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Spa Special: Spring Beauty Package

Spring Beauty Package

spa special

Take advantage of our May and June spa special and treat yourself this spring! Throughout May and June 2021, we are offering a Spring Beauty package to help you prep for the arrival of nice weather, and all it brings!

This Spring Beauty Package includes:

  • Brow Lamination – tames unruly strands by securing the hair in an upward stroke pattern, then setting them into place with a gentle brow perming solution. Wax and tint is then applied giving brows plush volume and coverage (Reg. $85)!
  • Lash lift – This treatment uses different sizes of silicone pads to “lift” each lash individually and create a subtle, natural looking curl, for a full and natural yet perfect look (Reg. $85).
  • Half leg and underarm wax – heated resin wax is applied and removed with wolven cotton strips to give you a smooth, soft texture (Reg. $58).

ALL for $150!

This special is not valid with any other offer/promotion. Limit to one treatment per client; No pre-purchasing.

Take advantage of our May spa special and schedule your appointment!
When booking this special, you must book under “SPRING BEAUTY PACKAGE”.
For the earliest appointment available, always choose “No Preference” of Service Provider.
Please give us a call us at (780) 885 7108 if you encounter difficulties booking this special.

Also, visit our Online Store to shop for professional Skincare products.

Love, Peace, and Great Skin!

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Brow Lamination Before and After Gallery

This esthetics service helps to maximize brow thickness. It does so by repositioning the brow through chemical “lamination” processing.

After lamination, your brows will be treated to a full grooming session. Your technician will shape your brows using your facial feature measurements as a guide to achieve a complimentary shape.

This brow service can last up to 6 weeks.

Tips before your appointment

eyenvy edmonton

Maximize your brow potential by using EyEnvy 3 weeks prior to your appointment. It will promote hair growth through a combo of nutrient rich vitamins and peptides that elevate hydration and nourish the hair shaft.

More brow lamination before and after pics

Follow us on Instagram to view more Brow Lamination before and after pictures.

Ready for the next level?

Achieve the brows you have always dreamed of with the dérmica’s Microblading treatment. Microblading is a long term solution to sparse/thin brows.

During your microblading procedure, we use a fine sharp blade to make incisions into the skin in order to insert pigment. Because of this, your skin experiences a bit of trauma, which is why preparation and post care play such an important role.

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Love, Peace, and Great Skin!

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Brazilian Waxing Edmonton

brazilian waxing edmonton

Waxing Experts

Have you been searching for spas offering Brazilian waxing in Edmonton? Look no further!

Dérmica offers a full service menu of spa services. Though waxing is considered a basic esthetics service, it can have side effects such as lifting of the skin. Prepare for your waxing service by reviewing our waxing protocol.

Brazilian or Hollywood?

Are you questioning whether to book a Brazilian or a Hollywood? Many spas call their full removal service “Brazilian”. However, the traditional method of Brazilian waxing includes the removal of hair that would be exposed when wearing a Brazilian thong.

Brazilian thong

We recommend booking a Hollywood wax if full removal is your goal.

Saturday Waxing Special

Our Saturday Waxing Special includes all body and bikini waxing. Book your appointment on Saturdays to receive 20% OFF your waxing service.

Ready for the next level?

Our IPL Hair Removal treatment will deliver permanent results on any area of face and body. There are many reasons to start IPL Hair Removal. For instance, razor burn, ingrown hairs, and embarrassing stubble can all be a thing of the past! Above all, it will keep you smooth always.

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Love, Peace, and Great Skin!

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Brow Package Giveaway- once per week in October!

brow package

Enter to win a brow package!

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we reflect on the things we are thankful for.

 As a show of gratitude, we are giving away a brow package!

Your brow package includes:

How to enter

Entering is easy!

  1. FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA (Instagram or Facebook)
  2. Tag yourself/friends on the comments below.

The winner

All of your tags will be turned into ballots. 1 tag= 1 ballot. Multiple entries are allowed.

▶️ Entries made between Sep. 30- Oct. 6 will be drawn on Oct. 7.

▶️ Entries made between Oct.7- Oct. 13 will be drawn on Oct. 14.

▶️ Entries made between Oct. 14- Oct. 20 will be drawn on Oct. 21.

The winner will be contacted directly followed by a public announcement on social media. Prize must be redeemed within 2 weeks of announcement.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Waxing and Health Conditions

waxing and health conditions

Contraindications- Waxing and Health Conditions

Some health conditions pose risks to waxing facial and body hair. Before proceeding, your service provider will review your health history form.

As a result, certain health conditions will be treated appropriately. Please read carefully through the following health conditions to ensure you meet criteria.

Health Conditions

Please notify your service provider of any of the following health conditions:


Cracks and splits compromise skin with active eczema. Furthermore, the topical medication prescribed to treat eczema usually consists of cortical steroids. Cortical steroids can thin the skin making it more likely to lift.

Lesions and areas treated with topical medications cannot be waxed over, therefore, your service provider will avoid the specific areas.


Similarly to eczema, psoriasis-affected skin is compromised.

Compromised areas treated with topical medications are more likely to lift and cannot be waxed over. Therefore, your service provider will avoid the specific areas.

Active Herpes Simplex/Zoster

If affected areas are being waxed, please take prescribed medication for a minimum of 3 days prior to your waxing appointment.

Medication can reduce the risk of an outbreak due to stimulation.

Open Lesions

Skin with open lesions is compromised. Your service provider will avoid open lesions or sites of dermatitis (irritations or reactions on the skin).


Sunburned skin is more prone to lifting. Please allow your skin to recover for 1-2 weeks depending on severity of burn prior to your waxing service.

Infectious Skin Diseases

Suspicion of an infectious skin disease will result in your service provider postponing your waxing service. You must seek treatment prior to your appointment. An example of a skin disease is folliculitis.

Moles and Skin Tags

Your service provider will avoid moles and skin tags.

Moles should always be treated as if they are malignant and should therefore be handled with care.

Additionally, bleeding, infections, or injuries to the skin can occur when removing deep-rooted hair.

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Love, Peace, and Great Skin!

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Waxing Contraindications and Safety

waxing contraindications
Medical history information is gathered to confirm that your waxing service can be performed safely.

Is Waxing Safe?

Waxing has contraindications and therefore we must take precaution to ensure your waxing service goes smoothly. Your waxing technician will gather some medical history information to confirm that your waxing service can be performed safely.

Waxing Contraindications- Medications

Waxing Contraindications- Health Conditions and Allergies

Some health conditions pose risks to waxing. As a result, certain health conditions will be treated appropriately.

Before proceeding, your service provider will review your health history. This form informs your service provider of allergies to ingredients that may be present in the wax. Typically, we use warm honey or pine resin-based wax.

First time waxing?

Don’t worry, here is what you can expect. Your esthetician will first prep the area by disinfecting and applying a protective barrier to the skin. Next, warm wax is then applied using a wooden spatula and covered with a cloth strip; this is referred to as strip waxing or soft waxing. The strip is then quickly pulled off parallel to the skin and voila your skin is left smooth and hair free!

Prior to booking a wax service ensure your hair is at least ¼ inch long, and has not been sunburned, treated with AHA/BHA, or prescription acne medications. Avoid caffeine for a couple hours before your appointment to reduce sensitivity. Results are visible for about 2 weeks, with 4-6 weeks before you are ready for your next visit. After care for waxing includes: avoiding heat, sun exposure, strong/fragranced, lotions, and washes for 24 hours and frequent skin exfoliation.

waxing contraindications

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