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Lash Lift: The Alternative to Lash Extensions

lash extensions alternative

Lash Lift vs Lash Extensions

Lash lifts are a great alternative to lash extensions. This type of lash enhancement gives the lashes a natural appearance.

When it comes to the preservation of the integrity of the hair, lash lifts are gentler on the lashes. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, the lift is not an “additive” service- it works with your natural lashes. As a result, it does not require the lashes to carry the excess weight of artificial lashes constantly.

Secondly, extensions require each lash be connected to an artificial lash with adhesive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the lift, you process one time and then work on repair.

Less frequent required visits is another benefit of the lift. Someone who can’t devote time every 2-3 weeks to fills would prefer the lift because you are looking at 6-10 weeks before you need another lift (depending on your natural lashes). In addition, there is less in-service time during the appointment in comparison to extensions.

Also, the lash lift is a very low-maintenance service. You’re looking at 48 hours post-treatment where you have to be cautious, as opposed to the daily care required with lash extensions.

There are many reasons why the lash lift is a good alternative to extensions.

Lash Lifts sound great! Why would anyone prefer extensions?

It all comes down to personal preference. While some people are looking for a fresh-faced appearance, others are looking for a dramatic finish.

Also, extensions provide additional length, whereas the lift provides the appearance of additional length. Extensions are good for people that can only achieve a certain length and they want more.

Do Lash Lifts damage the eyelashes?

Much like any other chemical processing service, its going to alter the natural state of the hair. Therefore, it does have an effect on the existing hair strand. It may make them dryer than usual, and in some cases (depending on the health of the lash before the treatment) it may cause some brittleness.

Pretreat to Prevent

These things are preventable by pretreating the lashes with a lash serum or moisturizer. Pretreating helps to condition the lashes in preparation for the chemical process. For example, when getting your hair done, its always best to condition and mask prior to your hair colouring service. You would take a similar approach with the lashes.


After you get your hair processed, you usually start using more conditioner or hair masks in an effort to repair. You wanna do the same for your lashes. Lash conditIoner will not only bring you back to par, but take it further by adding conditioner and enhancers that were not there before. It will replenish what you lost but also add.

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Bikini Wax Post Care

bikini wax post care

What is post care after bikini waxing?

Your Service Provider will give you bikini wax post care instructions following your waxing service. Below are some tips so that you can prepare ahead of time.

What should I wear?

Breathable fabrics are very important. Make sure you keep the area dry and clean from sweat. Failing to keep the area dry could lead to infection and/or irritation. If you consider yourself sweatier than others, a powder will help keep you dry after your service.

Avoid fragranced cleansers and moisturizers to reduce the risk of reactions.

Care at home

Bikini wax post care at home includes avoiding hot showers and baths for 24 hours. Hot water will cause the skin pores to open causing added irritation and risk of infection. Steam rooms and saunas should also be avoided for 24 hours. Like hot water, the steam will cause the pores to open.

Exfoliation 4 days after is good, particularly for people with coarse hair to avoid ingrown hair.

What if my skin is sensitive?

If your skin is sensitive post bikini wax, try using products with aloe vera to reduce irritation.

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Is bikini wax painful?

bikini wax pain

Let’s just say…the quicker the appointment the better.

Bikini wax pain is a hard measurement to report since our pain tolerance varies. According to most clients, on a scale of 0-5, with 0 meaning no pain, and 5 meaning maximum pain, the average rating is a 3.5. If you prefer a hairless look without the pain, we recommend IPL Hair Removal. In comparison to waxing most clients report a 1. While its about twice the price per session, you only need 8-12 sessions to reach a permanent reduction/removal.

But never fear! If you prefer waxing, our technicians are trained in efficiency and customer care. This means that your service will be completed under 30 minutes with as little discomfort as possible, and a high regard for quality care. Less bikini wax pain!

Can i get a bikini wax if i am on my period?

Yes, we ask that you wear a tampon and the string is tucked away so that it doesn’t get pulled out with the wax. However, keep in mind that you may be more sensitive to pain during this time.

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Spa Events

spa party edmonton

If primping, pampering, quality time and feeling great at any age is your motto, make this your year to live it up and try something new. Host a Dérmica Spa Party in Edmonton for your next get-together, B-day, Promotion Celebration, or whatever the occasion and make it one to remember! 

What does this classy event entail?

Typically, the spa is reserved for exclusive access to party guests for some private R&R amongst your closest friends. Incorporating service themes such as Peel PartyWax Party, or Photofacial Party into the event is also popular, and can add to the experience by keeping the convo rolling!

You and your guests enjoy the following services/products at 25% off:


  • all areas except full leg, full arm, full chest/back


  • all bikini waxing


  • all photofacials
  • all chemical peels


  • Classic mani


  • Classic pedi


  • Shape (wax)
  • Sculpt (wax and tint)
  • Lamination
  • Lamination with tint


  • brows
  • lashes
  • brows and lashes


  • lash lift
  • lash lift and tint


Spa parties are limited of 6 people. We ask that guests observe the COVID-19 targeted public health measures during their visit.

As personal service providers, we hold a social responsibility to guests, staff, and the general public to ensure we take all precautions in preventing any form of cross contamination regardless of these current events. In response to COVID-19, we have added extra precautionary measures to our already high standard for hygiene & infection control at our facility.

Boozy spa

Dérmica MedEsthetics is licensed through the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission to serve you alcohol.

How do I book this event?

Call or email us at to book the Friends package.

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eyebrow lamination products

Like us on social media or subscribe to our blog for more spa deals. In addition, follow us to enter contests and more.

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How do I prepare for my first bikini wax?

pubic hair removal

My first bikini wax

A tried and true form of pubic hair removal is waxing. Waxing is great because you get a smooth finish that lasts for weeks. Does it hurt? Well, let’s just say it’s the only spa service that you want to move along quickly! However, we have some tips on making your first bikini wax as pleasant as can be.

How do I prepare for my first bikini wax?

Our first tip is to make sure that your pubic hair is a good length for removal.

If the hair is too long it will cause unnecessary discomfort to an already uncomfortable service. If its longer than the first ridge on your pinky, that is where you are starting to get to the uncomfortable range.

On the other hand, if it’s too short it can increase the amount of hair that breaks. This results in more tweezing than necessary. If it’s under a quarter of an inch, then its most likely too short.

Course hair

If you have very course hair, using conditioner on that hair on the day of your waxing service helps to soften the hair. This conditioning makes the hair more flexible and less likely to break.

In addition, exfoliating a couple of days leading up to your spa appointment helps too. If there is hair that is just below the surface of the skin, exfoliation can help pop that up which we can tweeze during your visit.

What do I wear to a bikini wax?

We recommend wearing loose fitted bottoms including pants and underwear. Breathable fabrics, for example, cotton, help sooth after your service. Avoid items like thongs or g-strings, bring on the granny panties.

We hope you feel a little more prepared for your upcoming experience. Your service provider will take steps to ensure your comfort and care.

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Manicure Whyte Ave

manicure whyte ave

Looking for a place to get a manicure on Whyte ave? Dérmica offers manicure treatments designed to provide you with all the benefits of a traditional manicure combined with our treatment approach.

In essence our manicure services help improve and maintain the overall health and esthetic appeal of your hands.

Furthermore, our signature touch of luxury makes our manicures a treat for tired hands. Coupled with their corrective quality, they are a favourite on the menu.


manicure whyte ave


Price: $55

Timing: 60 min

This manicure service is ideal for hands in need of professional nail and cuticle grooming, detailing, and a paint service with attention to detail. 


Gel polish add-on

Price: $10 application fee; $5 removal fee.

Timing: + 15 min.

mini manicure whyte ave


Price: $40

Timing: 30min

The Mini MANÍ includes cleansing nail soak, light cuticle & nail care, polish application, and moisture care. Undeniably a treat for little hands! 


Gel polish add-on

Price: $10 application fee; $5 removal fee.

Timing: + 15 min.

Manicure Contraindications

Above all, delivering your service safely is always our first concern. Though rare, some medical conditions exist that may present individual harm from a manicure, or a risk of infecting others.

Some conditions are contagious and require treatment before your Service Provider can proceed. Correspondingly, other conditions may require modification of service.

Please review the list of contraindications before booking your manicure online.

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