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Level II remodels your brow shape.

Microblading post care

Post care is key in the longevity of your microblading procedure.

During this procedure we use a fine sharp blade to make incisions into the skin in order to insert pigment. Because of this, your skin experiences a bit of trauma, which is why preparation and post care play such an important role.

Taking necessary precautions prior to treatment will ensure that your procedure can be performed safely and effectively. Please review Pre-Treatment guidelines.

After your procedure, your POST CARE washing and moisturizing instructions using your kit are as follows:

  • Gently cleanse lower half and forehead with your cleanser in the morning. When rinsing cleanser away, use a warm face cloth avoiding drip from forehead onto brows.
  • Dampen a clean gauze or cotton pad with the cleanser and gently wipe brows in outward motion. Blot dry with dry gauze/pad.
  • Once your brows begin scab or flake, apply a small amount of the moisturizer over the brows after washing in the morning and evening.
  • During your recovery, your brows may feel a bit itchy. Applying a cooling mask such as the Cucumber Recovery Mask reduces irritation.
  • You can apply a serum to excelarate the healing process and promote healthy cell regeneration in the recovering area.

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