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Stressful Breakups and Skin Health

As some of you may know, “Ask Dermica” is featured on our website,, as a way to answer any Skincare questions you may have.
Here is an interesting submission:

Q: I have had good skin for most of my years, but over the past few months it has been acting up and breaking out. I haven’t been using anything different on my skin or stopped using my regular products. I have though, been going through an ugly break-up. Could this be the reason for my sudden break-outs?

A: As if dealing with the emotional uppercut break-up thrusts your way isn’t enough, most of us will also experience changes in our physical appearance, including the decline of our skin health. The endless nights sobbing will leave your eyeballs and under eyes feeling like a bad rug burn, your complexion starts to resemble the pepperoni pizza you’ve been stuffing your face with, your nose as red as the sorrow drowning wine you’ve guzzled, and your skin feels as tender as the heart that’s been shattered. Now take a moment, dry those tears and listen up!

For those of you going through this emotional rollercoaster, we may not be able to mend a broken heart but we sure can help you mend a broken complexion…

Think of your skin as a reflection of the emotional storm brewing inside your body, it too is suffering with you and needs a little extra TLC. During times of distress we tend to stray away from our daily routine and our “me time” or self-care routine drops down the list of priorities.

Poor diet, skin hygiene, lack of sleep, constant crying, and nervous habits take control of your skin, so what can you do to help your skin through this time? Let’s begin by examining some of the most common skin issues during this period.


This can be one of the worst things that can happen to your skin during this period. Not only does it take a toll on your self-esteem, but it can leave you scarred for weeks. Diet can play a role in this department, so if you know there are certain foods or food groups that cause you to break out; this is the time to AVOID them.

If your skin has already taken a turn for the worst, you can help reduce and heal the damage by following a regular skin care routine.


Purifying-Gel-Cleanser Start off with a fresh cleanse using the Purifying Gel Cleanser in the morning, and finish your day with a double cleanse in the evening.

If you normally have a normal or combination skin, use Purifying Gel Cleanser for your evening wash only.
Daily-Polishing-Cleanser Spot treatment are also great for a quick fix, just be sure to stick only to the areas affected as these products have a higher concentration of active ingredients and can have an extremely drying effect on the skin.
Take a small amount of the Daily Polishing Cleanser and rub into a paste, leave on overnight. The Salicylic Acid will help banish blemish!
dermica medesthetics facials A relaxing facial will treat your skin and mind to a much needed “me time”. Your skin will feel refreshed and nurtured after having been purged of the impurities, build-up, and infused with nutrients.
Book your FIX Facial or LUX Facial.


The constant flow of tears, friction, and pressure on your eyes leaves your skin feeling tender and looking tired. This fragile skin is easily irritated and can become puffy or sunken, magnifying fine lines and wrinkles.

It is important to protect and nourish your eye area by using proper eye care products and application.


If you already using eye care, add an extra dab of Eye Restore (dry/mature), or Vital Eye Cream (combo/oily) after applying moisturizer for added barrier. When applying, ensure you are only applying on the ocular bone using your ring fingers in a dabbing motion. Use day and night before applying your moisturizer, and possibly once in between if your eyes are feeling really dry.

Keep products in a cool dark cupboard or fridge for added soothing effects.


For those of you that are prone to broken capillaries and Rosacea or Rosacea like symptoms, your skin may flare up during this stressful period.

Soothing skin masks such as Cucumber Recovery Mask , are an excellent way to keep your skin calm and prevent further damage. This step will add hydration, calm redness and inflammation.


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After a night of water work, try giving your skin a nice thorough cleanse with Gentle Cream Cleanser based cleanser, then follow up with soothing mask, focusing on the cheek and nose area, as these tend to be the most sensitive. You can also try storing your products in the fridge for added calming and cooling effect.
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If the symptoms persist even after you broken heart has mended a great option is the ALIVIA IPL Photofacial. Not only will it help reduce the vascular appearance present in the skin at the time of treatment, but it will also help reduce the severity of symptoms in the future. Book your ALIVIA IPL Photofacial .

Hope this helps, thanks for reading!

Peace, Love, and Great Skin!

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