Photofacials: Vascular Lesion Treatment

vascular lesion treatment

What is a vascular lesion and where do they come from?

Vascular lesions are due to conditions such as Rosacea, couperose skin, sensitized skin, or simply genetics. Frequent, consistent redness and broken capillaries are typical characteristics present of these types of conditions.

Vascular lesions are most commonly found in the facial and neck area. If left untreated these conditions can worsen, or mutate the skin’s texture.

Vascular Lesion Treatment

We treat these conditions with phototherapy. Photofacials emit light energy into the skin. The light beam destroys specified targets without damaging the surrounding tissue. After that, the blood coagulates and the vessels break into tiny particles that are naturally filtered away through the body’s lymphatic system.

The ALIVIA photofacial will diminish redness and dissolve broken capillaries on areas of the face, neck, chest, arms, and hands.

We use Sharplight’s Formax-VP System. Their DPC technology makes your treatments safe and effective in less time. Above all, you can rest assured that your treatment is performed by a qualified technician with your comfort in mind.


Pre-treatment protocols:

  • Must not currently be on or have used Accutane or any other oral prescription acne medications in the past 12 months
  • If currently using any products containing AHA/BHA/Retin A/Vitamin A on the area being treated, you must discontinue usage 2 weeks prior to procedure
  • Must wait a minimum of 4 weeks (or up to 6 weeks for darker skin types) from last tanning (artificial or natural) session
  • If currently on any prescription medications, check with your physician regarding possible photosensitivity

Time frame: 45 minutes

Recommended sessions: 4-6


  • Diabetes
  • Pregnancy
  • Disorders stimulated by light
  • Cancer (remission under 2 years)
  • Epilepsy
  • Use of photosensitive medication and herbs
  • Active infection of Herpes Simplex in treatment area
  • Use of anticoagulants

Potential side effects:

  • Discomfort
  • Fragile skin
  • Edema (swelling)
  • Erythema (redness)

Downtime required: 24 hrs

Other literature on redness and broken capillaries…

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Not sure if this is the right treatment for you?

Try our Treatment Selection Guide. It is easy to use and designed to help you select the best option for your skin goals. In addition, you can email any questions to our Ask Dermica feature. For specific concerns, we recommend attaching pictures to provide a visible aide. As a result, our professionals will be able to better determine a treatment for you.

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Tips for addressing DRY SKIN

tips for dry skin

Are you a DRY skin type?

Does your skin feel tight, coarse, and easily irritated?

If a visual inspection reveals very small pores, this means your skin is not getting enough oil. This might be the biggest contributor to your dry skin. Very small pores cause the texture of the skin to appear very fine and fragile-looking, particularly in the expression areas.

Dry skin types are usually dull-looking. Foundation-based makeup is difficult to apply because it sits on top of the skin resulting in a “cakey” look.

Here are Dermica’s tips on making the right choices for your DRY skin:


Eating foods that are high in Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Zinc are a great way to help your skin internally and maintaining good skin health.


When selecting your cleanser, try a cleansing cream, lotion, or light gel. This will ensure that you are not stripping the skin of its vital oil supply. Use lukewarm water to rinse, as hot water can be very drying.


This process is very important for dry skin. It is prone to building up dead skin cells on the surface, causing it to look flaky and dull. The ideal exfoliant for you would be an enzymatic exfoliant, or chemical exfoliant, and be kept down to a maximum usage of 3 times per week (unless otherwise directed by the manufacturer).


Restoring the protective barrier and moisture to your skin is the last step in your routine. This is done by using an oil-based moisturizing cream. This type of moisture care will not only give back the nutrients lacking in your skin, but act as the protective barrier keeping moisture in, and external irritants out.

Eye care

Eye care is beneficial in preventing premature aging, and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. Depending on your age you would either select a gel (18-35), or cream(35+).

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Add an AHA boost to your facial
for an extra dose of hydration!

Spa Treatments

To maximize results choose a therapeutic skin care service performed by a qualified professional, who can help you understand and treat your skin. A relaxing facial will leave your skin feeling pampered, revived, and give your skin the extra boost it needs to begin a proper regimen.

Try a facial and get a head start!

If a visit to the spa is not possible, try a natural honey mask. This mask is a great way to exfoliate dry skin without irritation.

The enzymes in the honey will help dissolve dead skin away, increase hydration, and improve moisture absorption.

DIY Recipe- Natural Honey Mask

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Demystifying Chemical Peels

chemical peels yeg

Demystifying Chemical Peels

With the growing demand for MedEsthetics, chemical peels are becoming a popular service. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the service, the name can be a little discouraging, but let us demystify. Professional chemical peels are designed to effectively and safely remove the outer layers of the skin through the application of organic acids derived from natural sources. This process brings fresh plump cells to the surface of the skin giving it a vibrant, healthy, smooth and even appearance. Chemical peels can be incorporated into your professional skin care regimen to help treat the appearance of fine lines, sun damage, pigmentation spots, and scarring.

Not sure if a peel is right for you?

chemical peels Try our Treatment Selection Guide. Our easy-to-use, digital guide makes selecting the correct treatment for your skin type and concerns a breeze! Our Skin questionnaire allows us to understand your skin type and concerns. Based on your answers, we recommend treatments to address your skin concerns and help you make informed decisions.


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Use Protection!

sun protection for face


Dérmica Skin Care TIP OF THE DAY:

Looks like spring is right around the corner and Mr.Sun is here to stay! Don’t forget about sun protection for your face.

When selecting facial sunblock, ensure that you select a BROAD SPECTRUM that protects against harmful and aging UVB/UVA rays.

As luck would have it, Dérmica has a great selection of sun protection made specifically for our delicate faces.

Try our Home Care Selection Guide to choose the right products to target your skin type and concerns

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sun protection for face

Until next time, this is Dérmica, reminding you to use sun protection on your face!

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