Bikini Waxing and Laser Hair Removal 101

Bikini Hair Removal? We got you covered!

Bikini Waxing or Laser Hair Removal 101: We got you covered!

Bikini Waxing and Laser Hair Removal Styles

January may seem a little blasé with all the holiday excitement gone, and the attack of the red velour teddy bear in full force. But for all of you fashionistas out there, January is a glorious time of year. With 2015 Spring Collections now gracing the racks at your local boutiques and shops, there is no better time to execute your 2015 style and beauty regimens. That being said, let’s talk bikini waxing, or for permanent results- laser hair removal trends. Choosing the right drapes to match your windows can be difficult enough in your home, so where do you start when deciding how to drape your…ehemm…vagine? After many years in the spa industry I’ve heard some interesting tales and crafty names. Trends change throughout the years, from the 70’s low-maintenance shag to the 90’s thong-th-thong-thong-thong landing strip, therefore knowing what to request when booking your bikini hair removal is important to prevent confusion. To keep things accurate when reading this article, I have included definitions for some commonly used terms:
  • “bikini line”- think basic full-seated bikini bottoms
  • “hairline”- the edge where your hair naturally begins
  • “front”- anything visible from frontal view
  • “underside”- lower area covering your lady bits
  • “backside”- the area beginning just after your bits up to your tailbone
  • “bunny tail”- the small area over the tailbone
Alright, let’s start with the basics. For the more reserved or first time patron looking to have a simple clean-up from the top of their bikini line and the sides, the American bikini wax is what you’re looking for. This method of bikini waxing is based on the traditional cuts of the western swimwear. Therefore any hair from 3 inches below your belly button down to 1 inch below the bikini line should be removed, as well as any hair from the top inner thigh up to 2 inches into the bikini line. This method will ensure that any exposed skin is clear of hair without making drastic changes in your natural hairline. Now for those of you looking for a more defined bikini hairline, the French bikini wax offers more options for shaping and further removal. Most of the hair is removed from the front leaving a small patch of hair, this includes removal from underside, and excludes the backside. The flattering little v-patch will bring the hairline down 2-3 inches from the bikini line, and give you most coverage at the top and taper neatly into the back. Opt for the symmetrical strip down the centre for a little more coverage. This look will bring the hairline straight down toward the underside, giving you a clean underside. Contrary to popular belief the traditional method of Brazilian bikini waxing does NOT leave you free of all hair below the waist. The traditional method leaves only a small strip down the centre. This look was modeled after the thong bikini bottom worn in Brazil which leaves little to the imagination, but still leaves a “little”. So for you thong sporting ladies, a Brazilian bikini wax will give you the same flexibility with shape and coverage that the French bikini wax offers, but also clears any unwanted strays from the backside leaving you confident from any angle. Who needs hair down there anyway? If this is your motto then opt for a Hollywood bikini wax and liberate yourself from pubescent hair growth. The name is influenced by the adult industry associated with the provocative nature of the famous city of fast cars, bright lights, fame, and fortune. This method will clear all existing hair from front to bunny tail leaving you G-string ready all around. Many spas will refer to this technique as a Brazilian, so make sure to clarify with your technician. Along with the these common names and methods, there are many other crafty names and techniques, so if you are unsure of what your booking entails, hopefully these descriptors will help in explaining with your next waxing or laser hair removal session. Remember that you are having a service in a very intimate area, so make the appointment more comfortable for yourself and the technician, and always be sure that you freshen up prior to your appointment. Now for some tips and tricks! Tips
  • If you have a low pain tolerance take an ibuprofen or acetaminophen prior to your appointment
  • Gently exfoliate the area 24 hrs prior to your appointment
  • Trim the hair down to ¼ inch to lessen discomfort during your waxing appointment
  • Give yourself a clean shave if you are opting for permanent laser hair removal (your technician can help with shaping)
  • If you prefer to sport a hairline, keep the hair tamed and smooth by using a dab of conditioner in the shower
  • Exfoliation is important in preventing ingrown hairs, so make sure you are doing so at least twice a week
At dérmica, we provide all of the services described above, so whether you are looking for a temporary look or a permanent solution, we’ve got it covered. In need of some moral support? Why not do a group booking for you and the bffs and reserve dérmica for a private party and some female bonding. There’s no better way to bond, than over some girl talk and vagine waxes ;) Wishing you all peace, love, and great skin…and don’t forget to get yourself V-Day ready and care for the hair…down there!

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