Laser Hair Removal side effects and other FAQs

laser hair removal side effects
There are 2 important factors when determining eligibility for IPL/ Laser Hair Removal

IPL HAIR REDUCTION Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is IPL different than Laser hair removal?

A: Yes, they are different permanent hair removal procedures that have a similar purpose and achieve similar results. While laser uses an actual laser, IPL Hair Removal uses pulse light. You may hear different terms such as laser hair removal, IPL Hair Reduction, IPL Hair Removal that basically refer to permanent hair reduction/removal.


laser hair removal side effects

Q: What is IPL-DPC?

A: IPL-DPC stands for Intense Pulse Light- Dynamic Pulse Control. By emitting a light beam into the hair follicle, this treatment coagulates the melanin when the light beam turns into heat energy. This sort-of-speak zaps the hair follicle, leaving it unable to grow new hair. The DPC technology means that we can determine the “aggressiveness” of the treatment based on the duration of the pulse- shorter pulses are more aggressive, delivering the light beam in a shorter period of time, while longer pulses are less aggressive as they have a longer period to deliver the light beam. The different range of pulse durations results in a major increase in the safety and effectiveness of the treatment.

Q: How does light-based technology work?

A: Light-based technology works through Selective Photothermolysis. This is the selective thermal damage of pigmented structures. It selects tissue to be destroyed by selecting tissue with significantly greater optical absorption than the surrounding tissue. In layman’s terms, the light beam is attracted to darker pigments, thereby being able to distinguish the hair from the skin.

Q: Is everyone eligible for IPL Hair Removal/Reduction?

A: No, not everyone is eligible. Like other advanced treatments involving the application of heat, factors such as your rating on the Fitzpatrick Skin Type Classification Scale and your previous experience with sunburn may make you ineligible for this procedure.

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Q: Are IPL Hair Reduction Treatments painful?

A: No, during the procedure you may feel a slight, momentary sting, such as the snap of an elastic band, but not pain.

Q: Are IPL Hair Reduction Treatments Safe? What are the possible IPL Laser Hair Removal side effects?

A: Our Skin Experts are knowledgeable on DPC technology, AND on the biology of the hair and skin. This increases the safety of all of our treatments. Our treatments are non-invasive and safe, with minimum side effects if any at all. IPL Laser Hair Removal side effects could include:

Q: How many treatments are required?

A: The typical regimen is 8-12 treatment sessions, spaced 4-12 weeks apart, depending on the body area.


Q: Why are multiple treatments necessary?

A: Active follicles go through different phases in their cycle: Anagen, Catagen, Telogen, and Return to Anagen. Only follicles in the Anagen phase have enough melanin pigment to absorb the light and reach necrosis temperature. At any given time, about 20-25% of follicles are in the Anagen phase; therefore in order to eliminate as much hair as possible, we must treat multiple times.

  • Discomfort (stinging sensation up to one hour after treatment)
  • Change of Pigmentation (most cases occur on people with darker skin and can be avoided by conducting a test patch
  • Fragile Skin (skin may become temporarily fragile)
  • Purpura (purple bruising lasting from 5-15 days)
  • Scarring (may happen on darker skin but still, very rare)

Q: What is the average rate of hair growth?

A: About 0.35mm/day, but this is truly dependent on age, ethnicity, gender, and body area.

Q: Why did my hair come back after my pregnancy?

A: Aside from our hand palms and our feet plants, our entire body is covered with hair follicles, however, not all follicles actively grow hair. Dormant follicles do not grow hair, but may become active due to hormonal changes (such as pregnancy) or other reasons.

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