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December 2021 Special- Spa Packages

Very Merry Spa Packages

Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle, our December specials are here! Our holiday spa packages are not valid with any other offer or promotion. Offers are valid from December 1-31, 2021. No pre-purchasing.

December 6-11

All hearts relax at Christmas.

Our spa package deal from December 6-11 is the Relax Package– $125.

The Relax Package includes:

  • Pore facial
  • 30 minute Relaxation massage
  • Glo Skin Beauty gift

A facial is like a “spring cleanup”. Your skin is treated to a revitalizing cleanse and exfoliation to remove impurities and debris from the skin. Then, the skin is infused with nutrients with aftercare. Give your skin the TLC it needs with the Dérmica facial!  

As for the massage, need we say more? It’s a massage! A Swedish relaxation massage is the perfect way to end your spa day. 

December 13-18

Dream a little dream of long, lush lashes!

Our spa package deal from December 13-18 is the Lash Package– $140.

eyenvy lash conditioner

This package includes:

  • Lash Lift
  • EyEnvy® Lash Growth Serum, 2.0ml.

Upgrade your Lash Package to a Lash Lift with Tint! Upgraded Lash Package can be purchased for $160. Not valid with any other promotion.

December 20-24

By golly, be jolly! You’re gonna look fabulous.

Our spa package deal from December 20-24 is the Brows and Lashes Package– $140.

This package includes:

  • Lash Lift
  • Brow Lamination
  • VITABROW by EyEnvy® Brow Tonic for stronger, thicker eyebrows, 3.0ml.

December 27-31

HO HO HO! Laughing all the way.

Our spa package deal from December 27-31 is the Friends Package.

You and your guests can enjoy the following services/products at 20% off, plus your choice of a bottle of wine or champagne. A minimum of 3 guests are required for the Friends Package. The Friends Package is limited to 4 guests.


  • All areas except full leg, full arm, full chest/back


  • All bikini waxing


  • Full face
  • Half face


  • All peels


  • Classic Pedícare


  • Shape (wax)
  • Sculpt (wax and tint)
  • Lamination
  • Lamination with tint


  • Brows
  • Lashes
  • Brows and Lashes


  • Lash Lift
  • Lash Lift and Tint

COVID guidelines

We ask that guests observe the COVID-19 targeted public health measures during their visit.

As personal service providers, we hold a social responsibility to guests, staff, and the general public to ensure we take all precautions in preventing any form of cross contamination regardless of these current events. In response to COVID-19, we have added extra precautionary measures to our already high standard for hygiene & infection control at our facility.

How do I book the Friends Package?

Call or email us to book the Friends package.

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Elevate Hydration with EyEnvy

dermica medesthetics

What is this miracle serum?  

EyEnvy is a vegan lash and brow conditioner that amplifies your natural hair growth. It contains a combination of nutrient rich vitamins and peptides that elevate hydration and nourish the hair shaft. 

EyEnvy Conditioner is great for use on sparse areas of the lash & brow line to help promote new hair growth, or as a booster with your Lash Lift or brow Sculpt. 

How does it help? 

Processing, cleansing, cosmetics, and sun exposure can cause moisture loss which can cause premature colour fading and brittle lashes. The added nutrients in the conditioner are perfect for post-care as they lock in moisture and extend the life and efficacy of your service!

Take advantage of our monthly spa special! Add the LASH LIFT and EyEnvy promo to your dérmica beauty routine for only | LASH LIFT w TINT $160  | LASH LIFT $140.


Q: What is a LASH LIFT?
A: Lash lifts are a gentle form of lash perming that curls the natural lashes along the lash line. It gives the appearance of longer more feminine lashes.

Q: How does it work?
A: The first step is to open the bonds in the hair, giving flexibility within the mid shaft where the curl is found. The second step sets the lashes into position and seals the hair shaft. The third step reintroduces moisture back into the lashes.

Q: How long does it last?
A: Lash lifts can last up to 12 weeks. This depends on after-care products used and thickness of lashes. Gentle products are recommended on eye area and minimal rubbing. Thick lashes are more resistant and will fall faster than thin lashes.

Q: Will the lash lift damage my lashes?
A: It is recommend that clients wait 12 weeks between lash lifts. This allows you hair to recover and regenerate new growth. EyEnvy will condition and hydrate hair follicles for stronger-than-ever lashes.

Q: How do I care for my lashes following the treatment?
A: You must avoid water, makeup, and pressure on the lashes for 48hrs. Afterwards you can return to your regular routine and products. It is recommended to sleep on your back in order to avoid bending the lashes overnight. Using a lash comb to lift and operate the lashes will help set.

Q: Are there any allergies I must be aware of?
A: It is rare for reactions to occur as the products are kept strictly on the lashes.

  • who have sensitivity to latex are not recommended to have the procedure, as the adhesive used does contain latex.
  • If you have ever reacted to artificial lash glue used for strip lashes, you are at risk of having a reaction.
  • Typical allergic reaction will cause the eyes to swell for up to 72 hours.

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