells at the site of injury which can cause hyperkeratosis, an overgrowth of skin surrounding the follicle, or blockage of the follicle opening.

Ingrown hairs will typically occur in areas of the body with a high concentration of dense coarse and/or curly hair, such as the beard, neck, back, or chest. Areas where the skin is under pressure or friction due to clothing or creases in the skin are also susceptible. When your hair attempts to break through the surface of the skin, it is pressure back into your skin, thus causing the ingrown hair to form.

Men with darker skin tones can develop a condition called psuedofolliculitis, another form of ingrown hairs. This is due to the texture of the hair being thicker, stronger, and tightly curled.


Tips for Preventing Ingrown Hairs

  • Replace your razor continuously. If it’s not doing the job in a couple swipes then it is time to say goodbye!
  • Gently exfoliate before shaving. Start with a good exfoliation using mild AHA/BHA or enzyme based cleanser. This will gently loosen dead surface cells without the vigorous scrubbing of skin scrubs, giving you a smooth skin to glide your razor. The Daily Polishing Cleanser by Glo offers you a micro exfoliation along with the benefits of BHA- Salicylic Acid.
  • Prep the hair for shaving. Press a damp-hot towel into your skin after exfoliating. This will help soften the hair and open the follicles making it easier to cut through the hair.
  • Use a good quality barrier to protect your skin during the shave. Choose a shaving agent that contains less fragrance and ingredients that benefit your skin during the shave. Highly fragranced products can irritate the skin and cause unnecessary sensitivity. Shaving oils are a great addition to your shave regime.
  • Seal the skin after shaving. Following a good shave your skin is left exposed and sensitized. Using a mask or protective aftershave will give your skin a protective barrier against the elements. Try the Cucumber Recovery Mask by Glo for a lightweight protection and refreshing hydration.

Tips for Treating Ingrown Hairs

  • Permanent removal. For permanent treatment of this condition laser/IPL hair removal will do the trick. This process permanently reduces the amount of hair that grows in the area treated and with the right process you can also reduce scarring and inflammation. It can be performed over the entire area, targeted areas, or along your beard line for a crisp outline. Book your hair removal service with our laser/IPL expert.
  • Chemical Peel. Chemicals peels are a great way to dissolve the follicle blocking layers from the skin and reveal fresh undamaged layers. They also help push the trapped hair in the follicle and debris to the surface. A Grape Enzyme Peel is the go-to when treating ingrown hair and psuedofolliculitis.
  • Extraction of the hair . Unless the tip of the hair is visible, extraction should be performed by skin care pro. This will ensure that the hair is safely and effectively removed, with less discomfort and risk of scarring. This treatment is normally performed during a facial treatment and is the focus of the dermica MAN facial treatment.
  • Topical Tretinoin (Retin A) and Retinol (Vit A) derivatives . This medicinal ingredient decreases the overgrowth of skin surrounding the follicle and diminishes scarring. The Tretinol .05% by Glo is excellent treating affected areas at home. It can be incorporated into any homecare routine and is has many other benefits to the skin.
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We hope these tips help you keep that jawline looking smooth and fresh for days!

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Acne Treatments Edmonton: Do’s & Don’ts

acne peel edmonton

Our Chemical Peel procedures are a safe, non-invasive way to treat acne

Acne Treatments Edmonton: The Do’s & Don’ts of Acne

f you have ever battled with Acne you can relate to the physical and emotional toll it can take on you. Acne can also be a sensitive subject to approach when searching for the answers and solutions for this condition. So in this blog series titled “the Do’s & Don’ts of Acne” we will be looking at the most common causes of acne and giving out some PRO TIPS in hopes to shed some light on this rather touchy subject.

The most important thing when beginning your search is understanding your own skin condition and the source of your condition.

In this segment of our series we will begin by looking at one of the contributing factors: Diet and Nutrition.

Diet can play a major role in aggravating conditions of the skin, acne being one of them. Your diet may not necessarily be the cause but it can either help treat the condition or interfere, and set-back treatment. Remember that anything ingested by the body effects on major organs, and with your skin being the largest and most visible of all, it is the window into your internal health.

Studies have shown that acneic skin is deprived of important essential vitamins and nutrients. To help address this chemical imbalance you must restore healthy levels within your body. Now let’s get to the “ the do’s and don’ts of the anti-acne diet.


  • Vitamin E. In studies, acneic skin shows to be deprived of this essential antioxidant. Natural food sources include: almonds, hazelnuts, spinach, and kale
  • Vitamin C.. This natural antioxidant helps reduce inflammation and redness. Natural food sources include: citrus fruits, strawberries, raspberries, papaya, and pineapple
  • Vitamin B3.. This natural element aids the body in transforming different foods into energy. Natural food sources include: mushrooms, potatoes, whole grains, meats and alternatives
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acid.. Omega 3 levels are lacking in the average diet and are essential to proper skin health. Natural sources include: fish oils, salmon, free range meats and eggs
  • Water.. Keep your skin hydrated by keeping the cells within your body hydrated as well. Your body needs to maintain a water balance in order to carry out its daily functions


  • Sugars. Food high in sugar can spike healthy insulin levels in the body. This can have a negative effect on acne and worsen the condition
  • Dairy. Dairy products can have an effect on the amount of oil produced in the skin, so be conscious of your dairy intake. For other sources of calcium try include leafy greens in your diet

I recommend focusing on one area at a time, this will help you pinpoint possible sources and treat appropriately. Once you have taken care of possible internal imbalances, controlling the external condition will be much easier.

Book a free consultation with our skin health experts and begin your journey to clear and healthy skin. We will help you develop a skin health plan that includes homecare, medical esthetic procedures, and maintenance.

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Dérmica Anti Aging Tips Edmonton

Anit-Aging_InfoCard copy

Anti Aging Tips

This article discusses anti aging tips. As some of you may know, we have a “Ask Dérmica” category on our blog. We always reply to our followers, and sometimes publish an entry when it pertains to a popular topic. This week we received an entry which we feel is a topic we would like to shed some light on. Thanks to “Sadly Sagging” for the latest entry!

“Sadly Sagging” asks “What are your best anti aging tips?”

In order to share her story, we will give you some of her details:

  • Female
  • 35 years old
  • Smoker
  • Tanner

In response to “Sadly Sagging”, we reply:

Dear Sadly Sagging,

Thank you for your question. According to your entry, our recommendations for you are few, yet can be difficult to accomplish.

Firstly, we recommend you try and get a good night sleep. During our sleep, we go through REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep which is basically our brain going through all of the information we acquired and experienced throughout the day and deleting unnecessary information. This is a whole body experience which means all of your cells require rest, including your skin cells.

When you don’t get good shut-eye, your skin cells don’t get to regenerate which decreases your skin’s ability to recover from daily damage which in turn doubles your signs of aging.

Secondly, we recommend you try to decrease your sugar intake. Sugar binds to the cells in your skin and produces.

Advanced Glycation End (AGE) products through the process of glycation, making cells stiffer, less pliable and more subject to damage and premature aging. Sugar kills collagen and elastin, and slows down the body’s defense system and natural supplies of antioxidants to your body’s defense towards environmental attacks such as UV exposure, environmental pollutants, cosmetic influences, etc.

Thirdly, we know this one is especially tough during the summer months, tan responsibly. We would like to take this opportunity to dismiss the myth that you don’t tan if you wear sun block. This is UNTRUE!! Allow us to shed some light:

  • When you engage in unprotected tanning, you have a 74% higher risk of developing melanomas, a.k.a. skin cancer. Melanomas are skin lesions that can develop into carcinogenic regions; always have you moles checked out
  • Unprotected tanning can lead to a leathery appearance to your skin due to dehydration
  • Unprotected tanning can cause deep internal damage to your skin. FYI- every time your body creates a tan, your body is sending melanin cells to the surface of your skin to create a protective barrier that acts like sunglasses to your skin, your skin’s natural defense to harmful UV rays. In other words, your tan is truly your skin showing signs of its defense against an attack
  • Today’s sun is more damaging to your skin then it was 20 years ago due to the depleting ozone
  • The damage you are causing now will surface in 5 years in the form of sun spots, age spots(which can be confused with liver spots), and increased freckling on the skin
  • Unprotected tanning destroys collagen and elastin which add to the suppleness and elasticity and volume to your skin

Finally, the most difficult tip of all, you have to try and decrease (if not quit) your tobacco intake. We all know the downfall of smoking, but to some of us, we may need to hear what it does to our physicality before we can really understand, so here goes:

  • Asphyxiation of the skin, blocking it from proper flow of oxygen, blood circulation and nutrients such as H2O
  • Premature aging such as age spots, deep wrinkles, creping around the labial area due to repeated usage of the oral muscles and constant exposure to cigarette toxins within the tobacco smoke
  • Crows feet due to squinting to keep smoke out of your eyes
  • Smoking causes dilation of the blood vessels in the eyes making your eyes look blood shot
  • Vasodilation (dilation of the blood vessels of the capillaries along the surface of the skin particularly on the cheek and nose)
  • Sallow skin and lips (a yellowish dull appearance and decrease in vibrancy to the skin). For women that are concerned with the fullness of your skin, you may want to consider what smoking is doing to that full, plump, youthful pout

Hope this helps! And remember, at Dérmica, we offer an array of services and products to help you get a leg up on your fight against anti aging!

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Love, Peace, and Great Skin!

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Am I a good candidate for IPL/ Laser Hair Removal?

How do I know if I’m a good candidate for IPL/ Laser Hair Removal?

This is a very common question, as not everyone is eligible to receive Laser/IPL treatments. Aside from considering your medical history and current skin care regimen, there are other determining factors.

Fitzpatrick Scale

Firstly, the technician will categorize your skin tone using the Fitzpatrick Scale. The scale begins at a Level-I, such as Nicole Kidman, and gradually increases to the deeper tones of a Level-VI, such as Lupita Nyong’o.

The scale predicts how your skin will react to light-based treatments and the intensity in which to treat your skin. However, there are limitations to treating beyond a level-V.

Adverse reactions such as burns and permanent scarring occur due to the pigment in the skin absorbing the energy emitted by the laser.

Hair tone

The second major factor in determining eligibility for treatment is the tone of the hair present.

Having a greater contrast between the colour of your hair and skin increases effectiveness. Additionally, a greater contrast between the colour of the present hair and skin tone increases reduction rate of your treatment and can shorten sessions required.

In order to successfully be treated for IPL/ Laser Hair Removal there must be a visible presence of melanin within the hair. Therefore, natural shades of light blonde, light red, grey, and white hair cannot be 100% successfully treated with IPL/ Laser hair removal.

Customizable settings

Your technician will adjust the settings accordingly per session as your hair colour and density changes throughout the course of your treatment.

Our technicians are educated in Laser/IPL therapy and the anatomy & physiology of skin. This allows us to properly assess, customize, and execute your treatments. Above all, it helps deliver results without compromising the integrity of your skin.

For any questions or concerns regarding IPL/ Laser Hair Removal , IPL Phototherapy, or Skin Care, give us a call at 780.885.7108 or submit your questions in our “Ask Dérmica” feature!

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Love, Peace, and Great Skin!

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SPA PARTY chez dérmica!

dermica spa party

Rally up your girlfriends for a spa party chez…dérmica ;)

Dérmica Spa Party

I recently met a milestone in my years on the home planet, the big 3-0! I remember the days when 30 seemed ancient to my juvenile mind, but since welcoming my 30’s I have come to realize that the best has yet to come and the journey there shall be an adventurous one!

As we grow so does our appetite (and budget ;) ) for self-nurturing and meaningful connections with those we take along with us on this journey. Our selection in events and venues become more refined, the Old School now becomes OUR school, and our house parties are no longer BYOB, but rather “Themed”. I’m sure many of you have had the opportunity to attend a “Themed” party such as the Ugly Sweater Party or Onesie Party, but last I checked it’s 2015 so out with the old and in with the new!

So what are the ladies of our generation, and Edmonton in particular- doing these days to entertain?

Well along with sipping on some vino at a “Naked Lady Parties” adding to the selection for Ladies Nights is the SPA PARTY!

What is a “Spa Party” you ask? Allow me to elaborate on what this classy event entails.
Typically, the spa is reserved for exclusive access to party guests for some private R&R amongst your closest gals. Incorporating service themes such as Peel Party, Wax Party, or Laser Facial Party into the event is also popular, and can add to the experience by keeping the convo rolling!

For regular spa goers the possibilities seem endless and trying out a new service can be a little out of one’s comfort zone. Perfect time to call for back up, get a little moral support from the gals, and make it a fun event to remember. The more seasoned services such as bikini grooming, chemical peels, laser photofacials, injectables, and fillers tend to be common themes for spa parties, as you may remember from the Real Housewives of OC “BOTOX™ Party” episode. The housewives indulge in some bubbly, vials, and of course a cup of drama.

If primping, pampering, quality time and feeling great at any age is your motto, make this your year to live it up and try something new. Host a Dérmica Spa Party for your next ladies get together, B-day, Promotion Celebration, or whatever the occasion and make it one to remember!

Add to your celebration and book a room at The Metterra Hotel and save 20% off your stay with your Dérmica Spa Party!

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