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Fixing Dehydrated Skin

fixing dehydrated skin

What is the difference between dry and dehydrated skin?

Dry skin lacks oil, dehydrated skin lacks water. Dehydrated skin is not a skin type, it is a skin condition caused by external factors.

How do you fix dehydrated skin?

A good hydrator can be part of your solution. Hydrators are different than many moisturizers or creams. Creams are a water-in-oil solution, whereas a hydrator has more water than oil. The best example of a hydrator is hyaluronic acid.

Some people say that they do not use moisturizer because it causes them to break out. While it is true that some moisturizers can cause breakouts, these are usually oil-based. In an effort to avoid breakouts, you deprive your skin of necessary hydration. All skin types benefit from hydration

Dehydrated skin can also be soothed with a cleanser containing lactic acid.

NOTE: A cleanser with lactic acid will sting when you first start using it due to the minor cracks in the skin caused by the dryness. However, once that heals it’s great for long term use.

Will drinking water fix dehydrated skin?

Drinking water helps support everything else you are doing on a topical level.

Did you know that hyaluronic acid and drinking water join forces for hydration? Hyaluronic acid acts like a magnet to the water you drink. They are attracted to each other and keep the skin hydrated.

Drinking water according to your body weight and your metabolism will help you get the water to all the cells.

Why is my face dry even after I moisturize?

Most likely because you have an excessive build up of dead skin cells at the surface that are blocking any product or cleanser from actually getting to the fresh cells that need that nourishment.

You can remove this dead surface layer with proper exfoliation. Keep in mind that dry skin should not be using an exfoliant scrub. Instead, this skin type should use an enzyme exfoliant.

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What factors contribute to an aging neck?

As always with the skin, genetics plays a big role in aging. Other factors that contribute to an aging neck include improper care, sun exposure, and time.

At what age does the neck generally start to show signs of aging?

The neck starts to show signs of aging roughly around the same time as your face. However, since we do not express emotions with our necks (the way we do with our face), the face leads the way when it comes to aging. Although the neck doesn’t age as quickly as the face, it’s not too far behind. In other words, once you see signs of aging on your face, consider caring for your neck in the same fashion.

Aging on the neck appears in different ways. Examples include sunspots and redness caused by sensitivity.

What is a “crepey” neck?

Magnified image of crepey skin.

A crepey neck is characterized by fine lines of a dry and scaly texture. When you squeeze the skin together, the skin looks dehydrated and finely wrinkled. Crepey skin is one of the first signs of aging because they are not depressed wrinkles just yet. They are often caused by major dehydration and are common in the chest area. This may happen because we generally don’t exfoliate as much as we do on our face. We also don’t cleanse and moisturize to the same degree, nor do we protect it as we do our face.

Can a crepey neck be reversed?

Crepey skin on the neck can be reversed to a certain extent with proper treatment, aftercare, and protection. However, early intervention with advanced skin treatments is key.

What treatments are available for an aging neck?

Chemical peels help exfoliate buildup and resurface fresh skin cells.

Photofacials do the same as the peels. In addition, they help boost our collagen content and therefore yield more dramatic and longer-lasting results. Keep in mind that photofacials can tighten the skin on the neck only to a certain extent. Sometimes sagging of the neck is due to muscular issues or an excess of adipose tissue. Those cases require medical or surgical intervention such as liposuction, belkyra, or a lipo face lift.

Other questions?

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Can I use the same products for morning and night?

“Can I use the same products for morning and night?” is a common question asked by our clients. If your skin is at its prime, meaning it’s balanced and functioning at it’s best, your cleanser should be fine for morning and night use.

Keep in mind that “prime” doesn’t mean perfect skin for every skin type. If you are happy with your cleanser there is no need to change it. However, you may want to consider adding an oil cleanser for nighttime use. These are excellent at removing makeup and are often used as a first cleanse.

The decision to change moisturizers depend on what you are using. Basic moisturizers are fine for day or night. However, if you are using a moisturizer that contains sunscreen then you can’t use that at night. On the contrary, if you are using a product that contains retinol you can’t use that during the day.

Serums are the product to most likely have specific uses appropriate for certain times of day. For example, hyaluronic acid serums are best to use during the day when trans-epidermal water loss is highest. Vitamin C and E are good serums to use in the day time as they are good for sun protection.

Different beauty regimes

In addition, there are different regimes to consider when deciding whether or not to use the same products for morning and night. There are two types of regimes: maintenance versus treatment. During maintenance regimes you can cleanse and moisturize with the same products.

On the other hand, treatment regimes vary depending on what is happening with your skin. You may be able to use many of the same products if they are effective, but at night you may want to add products with ingredients to correct your skin concerns.


Professional products help maintain results of our treatments. Therefore, we offer 15% OFF all Glo Skin Beauty products in-store with any skincare treatment.

Ask your service provider for recommendations.

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Beard Care Edmonton

beard care

Located in Edmonton, Dérmica offers a hybrid skin and beard care treatment- the Beard Facial. This specialized facial for men with beards offers the best of both worlds. It includes all of the essentials of a classic facial along with mild extractions, and a beard shampoo and conditioning treatment.

Beard facials help get rid of buildup consisting of sweat, dead skin, and oil that can lead to an itchy beard. In addition, they clear congested skin by extracting blackheads, milia, and other skin blemishes.

Can beard hair affect the skin underneath?

Yes, beard care is necessary to maintain the skin below healthy. Improper beard care can lead to skin issues, for instance, infection of the follicles. Other examples include fungal infections, ingrown hairs, and folliculitis. Infections are often confused for ‘beard acne’. However, it should be noted that ‘beard acne’ is not a condition and is most likely being mistaken for ingrown hairs.

Folliculitis vs ingrown hairs

Folliculitis is a condition that is characterized by multiple, consistent ingrown hairs. On the other hand, a single ingrown hair is a rare event.

The perfect beard line

Other beard treatments at Dérmica include IPL Beardline Hair Removal. With IPL phototherapy, we are able to permanently shape the beard line with laser precision. IPL treatments zap live hair roots. As a result, regrowth stops in the treated areas.

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Why did my skin products stop working?

Why did my skin products stop working

The belief that skin products stop working is a common misconception. Unless you have been storing your products in an inappropriate place, they should be effective until their expiry date. However, there are a few things that may have happened that led your skin type to change thereby explaining why your products don’t seem to work anymore.

For example, daily aging, climate change, and internal/external factors such as medications or changes in your environment, are things that will render your products less effective for the simple fact that they are no longer for you.

Does skin get used to products over time rendering them less effective?

Skin products do not stop working, but there is a plateau once we get accustomed to the skin that we have been able to achieve with products. This is because products can only reach a certain layer of the skin. Once they’ve done all their work on all the layers that they can reach, thats all they can do. Keep in mind that even though they have done their maximum, they will continue to carry those results for you.

“Skin doesn’t become immune to products.”

Skin becomes tolerant and learns how to work with products. For example, retinols. It is not uncommon to see peeling after the first application . However, applications after that may not yield the same extreme results because the product has done its job.

Careful not to overuse.

We recommend certain products such as retinol for short-term use only. Retinol helps your skin look fresh all the time, but it becomes very thinned out over long-term use.

Using strong products all the time leaves no room for improvement. Plus, when you overuse certain products, your skin becomes lazy! When the skin is not allowed to perform its natural functions by itself, it becomes dependent on products to carry out its daily functions. As a result, the moment you remove one of those products from your routine, your skin experiences problems.

Tips for optimal product use

  • Store your beauty products in a cool, dry place, and avoid direct sunlight.
  • Try storing eye creams and moisturizers in the butter compartment of your fridge. This will keep products cool, stable, and refreshing when applied!
  • When possible, choose products that come in pumps or tubes, they hold longer as they are not in contact with open air or skin.
  • If you’re using a potted product use a small spatula or cotton swab to remove products from the jar. The natural oils and bacteria found on our skin can alter or spoil products.

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Treatments to remove dark spots

treatments to remove dark spots on face

What treatments does dérmica offer to remove dark spots?

Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Dérmica offers a variety of treatments to remove dark spots on the face. Base level intervention would start with products. Professional products target pigment removal at a superficial level. Our favourite product to remove hyperpigmentation is the Retinol Resurfacing Serum. It helps even out the skin tone. If generalized uneven skin tone is your concern, look out for products containing lactic acid.

Facial coupled with AHA boost

All of our facials have reserved time for pore extraction. The extraction process clears away oil and debris for better absorption of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA). Our AHA boost contains those good brightening acids, for example glycolic and lactic acid. Boosts are mild peels.


Other treatments to remove dark spots on the face include chemical peels. Glycolic acid is used to remove sun spots, acne scars, and other dark spots on the face. It penetrates the deepest into the skin because it has the smallest molecules.

Picture your skin as a bunch of scales held together by glue. Glycolic acid can reach deep levels to dissolve the glue thereby separating the layers. Over the next few days following your treatment, loose layers will start to crunch up and dry up. You may start to see flaking in some areas. As a result, your body makes new cells thereby pushing pigment up to the surface. Follow up peels are required to push the pigmentation all the way out. All things considered they are a great choice for all skin types.

skincare edmonton


Lastly, photofacials are our maximum treatment to remove dark spots from the face. They are considered “maximum level” treatments because they target hyperpigmentation with laser precision.

IPL Phototherapy is able to isolate specific ranges of light. Each range of light within the spectrum penetrates to a different level in the skin.

More control

Our ACLARA photofacial targets melanin cells with no effect on the superficial tissues. This results in maximum effect with very little downtime.

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