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Can Pitted Acne Scars be trea?

Texture scars are also known as “pitted acne scars”.

What causes textural scarring?

Pitting is caused by enlarged pores that once held a large cystic acne lesion. Cystic acne is different than whiteheads. Whiteheads are blockages in the pores whereas cystic acne lesions are attached to the skin. They feed on the skin’s nutrients. As the lesion grows it creates a pocket deep in the skin. Eventually, through the skin’s natural process, the lesion comes to the surface. Once the lesion is at the surface it can be extracted, however the empty sac is left behind.

Extracting through facials

Successful and complete removal of the sac is important. Failure to remove all contents from the sac leaves the surrounding tissue exposed to infections. The service we recommend for extractions is our Pore facial.

Do pitted acne scars go away?

Yes, texture scars go away over time with your skin’s daily shedding process. However, you have to “do the time” as they say and may have to wait years before seeing smooth skin. This depends on the frequency and number of lesions, your age, and other factors.

Are there treatments to repair the skin?

We offer 2 treatments to repair the skin from texture scars: Chemical Peels and Photofacials.

dermica photofacials

Chemical (a.k.a. acid) peels expedite the shedding process. They speed up the wait time between shedding thereby getting you to that smooth layer much sooner than the natural process.

On the other hand, photofacials accelerate the healing process by building extra collagen and plumping the skin. They add volume to damaged skin.

How long after my last breakout should I start treatment?

We recommend having your skin under control before starting treatment. A dermatologist can help to manage acne before starting repair treatments. We define “under control” as acne that has been decreasing over the course of 6 months, and in remission for another 3-6 months.

In the meantime, exfoliation helps to maximize skin shedding, however, selecting the right exfoliant is important. Mechanical exfoliants may be too abrasive for sensitive skin types or skin with large pores. For these skin types we recommend the Phyto Calm Enzyme Mask.

glo skin beauty canada

Free of fragrance and dyes, this formula has been clinically tested for skin not well suited for manual exfoliation.

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Skin Care YEG Deals- 2022

April 2022- Free Boost with Facial

Like mother earth deep cleaning to make room for new life, a facial provides a deep cleanse to make room for fresh skin cells. Our facials include all the essentials such as deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam, and extractions. The products used in our facials are handpicked at each visit in order to adapt to the skin’s changes and progress.
Throughout April, receive a complimentary peel (acid) boost with your RELAX or BEAUTY facial. This special is not valid with any other offer or promotion. This offer is valid from April 1-30, 2022. 

What are acid boosts?

Boosts are mild skin acids. While the acids used in boosts are not as strong as in our chemical peels, they sure do pack a punch!

BOOSTS can be used to pre-treat the skin before transitioning into stronger skin peels. In addition, they are great for seasonal maintenance and anti-aging. Furthermore, they can be added to other skin care services, such as facials or dermaplaning, to amplify results.

Please review the treatment criteria before booking your treatment. There is an expected downtime of 1-3 days depending on your skin.

skin care edmonton

AHA (10-20%)

Add this boost to your facial to relieve dry skin. Similarly, this boost reduces fine lines and pigmentation. Ideal for dry or mature skin. Reg. $55

skin care yeg

BHA (10-20%)

Add this boost to your facial to treat active acne. The boost is applied after extractions. Ideal for oily skin. Reg. $55

peel boost skincare

Vitamin C

Add this boost to your facial to give your skin extra protection from reactive oxidizing agents and other free radicals. Reg. $65

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Tips for Blackhead Removal and Prevention

blackhead removal

A blackhead is the next step of a whitehead.

Closed comodones are called whiteheads. They are a backlog of secretions trying to make their way out of our bodies. At this stage, they do not have dirt or pollution, only waste products from within. Once these comodones open, they become blackheads. They are the result of the stuff making its way out and coming in contact with external surroundings.

Pore Size and Blackhead Prevention

glo skin beauty skincare- masks

If your pores are bigger than normal your struggle with prevention may be more of a challenge. However, blackheads can be reduced with proper care.

Washing your face with a professional cleanser is important to keep the pores as clean as possible. Go for a foaming cleanser, or gel cleanserthese will help wash away debris trapped underneath the oil buildup.

Prevent increasing pore size by avoiding mechanical exfoliants and opt for a chemical alternative.

Understanding your skin type will help you select products that make and keep your skin balanced.

Is it safe to remove blackheads at home?

In some cases, blackhead removal at home is safe. However, we recommend seeking professional help to prevent scarring or spreading.

Can pore size be reduced?

We can treat enlarged pores caused by external factors, for example, heat exposure, misuse of products, excess of dead skin, lack of hydration, etc. Above all, our treatments are safely delivered by skin experts.

FACIAL– Blackhead Removal

blackhead removal

PHOTOFACIAL– Pore reduction

ipl laser treatment face

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Are Whiteheads Milia?

Whiteheads and Milia

Whiteheads and milia are not the same thing. Think of a whitehead as as an “oil pocket” containing oil buildup and debris. Whiteheads occur because the oil pocket is causing a blockage as things are entering and leaving the skin. As that blockage moves closer to the surface of the skin, the whitehead opens. When opened it becomes a blackhead due to exposure to oxygen.

whitehead extraction dermica

A whitehead is a closed comedone, that is to say, a blocked pore.

On the other hand, milia are nodules (abnormal growths) that have formed in a sack. Think of milia as little “placentas” attached to the skin. These “placentas” are feeding and pulling nutrients from the skin. Extraction of milia involves the physical removal of the sac fully intact, whereas whitehead extractions involve emptying the pore.

Because milia is caused by internal factors, their treatment requires medical care. At Dérmica, we can help alleviate symptoms of conditions that show on the skin.

milia around eyes dermica

Milia are micro-cysts filled with keratin.

Don’t try popping at home!

We know milia are tempting to extract, but we highly recommend against popping your own milia. Successful and complete removal of the sac is important. Failure to remove all contents from the sac leaves the surrounding tissue exposed to infections. The service we recommend for the removal of milia is our Pore facial.

Is my eye cream to blame for my milia?

are whiteheads milia

The presence of milia is caused on an internal level. If milia would be caused by topical factors, it would create a blockage problem, like whiteheads do.

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Combination Skin Winter Care

combination skin winter care

Combination skin issues

Combination skin is best described as oily down the ‘t-zone’ and normal-dry over surrounding regions of the face. The condition of combination skin can vary with fluctuations in routine, diet, climate, stress levels, and age. These shifts can cause combination skin to become rough, dehydrated or oily, and blemished.

Unsure of your skin type? Take our Skin Type Quiz!

Is combination skin dry in winter?

Combination skin becomes oilier during the summer months due to the increased humidity and heat. The winter months can bring about a dull complexion, coarse texture, and fine lines. This is mainly due to cold temperatures, and artificial heat exposure from heaters.

So, now that the snow is here to stay – let’s talk winter care for combination skin!

How do you treat combination skin in the winter?

Our favourite treatment for instant results and the perfect level of exfoliation is – dermaplaning!

Dermaplaning removes the superficial layers that build up from sun damage through the summer months. Although tanned skin adds a flattering glow to the complexion, it can leave the skin looking dull and damaged. Clearing away the damaged cells that build up through the summer brightens and evens the overall complexion.

There’s nothing like applying your skincare products to a freshly dermaplaned face. Once the skin is clear of buildup and dull skin, it quickly and effectively absorbs products and active ingredients.

Should my skincare routine change during the winter months?

As with any skin type, it is beneficial to adapt your skin routine to the changing climate throughout the year, this includes product selection. Try our Home Care Selection Guide for Winter Skin Care recommendations.

We highly recommend professional skincare products containing hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid attracts and maintains hydration to hold 1000 times its weight in water.Even if you drink 8 glasses of water per day, by the time your other organs have taken their share of water, there is very little that actually transmits to the visible layers of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid molecules act like a breathable capsule absorbing and retaining water molecules, thereby, preventing water from leaving your skin through evaporation.

BONUS…Fuzz-free finish!

Another benefit of Dérmaplane is the instant and painless removal of fine vellus hair. The precise technique and fine blades allow for precision removal and a smooth finish.

Take it up a notch.

An excellent pairing for Dermaplane is an AHA BOOST. The combination of hydroxy acids applied to the skin amplifies hydration levels by pushing fresh cells to the surface. These fresh cells are at their prime for proper absorption and hydration retention and therefore make your skin look and feel JUICY!

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Dermaplaning specials- Nov. 2021

dermaplaning specials dermica

Rejuvenate your skin

Take advantage of our dermaplaning specials! This month, relieve dryness and brighten your complexion with a dermaplane treatment. Not only will it even your skin tone, your skin will feel supple and smooth!

Throughout November, save 25% on half face and full face dermaplane services. Please note that your service provider will be taking before and after pictures which may be used for future marketing purposes as a condition of this special. This special is not valid with any other offer or promotion. Offer is valid from November 1-30, 2021. No pre-purchasing.


Extend your results at home

dermaplaning specials

In addition to our dermaplaning specials, save 15% on in-store Glo Skin Beauty products. From cleansers to serums to moisturizers, our service provider can help you select products that will help you achieve and maintain your desired results.

Glo Skin Beauty formulas are paraben-free and safe for the most sensitive of skin types. Above all, their research and technology result in a skincare line that clinically transforms the skin. 

Try our Home Care Selection Guide.

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