Our Gastronomic Experience at Chianti in Whyte Ave Edmonton

Out having a meeting at Chianti- Old Strathcona

Out having a meeting at Chianti- Old Strathcona/ Whyte Ave Edmonton

Ladies Who Lunch

Anyone will tell you owning a business is hard work, but why don’t they talk about how much FUN it is as well?!?! In addition, being a business owner on Whyte Ave Edmonton /Old Strathcona definitely has its perks!!!

For one, we get to be part of this amazing group- The Old Strathcona Business Association. They take care of us by keeping us updated in our community. We’re kinda like a big family of businesses here in Old Strathcona-Whyte Ave, and that’s pretty cool ☺

Another perk is getting to know our neighbors, one business at a time. Sometimes Jhoenna and I need a change in scenery and we schedule our meetings at different venues in the famous avenue. Don’t get me wrong, our boutique spa is our beautiful haven, but still, we like to mix it up once in a while.

Take this week for example, we had a business meeting at Chianti Café and Restaurant in Old Strathcona/ Whyte Ave Edmonton. I personally LO-LO-LO-LOVED the place!

The décor was pleasing to my eyes; the art on the walls, the golden pothos, it all had a rustic appeal. Having an artist friend, Taara Smith, I appreciate the way they support local artists by displaying the artwork for sale on their walls. At dérmica, we also support local artists. Currently, Heidi Erisman brings a touch of class to our walls with her art collection, the Grisaille, also up for sale ☺

The food was exquisite! We started off with fresh bread and butter, brought to us by our excellent server, Chantell. Chantell is one of the best servers I’ve encountered. She knew when to come to the table, had an excellent manner, and made our drinks (which were delicious). She was a pro. We ordered Caesar salad, we were both very impressed. It was not your typical Caesar salad, Chianti obviously adds a secret ingredient. Jhoenna had Penne Mediterraneo and I had Lasagna Al Forno. We both highly recommend our chosen dishes.

To drink, we tried several items from the menu: Blueberry Tea (I love amaretto. Yum.), Irish coffee, a Chocolate martini (custom blended by Chantell), and a Blue Hawaiian martini.

We finished off with a Chocolate Mousse, a perfect little treat, big enough to share with your significant other, or biz partner ;)

All in all, Jhoenna and I had a great time at Chianti Café and Restaurant. Lucky for us Chianti is a 3-minute walk away from Dérmica MedEsthetics. So next time you are in the neighbourhood of Whyte Ave Edmonton and you’re hungry for some grub, go check out Chianti, we give them 2 thumbs up!


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