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Let’s talk contour and highlight…

The desired effect created by contouring and highlighting is based on the art technique known as chiaroscuro. Chiaroscuro (chiar·​ oscu·​ ro) is defined by Google as “the treatment of light and shade in drawing and painting”.

Professional makeup artists have used this technique for decades in film and photography. The application of this technique creates the illusion of symmetry, balance, and defines the natural features.

The key to perfecting the contoured finish lies in understanding your own unique features, and the method behind the striped and dotted madness.

Read on as we define the key points to highlighting & contouring, and help you find your unique technique!


Contouring is the technique that will create depth and chisel features. The color shades applied compliment the natural shadows of the face. These shadows are cast around the features and the perimeter of the face. They are the areas that appear deep-set.

Chiseled Contour

This part of the process gives the most definition. The color tends to be neutral with a matte finish. Use this step to cut areas covered or at the deepest point of the hollow. This step gives the illusion of bold contours. Precise application is important, otherwise the result can look dusty.

contour and highlight

Application TIPS:

  • Select the 3rd shade in the GLO contour palette for this step.
  • With the chiseled edge of your applicator, apply a guideline.
  • Use a fluffed brush to blend afterwards.
  • Work in light layers until desired effect is achieved.
  • If using a cream/liquid product, apply before powders.
  • If using powdered product, apply after liquid base products.

Bronzed Contour

Create a sun kissed glow and blend contours with this step. This product tends to be warmer undertone with a matte finish. The application is lightly blended over chiseled contours to help blend and add dimension to the curves. Light application is best for this product.

Application TIPS:

  • Lightly fluff along the skin.
  • Wipe excess off your applicator before blending.
  • Use the 4th shade from the GLO contour palette for this step.
  • Apply after your chiseled contour.


Highlighting focal point of the face will brighten features and soften the complexion. The colors used compliment the most vibrant areas of the face where light naturally reflects.

Matte Highlight

This is good for adding volume and brightening areas that can become oily or creased throughout the day. The product can also help set areas that are naturally lighter but have larger visible pores such as the mid-cheeks.

Application TIPS:

  • Use a sponge or flat brush to press into the skin.
  • Use the 1st highlight in the GLO contour palette.
  • Let set.
  • Apply after your contour.

Sheer Highlight

This step is to be used with a light dusting technique. It will give the illusion of a dewy complexion in areas where light naturally glows onto the skin.

Careful when using this product as it will emphasize fine lines and pores. Due to its metallic properties, it can also cause the area of application to become oily.

contour and highlight

Application TIPS:

  • Use a light fanned or dual fiber brush.
  • Lightly dust or press highlight onto the skin.
  • Apply only to area you want to reflect a glow.
  • Apply after your matte highlight.

There are many ways to enhance your natural beauty, contouring and highlighting is one of our favorites. Remember to apply your makeup in a well-lit room that has access to natural light. This will ensure your look is ready for any occasion and lighting.

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Love, Peace, and Great Skin!

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