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Microblading Edmonton- Booking Procedure


Dérmica 3D SCULPT- Top of the line Microblading

Achieve the brows you have always dreamed of with dérmica’s brow microblading treatment. Your brows are skillfully etched into shape by combining dérmica’s signature brow design with top-of-the-line brow microblading products and techniques. Your eyebrows are designed by our experts using your natural facial structure, measurements, and any desired personal touches. Each individual hair stroke is carefully placed on the skin, building a beautiful and natural brow that lasts up to 3 years.


MICROBLADING Level I : Increase the definition of your brow line, add density to thinning areas, fill small gaps and scars, or balance the overall brow shape. Includes 30% brow coverage and 1 Refresher which can be booked within 12 months following initial procedure. $350 MICROBLADING Level II : Remodel your brow shape, balance highly uneven brows, fill-in gaps, scars, increase density and thickness in sparse brows. Includes 60% brow coverage and 1 Refresher which can be booked within 12 months following initial procedure. $450 MICROBLADING Level III : Restore your brows from tip-tip and top-bottom with a complete coverage of severely thinned brows or missing brows. Includes up to 100% brow coverage and 1 Refresher which can be booked within 12 months following initial procedure. $550 MICROBLADING Refresher : (under 12 months since last session) Hair strokes are refined and color is intensified or refreshed. $150


Consult: 30 minutes. During your consult, your desired brow shape and colour, and overall appearance is discussed. After your consult you will receive your PreTx Guide and products to prepare your skin for the procedure. Procedure: 2hrs. During your microblading session your brow area is numbed to ease discomfort during the procedure. The procedure time can range from 1-2 hours depending on the amount of restoration required. You will receive a detailed PostTx Guide and products to care for your brows during the recovery phase. Refresher: 1.5 hrs. Optimal results are achieved with this complimentary refresher session; it ensures that every stroke is vibrant and extends wear. Ensure you book your Refresher before your brows reach a 40% fade. A minimum of 40% of the initial shape must be present for your Refresher. This time varies per person. Overextending the re-booking period may cause you to lose the outlining shape from your initial session for the technician to follow. If this is the case a complete 3D Sculpt session may be necessary. This refresher can be booked within 6 weeks to 12 months following initial procedure.
Do you meet the criteria for this procedure? Find out by clicking HERE.

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Mens Laser Hair Removal Edmonton (IPL Hair Reduction)

Many of our clients experience an 80% hair reduction on their 1st treatment!

Many of our clients experience an 80% hair reduction on their 1st treatment! During March, buy one area and receive a 2nd area at 50% OFF. Perfect for chest and back laser hair removal ;)

Mens Laser Hair Removal /Reduction in Edmonton

IPL/ Laser Hair Removal (IPL Hair Reduction) is a great solution for men who want to permanently reduce the amount of hair on their body, or remove it completely. At Dérmica, we have helped dozens of men reach their desired level of hair growth. Some men prefer no hair at all, while some men favour a little hair on their body.

Laser hair removal treatments should only be performed by trained and certified technicians. These advanced treatments are somewhat of an investment and cause injury to your skin if not delivered properly, so do your research and make sure operational requirements are met by both the business and technician, before going for the bargain service.

If you choose to have your treatment performed by the experts at Dérmica, here’s what you can expect:

  • Our tech begins by disinfecting your skin, she provides you with your protective eyewear, then off she goes zapping away
  • Some lasers, like ours, are equipped with cooling systems, making your service a breeze. The cooling system makes your treatment significantly less painful (if at all), and 100% less messy than other lasers
  • For the following 24-48 hours you will be required to avoid direct heat, perspiration, sun exposure, strong/fragranced soaps, lotions and washes. Ensure your skin has not been sunburned, treated with AHA/BHA, or medications/vitamins that may affect your skin
  • Typically you will notice a stunt in the growth of hair, followed by what seems to be continued growth, then towards your 4-6 week the hair will begin to fall out. At this point you are ready for your next session

At Dérmica, we have found most men require 4-5 treatments to see maximum results.

Shaving is necessary for most IPL/Laser treatments, so it’s best to have it shaved down prior to your appointment.


  • For irritating razor burn and ingrown hairs we recommend picking up some “Bump Stopper” solution found in the ethnic hair care section at most drug store/supermarkets.
  • You can also try the Glo Clear Skin Body spray
    , a great salicylic wash for problem areas on the body.

Stay Sharp Gentlemen!
Peace, love, and great skin!

SPA PARTY chez dérmica!

dermica spa party

Rally up your girlfriends for a spa party chez…dérmica ;)

Dérmica Spa Party

I recently met a milestone in my years on the home planet, the big 3-0! I remember the days when 30 seemed ancient to my juvenile mind, but since welcoming my 30’s I have come to realize that the best has yet to come and the journey there shall be an adventurous one!

As we grow so does our appetite (and budget ;) ) for self-nurturing and meaningful connections with those we take along with us on this journey. Our selection in events and venues become more refined, the Old School now becomes OUR school, and our house parties are no longer BYOB, but rather “Themed”. I’m sure many of you have had the opportunity to attend a “Themed” party such as the Ugly Sweater Party or Onesie Party, but last I checked it’s 2015 so out with the old and in with the new!

So what are the ladies of our generation, and Edmonton in particular- doing these days to entertain?

Well along with sipping on some vino at a “Naked Lady Parties” adding to the selection for Ladies Nights is the SPA PARTY!

What is a “Spa Party” you ask? Allow me to elaborate on what this classy event entails.
Typically, the spa is reserved for exclusive access to party guests for some private R&R amongst your closest gals. Incorporating service themes such as Peel Party, Wax Party, or Laser Facial Party into the event is also popular, and can add to the experience by keeping the convo rolling!

For regular spa goers the possibilities seem endless and trying out a new service can be a little out of one’s comfort zone. Perfect time to call for back up, get a little moral support from the gals, and make it a fun event to remember. The more seasoned services such as bikini grooming, chemical peels, laser photofacials, injectables, and fillers tend to be common themes for spa parties, as you may remember from the Real Housewives of OC “BOTOX™ Party” episode. The housewives indulge in some bubbly, vials, and of course a cup of drama.

If primping, pampering, quality time and feeling great at any age is your motto, make this your year to live it up and try something new. Host a Dérmica Spa Party for your next ladies get together, B-day, Promotion Celebration, or whatever the occasion and make it one to remember!

Add to your celebration and book a room at The Metterra Hotel and save 20% off your stay with your Dérmica Spa Party!

Call us for details!

Bikini Waxing and Laser Hair Removal 101

Bikini Hair Removal? We got you covered!

Bikini Waxing or Laser Hair Removal 101: We got you covered!

Bikini Waxing and Laser Hair Removal Styles

January may seem a little blasé with all the holiday excitement gone, and the attack of the red velour teddy bear in full force. But for all of you fashionistas out there, January is a glorious time of year. With 2015 Spring Collections now gracing the racks at your local boutiques and shops, there is no better time to execute your 2015 style and beauty regimens. That being said, let’s talk bikini waxing, or for permanent results- laser hair removal trends. Choosing the right drapes to match your windows can be difficult enough in your home, so where do you start when deciding how to drape your…ehemm…vagine? After many years in the spa industry I’ve heard some interesting tales and crafty names. Trends change throughout the years, from the 70’s low-maintenance shag to the 90’s thong-th-thong-thong-thong landing strip, therefore knowing what to request when booking your bikini hair removal is important to prevent confusion. To keep things accurate when reading this article, I have included definitions for some commonly used terms:
  • “bikini line”- think basic full-seated bikini bottoms
  • “hairline”- the edge where your hair naturally begins
  • “front”- anything visible from frontal view
  • “underside”- lower area covering your lady bits
  • “backside”- the area beginning just after your bits up to your tailbone
  • “bunny tail”- the small area over the tailbone
Alright, let’s start with the basics. For the more reserved or first time patron looking to have a simple clean-up from the top of their bikini line and the sides, the American bikini wax is what you’re looking for. This method of bikini waxing is based on the traditional cuts of the western swimwear. Therefore any hair from 3 inches below your belly button down to 1 inch below the bikini line should be removed, as well as any hair from the top inner thigh up to 2 inches into the bikini line. This method will ensure that any exposed skin is clear of hair without making drastic changes in your natural hairline. Now for those of you looking for a more defined bikini hairline, the French bikini wax offers more options for shaping and further removal. Most of the hair is removed from the front leaving a small patch of hair, this includes removal from underside, and excludes the backside. The flattering little v-patch will bring the hairline down 2-3 inches from the bikini line, and give you most coverage at the top and taper neatly into the back. Opt for the symmetrical strip down the centre for a little more coverage. This look will bring the hairline straight down toward the underside, giving you a clean underside. Contrary to popular belief the traditional method of Brazilian bikini waxing does NOT leave you free of all hair below the waist. The traditional method leaves only a small strip down the centre. This look was modeled after the thong bikini bottom worn in Brazil which leaves little to the imagination, but still leaves a “little”. So for you thong sporting ladies, a Brazilian bikini wax will give you the same flexibility with shape and coverage that the French bikini wax offers, but also clears any unwanted strays from the backside leaving you confident from any angle. Who needs hair down there anyway? If this is your motto then opt for a Hollywood bikini wax and liberate yourself from pubescent hair growth. The name is influenced by the adult industry associated with the provocative nature of the famous city of fast cars, bright lights, fame, and fortune. This method will clear all existing hair from front to bunny tail leaving you G-string ready all around. Many spas will refer to this technique as a Brazilian, so make sure to clarify with your technician. Along with the these common names and methods, there are many other crafty names and techniques, so if you are unsure of what your booking entails, hopefully these descriptors will help in explaining with your next waxing or laser hair removal session. Remember that you are having a service in a very intimate area, so make the appointment more comfortable for yourself and the technician, and always be sure that you freshen up prior to your appointment. Now for some tips and tricks! Tips
  • If you have a low pain tolerance take an ibuprofen or acetaminophen prior to your appointment
  • Gently exfoliate the area 24 hrs prior to your appointment
  • Trim the hair down to ¼ inch to lessen discomfort during your waxing appointment
  • Give yourself a clean shave if you are opting for permanent laser hair removal (your technician can help with shaping)
  • If you prefer to sport a hairline, keep the hair tamed and smooth by using a dab of conditioner in the shower
  • Exfoliation is important in preventing ingrown hairs, so make sure you are doing so at least twice a week
At dérmica, we provide all of the services described above, so whether you are looking for a temporary look or a permanent solution, we’ve got it covered. In need of some moral support? Why not do a group booking for you and the bffs and reserve dérmica for a private party and some female bonding. There’s no better way to bond, than over some girl talk and vagine waxes ;) Wishing you all peace, love, and great skin…and don’t forget to get yourself V-Day ready and care for the hair…down there!

Beauty Product Expiration Dates


For those of you wondering about beauty product expiration dates, I’ve put together some info and tips to follow.

Beauty product expiration dates, these are the dates that the cosmetic product must be thrown away regardless of PAO (Period After Opening) or usage. Product expiry dates are normally printed on the bottom of the jar, back of the jar, or imprinted in the top of tubed cosmetics, and are required for most products with less than 30 months of shelf life. Please note that even if you’re PAO exceeds your expiry, you must still throw out the product after expiry date.

Now, most of you have probably noticed a little jar symbol usually found on the back of your product container. This is referred to as the “PAO (Period After Opening)”. This symbol represents the number of months (M) before your beauty products expire after opening. For example if the PAO reads 12M, you’re product is good for twelve months of usage after opening, pretty straight forward. If product is left unopened and does not have a beauty product expiry date, my rule of thumb is triple your PAO, not exceeding three years, for assurance that product to still function at its full capacity and not likely to cause harm.

Organic or all natural products are a great option; in most cases they do not have any added preservatives, this may shorten the life of the products. With any of these products you must of course follow manufacturer recommendation, but in the event there are no printed dates, six months is the recommended product expiry date.

Although we have printed guidelines and recommendations to follow for product expiry dates, always make sure to use your judgment and test the scent, color, and consistency of your product. If it doesn’t smell, look, or feel right chances are it’s overgrown with bacteria and/or has gone rancid. Using expired products can harm your skin by causing irritation, dermatitis, or infections. Some products will naturally settle if left unused for some time and may just require a little stir or shake. If you have used this product in the past you’re aware of how it should perform and its characteristics, and when in doubt toss it out! Some companies will kindly return or exchange the product if found to be off, so don’t be afraid to ask!

  • Store your beauty products in a cool, dry place, and avoid direct sunlight.
  • Try storing eye creams and moisturizers in the butter compartment of your fridge. This will keep products cool, stable, and refreshing when applied!
  • Always make sure you’re closing the caps on your hair/body products kept in the shower. Exposure to water will dilute, spoil or alter products. Making them less effective.
  • When possible choose products that come in pumps or tubes, they hold longer as they are not in contact with open air or skin.
  • If you’re using a potted product use a small spatula or cotton swab to remove products from the jar. The natural oils and bacteria found on our skin can alter or spoil products.

Hope this helps all you products enthusiasts and junkies!

Love, peace, and great skin!

Special Event Makeup and Hair Packages


Be the Belle of the Ball with Dérmica’s Special Event Makeup and Hair Package

Belle of the ball
[bel –uhv -th uh -bawl]
Noun: the most beautiful, charming, or engaging woman among many in a social gathering

Picture this. Edmonton, Canada. The year- 2014. You are awakened by a ray of sunlight shining gently on your face. You look out your window. It’s a winter wonderland!

Today is not a regular day. Tonight is your Christmas Ball! Shimmering as the light glistens on it, you see your gown hanging in your closet, it’s ready to go! Your shoes and accessories are on point!

You drive to your appointment at Dérmica, where you are pampered and prepped to be the Belle of the Ball:
  • Your makeup- flawless
  • Your hair- perfection
  • Your look- COMPLETE
Roll out the red carpet, the Belle of the Ball has arrived! Whether you have your beau on you arm, or have yet to select a Prince Charming, heads will turn!

This holiday season Dérmica wants to help you be the Belle of the Ball! Your ‘Belle of the Ball’ package includes a professional makeup application and hair up-do for $110! This professional package will have you looking flawless and ready for any event during the holidays. Makeup Application also available separately. Book your appointment with Dérmica today! (780) 885 7108

Dérmica wishes everyone this holiday season PEACE, LOVE, & GREAT SKIN!

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