Rosacea Laser Treatment

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What is a vascular lesion and where do they come from?

Vascular lesions are due to conditions such as Rosacea, couperose skin, sensitized skin, or simply genetics. Frequent, consistent redness and broken capillaries are typical characteristics present of these types of conditions.

Vascular lesions are most commonly found in the facial and neck area. If left untreated these conditions can worsen, or mutate the skin’s texture.

Vascular Lesion Treatment

We treat these conditions with phototherapy. Photofacials emit light energy into the skin. The light beam destroys specified targets without damaging the surrounding tissue. After that, the blood coagulates and the vessels break into tiny particles that are naturally filtered away through the body’s lymphatic system.

The ALIVIA photofacial will diminish redness and dissolve broken capillaries on areas of the face, neck, chest, arms, and hands.

We use Sharplight’s Formax-VP System. Their DPC technology makes your treatments safe and effective in less time. Above all, you can rest assured that your treatment is performed by a qualified technician with your comfort in mind.


Pre-treatment protocols:

  • Must not currently be on or have used Accutane or any other oral prescription acne medications in the past 12 months
  • If currently using any products containing AHA/BHA/Retin A/Vitamin A on the area being treated, you must discontinue usage 2 weeks prior to procedure
  • Must wait a minimum of 4 weeks (or up to 6 weeks for darker skin types) from last tanning (artificial or natural) session
  • If currently on any prescription medications, check with your physician regarding possible photosensitivity

Time frame: 45 minutes

Recommended sessions: 4-6


  • Diabetes
  • Pregnancy
  • Disorders stimulated by light
  • Cancer (remission under 2 years)
  • Epilepsy
  • Use of photosensitive medication and herbs
  • Active infection of Herpes Simplex in treatment area
  • Use of anticoagulants

Potential side effects:

  • Discomfort
  • Fragile skin
  • Edema (swelling)
  • Erythema (redness)

Downtime required: 24 hrs

Other literature on redness and broken capillaries…

Alliviate the RED: Rosacea treatments, symptoms, triggers, and types


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Pairing your treatments with professional products will maximize results.
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Try our Home Care Selection Guide to choose the right products to target your skin type and concerns. Similarly, you can submit questions via email. In conclusion, professional skincare products will help you reach your skin goals sooner.

Not sure if this is the right treatment for you?

Try our Treatment Selection Guide. It is easy to use and designed to help you select the best option for your skin goals. In addition, you can email any questions to our Ask Dermica feature. For specific concerns, we recommend attaching pictures to provide a visible aide. As a result, our professionals will be able to better determine a treatment for you.

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3 summer skin care mistakes

3 summer mistakes that lead to premature aging

Avoid the following summer skin care mistakes that lead to premature aging.

1. Excessive heat and sun exposure

Spending excessive time in the heat and sun results in the production of free radicals that harm your skin cells and contribute to premature aging. Excessive heat and sun exposure will damage the collagen cells and the elastin fibres. These two combined are responsible for your skin’s elasticity and firmness. This damage results in wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging of the skin. The skin can also look very dehydrated and creped with a leathery appearance.

Minimize the damage

In order to minimize this damage we can do things such as ensuring that anytime we are outdoors, we’re applying the appropriate protection which is typically recommended to be spf 30+. Keep in mind that you can get some sun protection from mineral makeup products if they are of high grade.

Another thing that we can do for summer skin care is use hats and umbrellas. Taking a break in the shade is important. Not only are the uv rays damaging to the skin, but also the overheating of the skin. This is going to cause inflammation which in turn will cause free radical damage in the skin.

Once you get home, you can do things to help cool the skin and calm the inflammation. For example, applying an aloe vera mask such as the Soothing Gel Mask will help. Other ways to reduce inflammation include using a cold jade roller. Even cold spoons kept in the fridge really help to cool the skin down when it has been overheated.

2. Not drinking enough water

We tend to be a little thirstier over the summer months with the heat and perhaps increased activity. So, making sure you are drinking enough water is very important for the skin. Dehydration can compromise the skin. It accelerates premature aging due to reduced elasticity and moisture levels in the skin. This is going to exacerbate the effects of uv damage. This will lead to wrinkles, fine lines, and uneven skin tone.

Minimize the damage

Taking steps to ensure you are drinking enough water everyday is very important in maintaining a healthy hydration, preventing moisture loss, and combating premature aging.

Aside from drinking enough water, its good to include products that contain hyaluronic acid in your skincare routine. These products will be very hydrating for the skin and help to give it that ‘dewy glow’. Hyaluronic acid works by applying hydration to the skin but also drawing hydration within the body to the surface of the skin.

3. Unhealthy lifestyle habits

Over the summer we tend to gather socially outdoors a lot more. For example, we gather on patios, barbecues, or at other social events that happen over the summer, such as weddings. There is usually a consumption of alcohol or smoking at these events. Often the dietary choices are delicious but aren’t the healthiest.

Minimize the damage

These things as a whole can cause oxidative stress, inflammation, and a breakdown of the collagen in the skin. When you are consuming things that are bad for you, try to decrease the amount you consume, or compensate by using products in your skin that are antioxidants. These products protect your skin from oxidative stressors and help improve the skin’s natural protective barriers.

Facial Services Edmonton

best spa for facial edmonton

Did you know Dérmica has been named the best spa for facial services in Edmonton 3 years in a row? Our facials include all the essentials of a classic facial procedure such as deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam, and application of suitable serum, eye care, lip treatment, and moisturizer. Concurrently, the products used in our facials are handpicked during each visit in order to adapt to the skins changes and progress.



The BEAUTY Facial includes all the essentials of classic facial with mild extractions, a brow Sculpt, nourishing mask application, and Pressure-Point facial massage. It is ideal for those preparing their face for an occasion or want to freshen the skin and brows. 75-90 min.

RELAX Facial

In the same fashion, the RELAX Facial includes all the essentials of classic facial procedure with light extractions, nourishing mask application, relaxation-face/shoulder/arm/hand massage, and moisturizing paraffin hand-dip. 75-90 min.

PORE Facial

While the other facials include other perks, the PORE gets down to business. The PORE Facial includes all the essentials of a classic facial with an emphasis on clearing congested skin by extracting blackheads, milia, and other skin blemishes. 60 min.

BEARD Facial

The BEARD Facial includes all the essentials of a classic facial along with mild extractions, and a beard shampoo & conditioning treatment. For this purpose, we recommend the beard be 1/4 inch long at minimum. 60 min.

TEEN Facial

The TEEN Facial includes a deep-cleanse and pore extractions leaving the skin feeling fresh and renewed. Teen must be accompanied by parent/legal guardian. 35-45 min.

BACK Treatment (Back Facial)

BACK Treatment focuses on treating skin conditions affecting the back. It is structured much like a facial service that includes cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extractions, and back massage. 60-75 min. 

Beauty on a Budget?

Save 20% on our facial menu when you book on Sundays. Regardless of which facial you choose, your facialist will create a treatment approach based on observation and consultation.

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Spa Gift Certificate Edmonton

Spa Gift Cards

Located in Edmonton, Dérmica offers a spa gift certificate selection in-store or online.

Spa Gift Cards make a great gift for someone special! Gift cards can be used towards services and in-store product purchases only.

Our spa gift cards are perfect for any occasion. For example, birthdays, holidays, weddings, Christmas, and more! In addition, our menu includes a vast variety of treatments and services to choose from. Above all, gift cards are flexible and never expire.

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Gift cards in specific amounts

We have gift cards are available in dollar amounts or individual treatments, and make a great gift for yourself or a loved one! Gift cards in specific amounts are available electronically, however, they must be purchased via E-transfer to  For gift cards in specific amounts, please contact us by email or call us at (780) 885-7108 to place your order. Gift cards are emailed within 24 hours after E-transfer is received.

Treatment Selection Guide Tools Online

Your guest can use our Treatment Selection Guide. This online consultation is designed to provide details on treatments available for individual skin concerns. On the other hand, if you’re gifting a gift card to a Brow Lover, we also have a Brow Quiz to help your guest select the perfect brow service.

Finally, for the product junkie, we have a Home Care Selection Guide to help them select the best fit for their skin.

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Why am I getting pigmentation on my face?

pigmentation on face

Hyperpigmentation on the face.

There are many different reasons for new pigmentation on your face that was not there before. Some reason could be skin conditions such as melasma, medications, hormonal fluctuations, excessive sun exposure, or aging. Trauma or injury to the skin can also cause hyperpigmented scarring.

Treating hyperpigmentation with products.

Hyperpigmentation reacts well to alphahydroxy acids (AHA) such as glycolic acid. Glycolic acid penetrates into the skin and lifts away the top layers of the skin by separating and dissolving the intracellular bonds. This causes controlled chemical damage to the skin which then stimulates it to regenerate new fresh cells at an accelerated rate to replace those that have been purged.

Look for other AHAs in your homecare products such as lactic acid, vitamin c, and retinol to help you treat hyperpigmentation with products at home.

Spa treatments that get rid of new pigmentation on the face.

Photofacials are a top choice for those seeking the removal of dark spots, sun spots, and pigmented acne scarring. It works by delivering quick pulses of UV light to the targeted area. Subsequently, the spot breaks up and the pigment is brought to the surface. The pigment is shed with your skin’s natural processes. As a result, a clear and uniform complexion is revealed.

The other option we offer are chemical peels, specifically, deep peels. Deep peels are classified as medium to strong skin acids. They range from 20% to 85% and can be layered. They are ideal for pre-treated skin and provide deeper resurfacing of the skin. Some peels may cause visible shedding and flaking.

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Common Signs of Aging

common signs of aging

What are the most common signs of aging?

Knowing the most common signs of aging can help you retain your youthful looks longer. Let’s discuss the most common signs, and the steps we can take towards delaying the aging process.

Loss of Elasticity

Loss of elasticity or ‘plumpness’ is attributed to collagen loss. Collagen is a building block of the skin. During our youth, collagen plumps the skin thereby creating volume. However, as we age we stop producing collagen at the same rate. This in turn affects the elasticity leaving us with saggy skin as we age. Plus, the loss of muscle tone is going to cause expression lines.

Loss of Hydration

Skin becomes dryer as we age because the sebaceous glands in the skin, like any other structure of the body, are not as active as we age. This loss of hydration manifests itself through a dull, sallow appearance, crepey skin, and fine lines. Overall, the texture of the skin changes as a result of water loss.


There are environmental factors such as sun exposure and climate as well as other pollutants and oxidants in the air that cause aging in general. These environmental factors can also contribute to hyperpigmattion which can cause an aged appearance to the skin. Hyperpigmentation can be in the form of freckles, sun spots, lentigines, etc.

Thin Skin

The thickness of the skin changes as well with aging. The skin tries to thin out as a result of the deficiencies in collagen and hydration.

Fighting the common signs of aging at home

Try to incorporate products that accelerate your skin’s cell turnover rate; They are very useful. Examples include retinol, glycolic and lactic acid. When combined, vitamins C and E make a good protectant.

When it comes to exfoliation, try using an enzymatic exfoliant. These are really good for anti-aging because they achieve deep exfoliation and hydration without causing friction at the surface.

Wearing SPF daily helps. Be mindful when you are being exposed to the sun for periods longer than 15-30 minutes consistently. Wear a hat during longer periods of sun exposure. Cooling the skin also helps, for example, cold spoons kept in the fridge will calm the skin and reduce inflammation.

Finally, avoid the use of irratating cleansers and moisturizers. Stick with products that actually bring nutrients to the skin.

Professional Treatments

When it comes to skin rejuvenation, photofacials are amazing because they do not cause superficial damage to the skin. The light energy penetrates directly to the main contributing factor of loss of elasticity which is the collagen cells.

We have a certain amount of collagen cells in our skin at any given time. When the light energy hits those cells, they are stimulated/traumatized enough so that they regenerate new collagen cells in order to replace those “traumatized” collagen cells. However, those collagen cells that are affected by the light energy for the most part are not completely destroyed, yet they are “repaired” in a sense so you end up with a multiplied amount of collagen present in your skin after a photofacial treatment.

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