Mens Laser Hair Removal Edmonton (IPL Hair Reduction)

Many of our clients experience an 80% hair reduction on their 1st treatment!

Many of our clients experience an 80% hair reduction on their 1st treatment! During March, buy one area and receive a 2nd area at 50% OFF. Perfect for chest and back laser hair removal ;)

Mens Laser Hair Removal /Reduction in Edmonton

IPL/ Laser Hair Removal (IPL Hair Reduction) is a great solution for men who want to permanently reduce the amount of hair on their body, or remove it completely. At Dérmica, we have helped dozens of men reach their desired level of hair growth. Some men prefer no hair at all, while some men favour a little hair on their body.

Laser hair removal treatments should only be performed by trained and certified technicians. These advanced treatments are somewhat of an investment and cause injury to your skin if not delivered properly, so do your research and make sure operational requirements are met by both the business and technician, before going for the bargain service.

If you choose to have your treatment performed by the experts at Dérmica, here’s what you can expect:

  • Our tech begins by disinfecting your skin, she provides you with your protective eyewear, then off she goes zapping away
  • Some lasers, like ours, are equipped with cooling systems, making your service a breeze. The cooling system makes your treatment significantly less painful (if at all), and 100% less messy than other lasers
  • For the following 24-48 hours you will be required to avoid direct heat, perspiration, sun exposure, strong/fragranced soaps, lotions and washes. Ensure your skin has not been sunburned, treated with AHA/BHA, or medications/vitamins that may affect your skin
  • Typically you will notice a stunt in the growth of hair, followed by what seems to be continued growth, then towards your 4-6 week the hair will begin to fall out. At this point you are ready for your next session

At Dérmica, we have found most men require 4-5 treatments to see maximum results.

Shaving is necessary for most IPL/Laser treatments, so it’s best to have it shaved down prior to your appointment.


  • For irritating razor burn and ingrown hairs we recommend picking up some “Bump Stopper” solution found in the ethnic hair care section at most drug store/supermarkets.
  • You can also try the Glo Clear Skin Body spray
    , a great salicylic wash for problem areas on the body.

Stay Sharp Gentlemen!
Peace, love, and great skin!

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