Teen Acne

At what age does teenage acne start?

Teen acne can start as young as eight to 10 years old. At this young age, children can experience blackheads and congestion in the skin. However, this is uncommon. Typically we start seeing acne between the ages of 13-16 years in females, and 13-18 years in males.

How long does teen acne last?

Teenage acne can last for years well into the early to mid 20’s. It depends in what is causing the acne, typically it is internal factors that cause breakouts.

Acne treatment for teens: Getting rid of acne

Home care

First and foremost, proper home care is very important. Having a cleanser that contains a light dosage of salicylic acid is helpful. Salicylic acid keeps the skin clean and clear of inflammation at home. The cleanser will help strip away the thick oil barrier, clean out the pores, and rebalance the skin’s ph. We recommend using it twice a day along with a light-weight moisturizer.


Our go-to teen acne treatment of choice is our Teen Facial. In general, teen facials focus on manual extractions. The skin is prepared with a deep-pore cleanse before extractions.

Peels for Teens?

Depending on the level of acne and the age of the teen, chemical peels may be too strong. However, at 10-20%, a peel boost is light enough to be done on teens over 16 years old.

Peel boosts are mild skin acids we use to treat skin conditions such as acne and hyperpigmentation. They are an add-on service for facials meant to amplify results. The downtime required is 24 – 48 hours, where the teen must refrain from heat, exercise, or strenuous activity.

Adding a peel boost to your teen’s Pore Facial is ideal when breakouts are consistent.

What can worsen teenage acne breakouts?

Picking at the skin can sometimes get rid of whatever buildup is in the pimple, but it is typically not done properly when done at home. As a result, it leaves your skin susceptible to infections. We have all the right tools and aftercare when we do extractions here.

Another factor that can worsen breakouts is improper cleansing. For example, not using the right products or not cleansing at all, or using products that are too strong for their skin.

Some teens wear makeup. Makeup can block the skin. Makeup may not be being washed away properly. Having a good pre-cleanser is very important for those that are wearing heavy-based makeups, such as primers, foundations, concealers, and powders.

By comparison, primers alone are a huge contributor! Someone that has an oily skin type is likely to be using a pore minimizing or mattifying primer. These products are relatively heavy as they are meant to give you a nice, smooth canvas. The downside is that they can really clog and congest the skin.

As far as diagnosing acne, this is something that would be done by a physician. Hormones are a big factor; they are fluctuating which can cause acne. Sometimes there can be dietary issue. If the acne is cystic or out of control, your teen may need to see a dermatologist first in order to go on a treatment cycle because sometimes antibiotics or acne medication such as accutane is needed to help from the inside.

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aha vs bha dermica yeg

AHA vs BHA: What is the difference?

AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) and BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) are both types of chemical exfoliants commonly used in skincare products. Both have the ability to improve the health and appearance of the skin. However, they vary in terms of the skin concerns they address:

1 | Chemical Structure

AHA: Alpha Hydroxy Acids are water-soluble acids derived from various natural sources such as sugarcane, milk, sugar, and apples. Water soluble acids dissolve in water and interact with the hydration levels of the skin.

BHA: Beta Hydroxy Acids are oil-soluble acids, such as salicylic acid are typically derived from willow bark or synthetically developed. Oil soluble acids only dissolve in oil and interact with the skin’s oils and other oily substances.

2 | Depth of Penetration

AHA: AHAs are water-soluble, and work primarily on the skin’s surface to remove dead skin cells, promoting anti-aging, smoothness, and a more even complexion.

BHA: BHAs are oil-soluble, allowing them to penetrate deeper into pores. BHAs are particularly effective for individuals with oily and acne-prone skin types. BHA’s dissolve excess oil, clear out clogged pores, and reduce oiliness.

3 | Exfoliation

AHA: AHAs are effective in removing dead skin cells from the skin’s surface, leading to improved texture, reduced fine lines, and a more even skin tone.

BHA: BHAs also exfoliate the skin’s surface, but their unique property of oil solubility allows them to get into the pores, helping to prevent and treat blackheads, whiteheads, and acne breakouts.

4 | Skin Concerns

AHA: AHAs are great for addressing sun-damaged, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and surface-level imperfections. They can provide a gentle exfoliation suitable for most skin types, except for very sensitive or reactive skin.

BHA: BHAs are particularly useful for those with oily, acne-prone, or congested skin. They help to unclog pores and reduce inflammation associated with acne and rosacea. BHAs can also be helpful for individuals dealing with blackheads, whiteheads, and congestion.

5 | Sensitivity

AHA: Some AHAs can be slightly irritating to sensitive skin, especially when used in higher concentrations or for those not accustomed to chemical exfoliation.

BHA: BHAs are generally milder and better tolerated by sensitive skin compared to AHAs. Salicylic acid, the most common BHA, has anti-inflammatory properties that can calm irritated skin.

Professional Peels

Your skin care professional will ensure your skin type and specific concerns are considered when choosing between AHA vs BHA acid for your treatment. In some cases, your technician will use both acid types in your treatment, alternating them on different sessions to get the benefits of both acid types. Overall, Acid Peels are a tried-and-true method for treating various conditions and delivering lasting results.


Dermaplaning Post Care | The Essential Guide

dermaplaning post care

A popular option for skin maintenance

Dermaplaning has quickly become a popular option for skin maintenance. The exfoliation technique uses a surgical scalpel to gently smooth away dead skin cells and facial hair. People love dérmaplane because it delivers instant results.

The procedure leaves your skin looking fresh, smooth, and glowing. Proper post-care in the days after your dermaplaning service is essential to achieving optimal results and prolonging that coveted radiant complexion.


After your dermaplaning service, your skincare technician will provide you with a Post-Treatment Guide outlining instructions.


Apply SPF 30 or higher when exposed to sun. Avoid direct exposure to sun for 48 hours.


To prevent irritation or redness, avoid using exfoliating agents, retinol, or harsh chemicals on your skin immediately after dermaplaning.


It’s advisable to wait at least 24 hours before applying any cosmetics to avoid clogging your freshly exfoliated pores.


Although tempting, it is essential to refrain from touching skin to avoid any potential infections or irritation after your service.


Your skin may experience slight dryness or sensitivity post-service. To combat this, it’s vital to keep your skin well-hydrated. Drinking water throughout your day will help hydrate fresh cells.


Hot water and excessive heat can strip away the skin’s natural oils and lead to dryness. Opt for lukewarm water instead.

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Dermaplaning unveils a fresh layer of skin, making it essential to protect it from external aggressors and dehydration. A hydrating serum and moisturizer helps retain and restore moisture.

Dermaplane does wonders for your skin, leaving it smooth, bright, and revitalized. To prolong and enhance the results, following a proper routine is essential. Remember to adhere to the dermaplaning post-care instructions, keep your skin hydrated, avoid excessive heat, and prioritize moisturization and protection.

Follow these tips and get ready to turn heads with that RADIANT COMPLEXION!

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YEG Facial and Back Treatments

yeg facial

Located in YEG, Dérmica offers facial treatments that are customized to suit your skin care goals and needs. They are ideal for treating mild skin conditions and improving the overall appearance of the skin. There is no downtime required following the treatment.

Dérmica facials include all the essentials of a classic facial procedure such as deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam, and application of suitable serum, eye care, lip treatment, and moisturizer. The products used in our facials are handpicked at each visit in order to adapt to the skins changes and progress.



facials edmonton

$ 125

The BEAUTY Facial includes all the essentials of classic facial with mild extractions, a brow Sculpt, nourishing mask application, and Pressure-Point facial massage. It is ideal for those preparing their face for an occasion or want to freshen the skin and brows.
75-90 min.

RELAX Facial

$ 125

The RELAX Facial includes all the essentials of classic facial procedure with light extractions, nourishing mask application, relaxation-face/shoulder/arm/hand massage, and moisturizing paraffin hand-dip.
75-90 min.

PORE Facial

pore facial

$ 85

Undoubtedly the most popular of the facials, the PORE Facial includes all the essentials of a classic facial with an emphasis on clearing congested skin by extracting blackheads, milia, and other skin blemishes.
60 min.

BEARD Facial

beard grooming

$ 85

The BEARD Facial includes all the essentials of a classic facial along with mild extractions, and a beard shampoo & conditioning treatment. it is the best option for men with beards in particular.
60 min.

TEEN Facial

teen facial edmonton


The TEEN Facial includes a deep-cleanse and pore extractions leaving the skin feeling fresh and renewed. Teen must be accompanied by parent/legal guardian.

35-45 min.

BACK Treatment

facial edmonton

$ 100

The BACK Treatment focuses on treating skin conditions affecting the back. In similar fashion, it is structured much like a facial service that includes cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extractions, and back massage.
60-75 min.

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Acne Facial Edmonton

Located in Edmonton, Dérmica offers an acne facial treatment to clean and decongest oily skin.

Known as the PORE facial, this treatment includes all the essentials of a classic facial with an emphasis on clearing congested skin by extracting blackheads, milia, and other skin blemishes. 

Everything leads to extractions

acne facial edmonton

Extractions are best on freshly cleansed and exfoliated skin. We begin the facial by cleansing to ensure that no harmful bacteria is present when exposing the open pore.

After cleansing and exfoliating, a specialized solution is applied to help dislodge the oily debris. The solution is commonly a sodium bicarbonate blend that creates a chemical reaction known as saponification.

Consequently, oils and fats are transformed into a soap solution. In addition, oily debris becomes water-soluble in the process. 

The skin is then placed under a warm steamer. The warmth and humidity of the steam opens up the pores. 

Physical extractions are performed using a special tool with directional pressure. Large pores are emptied using a “scooping” maneuver, while smaller pores are purged with a simple glide of the tool or fingers.

Following extractions, the skin is soothed and sanitized with a post extraction solution. The solution usually contains an antiseptic and a calming ingredient. 

Blackhead extractions can take 15-30 minutes depending on the skin condition. They can also leave the skin looking irritated for 1-2 hours. Once the pores are cleared, they can remain clear for up to 8 weeks.  

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Skin Resurfacing Treatment Options

Located in Edmonton, our skin resurfacing treatment menu includes photofacials, peels, and dermaplaning.

Skin resurfacing is an esthetic procedure or personal use of an exfoliating product/tool that removes layers of damaged skin. It boosts the regeneration rate of skin cells and promotes collagen production. As a result, it enhances the overall appearance and texture of the skin. Additionally, it improves circulation and absorptive ability of the skin.

Skin resurfacing treatments

Methods of resurfacing include: chemical, mechanical, and light-based treatments.


skin resurfacing treatment dermica

ALISA photofacial

Photofacials emit light energy into the skin. The light beam destroys specified targets without damaging the surrounding tissue.


skin resurfacing treatment- edmonton dermica

Chemical Peels

This type of resurfacing causes a chemical reaction at the surface of the skin that dissolves the bonds between the skin cells.


skin resurfacing treatment- whyte ave


The technician performs feathery strokes typically using a 10 gauge blade held at an angle over the skin to remove the surface level.

Not sure which treatment is right for you?

Try our Treatment Selection Guide. This easy-to-use, digital guide makes selecting the correct treatment for your skin type and concerns a breeze! Our Skin questionnaire allows us to understand your skin type and concerns. With the information you provide, we are able to recommend treatments to address specific skin concerns.

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