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Our Gastronomic Experience at Chianti in Whyte Ave Edmonton

Out having a meeting at Chianti- Old Strathcona

Out having a meeting at Chianti- Old Strathcona/ Whyte Ave Edmonton

Ladies Who Lunch

Anyone will tell you owning a business is hard work, but why don’t they talk about how much FUN it is as well?!?! In addition, being a business owner on Whyte Ave Edmonton /Old Strathcona definitely has its perks!!!

For one, we get to be part of this amazing group- The Old Strathcona Business Association. They take care of us by keeping us updated in our community. We’re kinda like a big family of businesses here in Old Strathcona-Whyte Ave, and that’s pretty cool ☺

Another perk is getting to know our neighbors, one business at a time. Sometimes Jhoenna and I need a change in scenery and we schedule our meetings at different venues in the famous avenue. Don’t get me wrong, our boutique spa is our beautiful haven, but still, we like to mix it up once in a while.

Take this week for example, we had a business meeting at Chianti Café and Restaurant in Old Strathcona/ Whyte Ave Edmonton. I personally LO-LO-LO-LOVED the place!

The décor was pleasing to my eyes; the art on the walls, the golden pothos, it all had a rustic appeal. Having an artist friend, Taara Smith, I appreciate the way they support local artists by displaying the artwork for sale on their walls. At dérmica, we also support local artists. Currently, Heidi Erisman brings a touch of class to our walls with her art collection, the Grisaille, also up for sale ☺

The food was exquisite! We started off with fresh bread and butter, brought to us by our excellent server, Chantell. Chantell is one of the best servers I’ve encountered. She knew when to come to the table, had an excellent manner, and made our drinks (which were delicious). She was a pro. We ordered Caesar salad, we were both very impressed. It was not your typical Caesar salad, Chianti obviously adds a secret ingredient. Jhoenna had Penne Mediterraneo and I had Lasagna Al Forno. We both highly recommend our chosen dishes.

To drink, we tried several items from the menu: Blueberry Tea (I love amaretto. Yum.), Irish coffee, a Chocolate martini (custom blended by Chantell), and a Blue Hawaiian martini.

We finished off with a Chocolate Mousse, a perfect little treat, big enough to share with your significant other, or biz partner ;)

All in all, Jhoenna and I had a great time at Chianti Café and Restaurant. Lucky for us Chianti is a 3-minute walk away from Dérmica MedEsthetics. So next time you are in the neighbourhood of Whyte Ave Edmonton and you’re hungry for some grub, go check out Chianti, we give them 2 thumbs up!


For the love of dogs! Dérmica MedEsthetics Spa on Whyte teams up with the Edmonton Humane Society


Our first fundraiser for the EHS was a success!

Project BESTFRIENDS: A fundraiser for the EHS by Dérmica MedEsthetics Spa on Whyte

Never had I imagined that I would ever be in a position to partner with a charity and help improve the lives of others. This is funny seeing how I come from the world of social work. Using my degree in Psychology, I worked in the helping field since graduating from the University of Alberta 9 years ago. But not since partnering with the Edmonton Humane Society have I been part of something so near and dear to me, so close to my heart!

Thanks to my dear friend’s talent and dedication, we were able to create the idea of Dérmica MedEsthetics Spa on Whyte, and bring it to fruition in the spring of 2014. April 1 to be exact, what better day than April Fool’s day we figured?!?!

Since opening up for business, through our spa on Whyte we have had the pleasure of meeting many new individuals who are leaders in the community, and excellent role models for us as young entrepreneurs with a lot to learn! Even more exciting, sometimes we get the chance to work with them towards a common goal. As an entrepreneur, I count myself lucky to have the opportunity to work with the Edmonton Humane Society (EHS), an organization devoted to helping homeless and abused companion animals, enlightening people, and enriching lives.

We recently concluded our first fundraising campaign for the EHS. We ran it throughout December donating 10% of all our IPL Photofacials and Laser Hair Removal services. We immersed ourselves into this campaign, with Jhoenna creating cartoon images by hand to go with our EHS fundraiser promos.

Anyone who knows me personally knows I am an animal lover and knows my 13-year-old dog, Wolfy. Yes I am that crazy person who talks to her dog. When you do it at the dog park it’s weird, when you do it in your own house it’s nobody’s business I always say ;)

Jhoenna is the proud owner of Chuco. Though he’s just a pup, he has won Jhoenna’s heart over and over again. We often take them on walks together. Chuco used to be afraid at the dog park, but since Wolfy started joining him, Chuco has found a loyal and protective companion in Wolfy. Chuco has gained confidence and bravery. Wolfy has gained patience.

Like Wolfy and Chuco, Jhoenna and I walk side-by-side, learning from each other, and picking up where the other lacks. Thank you to the Edmonton Humane Society for allowing us to help out where we can and for nurturing this new relationship. We are proud to show our support and look forward to many things to come.

We would also like to thank everyone who helped us spread the word about our fundraiser, in particular, The Metterra Hotel on Whyte, The Old Strathcona Business Association(OSBA), and 104.9FM Virgin Radio. Our efforts where maximized thanks to you!

Dérmica MedEsthetics

Upcoming Whyte Ave /Old Strathcona Events


Dérmica is celebrating Christmas on Whyte Ave!

It’s a WHYTE Christmas at Dérmica MedEsthetics

Tis the season!

At Dérmica, we love our home- Whyte Ave /Old Strathcona, and we love the holidays!

Our neighborhood has SO much to offer during the holidays, and best of all, we truly are your neighbours as Whyte Ave is home to a large portion of locally owned businesses, such as Dérmica MedEsthetics!

That is why this year the Old Strathcona Business Association and YELP have partnered up for “YELP SHOPS LOCAL WHYTE CHRISTMAS”. So if you come visit us on November 29th, don’t forget to check out the other charming locally-owned shops our neighborhood has to offer. This event goes on from 11:30am-5pm so come out and enjoy an exciting day of shopping while supporting local businesses! Visit the Old Strathcona Business Association to learn more.

During this event, Dérmica is pleased to donate 10% of the proceeds of all IPL/Laser Treatments from Dec.1 to Dec.31, 2014 to the Edmonton Humane Society. This includes all of our IPL Photo Therapy menu items including Alisa ME Treatment for Skin Rejuvenation, Aclara ME Treatment for Pigment and Spot Removal, and our Alivia ME Treatment for Rosacea and removal of redness and broken capillaries. This offer is also valid for all IPL Hair Reduction Treatments.

Dérmica wishes everyone PEACE, LOVE, and GREAT SKIN this holiday season!

And if you don’t get a chance to visit us until the New Year, don’t forget to check out Ice on Whyte. It is the 12th annual Ice on Whyte Festival. It is running from January 23- February 1, 2015, M-F from 2pm-10pm and weekends from 10am-10pm. Check out Ice on Whyte for details!

Dérmica MedEsthetics
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Dérmica Spa on Whyte Ave Skin Expert: Jhoenna Rosa

Jhoenna Rosa @ Dermica MedEsthetics Spa on Whyte

Jhoenna Rosa is the Skin Expert at Dérmica Spa on Whyte Ave

Owner and Medical Esthetician at Dermica MedEsthetics Spa & Salon Spa on Whyte Ave, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Specialization:
  • Advanced skin care including IPL Laser Treatments
  • Makeup Artistry
  • Body Treatments
  • Advanced foot care
Summary of Qualifications:
  • Over 10 years of experience; six years of teaching experience at the top training facilities in Alberta
  • Produced award winning students as an educator
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of esthetic treatments
  • Served as a creative director for Western Canadian Fashion Week showcase
  • Has done commercial makeup for broadcast and media personalities
  • EIE Medispa and Laser Training Centre – Edmonton, AB
  • Microbusiness Training Centre – Edmonton, AB
  • Laser Training – Cynosure
  • IPL/Laser Training – Sharplight Technologies
About Jhoenna Rosa: Jhoenna has been a certified esthetician for over ten years. She graduated from the European Institute MediSpa and Laser Center in Edmonton AB. Jhoenna participated in Sharplight Academy’s course and examination awarding her a certificate in medical esthetics through the Sharplight Academy. Jhoenna produced award-winning students during her years of holding prestigious positions as an educator at the Eveline Charles Academy and the European Institute of Esthetics MediSpa and Laser Training Centre, two of Alberta’s top beauty schools. She has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of the esthetics industry. She has been the lead creative director for Fashion Week showcases and has done commercial work including broadcast media personalities. Jhoenna Rosa is reputable and recognized within the beauty industry as a leader and excellent service provider. In addition, she completed a business course through Microbusiness Training Centre. Get in touch with Jhoenna Rosa Visit Jhoenna @ Dermica MedEsthetics Spa & Salon located at 10518 Whyte Ave. Contact her @ (780) 885-7108 You can also follow her on Instagram, Twitter or on Facebook

Dérmica Introduces New Medi Spa Services: IPL Laser Treatment

ipl photo therapy

MedEsthetics (ME) Treatments now available at Dérmica.

We are pleased to introduce…MedEsthetics (ME) Treatments: IPL Laser Treatment (IPL Phototherapy)!

We’ve decided it’s time to add a little extra to our menu, it’s time to add a little Photo Therapy to our selection!

These advanced treatments are tailored to treat major skin conditions and deliver maximum results. With just a quick pulse of light we can now diminish brown spots, redness, broken capillaries and remove unwanted facial and body hair.

Our new line of services include the Aclara ME Treatment for Pigment Removal, Alivia ME Treatment for Vascular Lesion Removal and Redness Reduction, Alisa ME Treatment Skin Rejuvenation Photo Facials and IPL Hair Removal. Browse through our selection and descriptions to see which treatment suits your skin’s needs most. We offer free consultations with our Skin Expert who will analyze your skin condition, outline the benefits, and help you select the best treatment option.

We use the Sharplight Formax system that features a patented Dynamic Pulse Control (DPC) technology. It delivers quick pulses of light into the skin on areas of the face, neck, arms, hands, and legs. The depth of light penetration is measured according to the condition being treated, thereby targeting only selected areas and layers of the skin.

You may have heard that laser treatment can be painful, but with our Sharplight Formax system, you can rest assured that your service will be a breeze. All hand pieces for the system feature a cooling window that cools your skin to a safe temperature during the service, meaning your skin feels cool and comfortable throughout!

Book your free consultation with our Skin Expert and begin your journey to fresh smooth skin!
For your next medi spa visit think…Dérmica

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Dérmica MedEsthetics Spa Old Strathcona

spa old strathcona

Old Strathcona is home to Dérmica MedEsthetics Spa & Salon.

Dérmica MedEsthetics Spa Old Strathcona

Edmonton, Alberta is home to Old Strathcona, a historic neighborhood rich in character and culture. This vintage district is home to the best spots for shopping, dining, and self-pampering. Wander through the late Victorian streets of Old Strathcona and experience the many quaint shops and boutiques, in particular, Dérmica MedEsthetics Spa & Salon.

Dérmica MedEsthetics is a new spa in Old Strathcona. Specializing in advances skin care and hair removal, this spa in Old Strathcona delivers results!

Dérmica offers a range of skin care and spa treatments from facials, back treatments, studio makeup applications, and advanced therapies such as chemical peels. This spa in Old Strathcona also offers hair services and nail and foot care. Dérmica’s private treatment room welcomes you to relax in the care of our esthetics specialist.

Our medical esthetician is an expert in her field. She customizes product selection and techniques to fit you your skin’s specific needs during your service and when developing your home care treatment plan.

Inspired by the trendy boutiques of Victoria, B.C., Dérmica’s boutique appeal is a welcomed edition to Old Strathcona, located on 106 Street and 81 Avenue, just one block off Whyte Ave.

For your next spa visit think…..Dérmica.
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