The difference between LASER and IPL

Dérmica- the difference between laser and IPL

What is the difference between LASER and IPL?

A: IPL and Laser are light-based treatment methods used in the skincare and med esthetics industry to treat a variety of common skin conditions and permanent hair reduction.
The IPL and Laser equipment deliver their results by emitting a specific range of light energy towards a specific target in the skin. In a successful treatment the light energy is absorbed by water, blood, or pigment in the skin, which are eradicated without causing disruption the surrounding tissue.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

IPL technologies project flashes of light energy onto the surface of the skin. The handheld device is placed directly on the skin and flashed at set intervals. The device emits a broad band of light energy into the skin, which is then quickly absorbed by the target. The diameter covered by the spot size varies and is ideal for larger areas.

IPL treatments are said to have less discomfort involved during the procedure, and require shorter recover periods and visible down-time. The peak temperature during these sessions is typically lower than that of Laser, making it ideal for treating heat sensitive skin conditions such as Melasma and Rosacea.

LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation)

Lasers operate by emitting a single wave of steady or pulsed laser light into their target. Depending on the manufacturer of the Laser equipment, some lasers are not suitable for all skin tones or skin conditions; therefore the technician is required to use different attachments or machines for treatment.

The spot size used to treat with laser is more concentrated, therefore smaller, and procedure time can be longer. For treatment of skin conditions, Laser tends to have a longer period of recovery and visible down-time following sessions. Lasers are said to be ideal for treating leg veins and tattoo removal.

IPL and Laser are both safe and effective treatment methods for treating skin conditions and permanently reducing unwanted hair. It is important to remember that results vary with both methods, there are specific guidelines to follow pre/post treatment, and number of sessions can range from 4-12.

For clients who meet the skin and/or hair criteria for IPL or Laser, the success of treatment is also influenced by the quality of equipment being used, and the technician’s knowledge of operating light-based technology.

In summary, the major difference between the two IPL and Laser is the range of light energy emitted by the device. Regardless of whether you choose IPL or Laser, it is always best to do your research.

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