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For the love of dogs! Dérmica MedEsthetics Spa on Whyte teams up with the Edmonton Humane Society


Our first fundraiser for the EHS was a success!

Project BESTFRIENDS: A fundraiser for the EHS by Dérmica MedEsthetics Spa on Whyte

Never had I imagined that I would ever be in a position to partner with a charity and help improve the lives of others. This is funny seeing how I come from the world of social work. Using my degree in Psychology, I worked in the helping field since graduating from the University of Alberta 9 years ago. But not since partnering with the Edmonton Humane Society have I been part of something so near and dear to me, so close to my heart!

Thanks to my dear friend’s talent and dedication, we were able to create the idea of Dérmica MedEsthetics Spa on Whyte, and bring it to fruition in the spring of 2014. April 1 to be exact, what better day than April Fool’s day we figured?!?!

Since opening up for business, through our spa on Whyte we have had the pleasure of meeting many new individuals who are leaders in the community, and excellent role models for us as young entrepreneurs with a lot to learn! Even more exciting, sometimes we get the chance to work with them towards a common goal. As an entrepreneur, I count myself lucky to have the opportunity to work with the Edmonton Humane Society (EHS), an organization devoted to helping homeless and abused companion animals, enlightening people, and enriching lives.

We recently concluded our first fundraising campaign for the EHS. We ran it throughout December donating 10% of all our IPL Photofacials and Laser Hair Removal services. We immersed ourselves into this campaign, with Jhoenna creating cartoon images by hand to go with our EHS fundraiser promos.

Anyone who knows me personally knows I am an animal lover and knows my 13-year-old dog, Wolfy. Yes I am that crazy person who talks to her dog. When you do it at the dog park it’s weird, when you do it in your own house it’s nobody’s business I always say ;)

Jhoenna is the proud owner of Chuco. Though he’s just a pup, he has won Jhoenna’s heart over and over again. We often take them on walks together. Chuco used to be afraid at the dog park, but since Wolfy started joining him, Chuco has found a loyal and protective companion in Wolfy. Chuco has gained confidence and bravery. Wolfy has gained patience.

Like Wolfy and Chuco, Jhoenna and I walk side-by-side, learning from each other, and picking up where the other lacks. Thank you to the Edmonton Humane Society for allowing us to help out where we can and for nurturing this new relationship. We are proud to show our support and look forward to many things to come.

We would also like to thank everyone who helped us spread the word about our fundraiser, in particular, The Metterra Hotel on Whyte, The Old Strathcona Business Association(OSBA), and 104.9FM Virgin Radio. Our efforts where maximized thanks to you!

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