Ingrown hair removal Edmonton

How can I get rid of ingrown hairs and bumps on my face and scalp? 

Let’ start by understanding the cause of these bumps on the scalp… 

Razor bumps are often caused by close shaving and barbering techniques. The shaved areas of the skin endure micro-trauma over the protrusion of the hair follicle. The damage is often due to dull blades, excessive pressure, repeated passes, and/or shaving against the grain. 

Our skin’s natural response to trauma is to repair and rebuild the damaged tissue, causing a blockage over the opening of the follicle. This blockage prevents the hair strand from breaking through to the surface of the skin. The hair strand will continue to grow and coil back into the skin causing it to swell.

What treatment is recommended for getting rid of these bumps? 

Our preferred method to treat scalp folliculitis is with salicylic acid peels or ‘Acne Treatment”. Known for its exfoliating and anti-inflammatory benefits, Salicylic Acid is an effective solution for this and other skin conditions. 

What to expect during your treatment…

Salicylic acid is applied to the area for 2-8 minutes and can be layered to intensify the treatment. The acid penetrates deep into follicles where it loosens and softens the oils and buildup. This allows for the hair to become dislodged as the skin begins to shed the excess layers above the follicle opening.  

The treatment takes 30-45 minutes and may require manual extraction of the trapped hair. The chemical peel process is repeated 3-4 weeks apart until desired results are achieved, on average 4-6 sessions are required for maximum results.  

ingrown hair removal edmonton

What should I be doing at home?  

Products containing Salicylic Acid are great for at-home treatment. Regular use of these products will continue the treatment process and boost results. 


Proper home care is key for maximizing results and preventing future breakouts. Here are some tips to follow:  

  • Keep the area dry and clean.  
  • Avoid wearing headgear for extended periods. 
  • Do not shave down to the skin with razors. 
  • Use electric trimmers with a guard to avoid close shave. 
  • Exfoliate regularly using a skin scrub.  
  • Avoid picking at live skin. 

While the visibly bumpy appearance on the skin is the most common concern, other far more concerning issues can arise from these bumps on the scalp. These skin flare-ups can cause scarring, permanent hair loss, bacterial and fungal infections. In severe cases, your skincare specialist may suggest a visit with your doctor for testing or diagnosis before commencing treatment.  

Our role is to help improve the general health of your skin through professional care, products, and care recommendations. Call to book your complimentary phone consult with one of our skincare specialists!  

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