Eyebrow Lamination Products and Care

This special ends August 31, 2021.

AUGUST SPECIAL: Gift with Brows!

Eyebrow lamination products help to lengthen the life of your service Receive a free gift with your lamination w/ tint. This special is not valid with any other offer/promotion. Offer valid from August 1-31, 2021. No pre-purchasing.

eyebrow lamination products
eyebrow lamination products

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Tips to grow your eyebrows in preparation for lamination

Mild exfoliation in the brow area helps to stimulate the hair growth cycle. Also, a nourishing serum, like EyEnvy, will strengthen your brow hair.

Post Lamination Care

The aftercare for brow lamination includes avoiding water on the brows for 48 hours. Therefore, we recommend booking your appointment for days where your makeup/hair washing routine can be skipped. You can start using eyebrow lamination products 48 hours after your service.

Not sure which brow service is right for you?

Try our BROW QUIZ to help you choose the best service for your brow goals.

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eyebrow lamination products

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