Brow Lamination vs. Microblading

What is the difference between brow lamination and microblading ??? 🤔

Brow lamination is a brow perm where as microblading is a brow tattoo.

Brow lamination works with your natural brow hair to hide gaps, like a brow “comb over” if you will. 😊

In addition to hiding gaps in your eyebrows, it straightens unruly brow hair acting like water-resistant, 24-hour brow gel. This in effect makes your brows look as full as naturally possible.

After “laminating” the brow hair, we add definition by tinting and waxing the brows into their ideal shape. We finish off with precision-work including necessary tweezing and trimming.

Because it’s a topical service, brow lamination lasts 4-6 weeks when cared for properly.

Microblading adds hair like strokes and is the solution for people with very sparse, thin, or non-existent brow hair. Because microblading goes into the layers of the skin, it can last up to 3 years. 

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