Waxing and Health Conditions

waxing and health conditions

Contraindications- Waxing and Health Conditions

Some health conditions pose risks to waxing facial and body hair. Before proceeding, your service provider will review your health history form.

As a result, certain health conditions will be treated appropriately. Please read carefully through the following health conditions to ensure you meet criteria.

Health Conditions

Please notify your service provider of any of the following health conditions:


Cracks and splits compromise skin with active eczema. Furthermore, the topical medication prescribed to treat eczema usually consists of cortical steroids. Cortical steroids can thin the skin making it more likely to lift.

Lesions and areas treated with topical medications cannot be waxed over, therefore, your service provider will avoid the specific areas.


Similarly to eczema, psoriasis-affected skin is compromised.

Compromised areas treated with topical medications are more likely to lift and cannot be waxed over. Therefore, your service provider will avoid the specific areas.

Active Herpes Simplex/Zoster

If affected areas are being waxed, please take prescribed medication for a minimum of 3 days prior to your waxing appointment.

Medication can reduce the risk of an outbreak due to stimulation.

Open Lesions

Skin with open lesions is compromised. Your service provider will avoid open lesions or sites of dermatitis (irritations or reactions on the skin).


Sunburned skin is more prone to lifting. Please allow your skin to recover for 1-2 weeks depending on severity of burn prior to your waxing service.

Infectious Skin Diseases

Suspicion of an infectious skin disease will result in your service provider postponing your waxing service. You must seek treatment prior to your appointment. An example of a skin disease is folliculitis.

Moles and Skin Tags

Your service provider will avoid moles and skin tags.

Moles should always be treated as if they are malignant and should therefore be handled with care.

Additionally, bleeding, infections, or injuries to the skin can occur when removing deep-rooted hair.

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