Skin Care for Alberta Climate

skin care for Alberta climate

Skin concerns of people that are new to Alberta.

Whether your skin type is dry, oily, or combination, typically, after moving to Alberta, your skin becomes extremely dry in some areas, and extremely oily in others, and suddenly your skin is breaking out. The reason for this is that Alberta has a very dry, arid climate. What happens is the skin becomes dehydrated which means it lacks water. In order to compensate for that water loss, your skin will elevate its oil production. Plus, this dehydration causes a build-up of dead and dry skin at the surface. Build up will block products from getting into the fresh skin that really needs that hydration. Rather than increasing the consistency of your moisturizer, like going for a thicker cream, or an oil-based product, you should be focusing on exfoliating using gentle daily exfoliants, such as the Gentle Enzyme Exfoliant, or the Daily Polishing Cleanser. Follow up with hydrating moisturizer, such as the Conditioning Hydration, or the Oil Free Moisturizer, for those that tend to be a bit oilier.
A facial is an excellent way to extract buildup and start with a clean slate. And who can say no to a day at the spa? ;) Plus, save 15% on all Glo Skin Beauty products with your skin care service at Dérmica!

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