November Special: Lash Lift w/Glaze- $80

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A lash lift is a great way to enhance your natural lashes.

A great way to enhance your natural beauty!

The Lash Lift is a gentle form of lash perming that curls the natural lashes along the lash line. It gives the appearance of longer more feminine lashes. 

Throughout November, the Lash Lift with Glaze add-on is only $80! This special is not valid with any other offer/promotion. Offer valid from November 1-28, 2020. No pre-purchasing.

What is Glaze?

This ultra-nourishing keratin formula conditions and strengthens lashes. Once applied, it freezes your curl in place and adds a gentle coat of colour. Can be combines with our classic tint service for max colour effect!

Lash lifts can last up to 12 weeks. This depends on after-care products used
and thickness of lashes. Gentle products are recommended on eye area and
minimal rubbing.

Our picks for lash cleansing after your Lash Lift:  

  • Glo Skin Beauty – Gentle Makeup Remover. This light formula removes even the most stubborn makeup and a little goes a very long way.  
  • Lily Anne – Eyelash Foam Bubble Wash. This fine foam soaks right down to the base of your natural lashes and extensions leaving them clean and intact.
  • Lily Anne – Lash Cleaning Brush. These soft bristled brushes are made specifically for the sensitive eye area and strip lash cleansing.
  • Glo Skin Beauty – Gentle Makeup Remover. This light formula removes even the most stubborn makeup and a little goes a very long way.     

It is recommend that clients wait 12 weeks between lash lifts. This allows you hair to recover and regenerate new growth. People with sensitivity to latex are not recommended to have the service, as the adhesive used contains latex.

NOTE: If you have ever reacted to artificial lash glue used for strip lashes, you are at risk of having a reaction. Typical allergic reaction will cause the eyes to swell for up to 72 hours.

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