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What is your SKIN TYPE? 

Curious to know what your basic skin type is? Knowing your skin type will help you narrow down your product selection and find the right treatments for you.  

Take the quiz to find your skin type! 


  1. Answer the questions by selecting the description that best suits you. Each answer is lettered.   
  1. Tally up your selection.  
  1. Use your results to match skin type. 

Lets get started… 

Which statement best describes your pores? 

A.) My pores are bigger/darker and noticeable on most of my face. 

B.) My pores are a little bigger/darker in ONLY one of these areas: nose, cheeks, or chin. 

C.) My pores are clear throughout, and I can only see then if I look really closely. 

D.) My pores are invisible throughout my face. 

Which statement best describes the texture of your skin? 

A.) My skin feels bumpy and slick. 

B.) My skin feels smooth for the most part, and a little slick around my nose. 

C.) My skin is smooth throughout. 

D.) My skin is rough and/or flaky. 

Which statement best describes your shine? 

A.) My skin is shiny for most of the day on my forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose.  

B.) My skin is oily towards the late afternoon, and mainly just down the centre.  

C.) My skin has a slight glow, but never shiny.  

D.) My skin is dull and ashy. 

Alright, now we are ready to tally! 

If you answered mostly A’s, you are considered and OILY skin type 

If you answered mostly B’s, you are a COMBO skin type 

If you answered mostly C’s, you are a NORMAL skin type.  

If you answered mostly D’s, you are a DRY skin type. 

Now that you have a reference for your skin type, you can use it as a keyword when choosing your products and services.  

Love, Peace, and Great Skin!

Dérmica MedEsthetics
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Is your protective mask causing you skin irritation?

Let’s talk…about protective masks and your skin.

As we slowly integrate fragments of our normalcy back into our lives, pairing your look with a protective mask may be the new norm.

Although masks are great for protection, they are not so great for your skin. You may already have noticed the extra heat and moisture that builds up after extended wear. This environment is ideal for creating clogged pores and skin irritation.

So, what can you do to minimize the damage? Read on as we offer tips to follow that will help keep your skin clean and protected…

During wear…

1 | Properly lined and fitted mask.

The inner lining along the border and points of contact should be made of a soft material. The less friction from heavy or coarse fabric, the less chaffing and sloughing of the skin during wear. Disposable masks are typically more breathable and lightweight than fabric masks.

2 | Avoid wearing heavy moisturizers under your mask.

With the added moisture and oil production that will naturally occur underneath your mask, a lightweight moisturizer should suffice.

Try Glo’s Oil Free Moisturizer

This lightweight moisturizer provides fresh hydration without the oil content.  *Recommended for oily/acneic or normal combination skin types.

An option for Normal Combination/Dry/Sensitive skin types is the GLO Conditioning Hydration Cream – This ultra hydrating moisturizer provides a dose of hydration and lightweight moisture.  

3 | Barrier balm or cream if you are experiencing chaffing.

Although the consistency of the product contradicts the previous recommendation, it may be necessary at this point. If your skin has started to show signs of irritation, a proper balm or cream will help create some glide and minimize the friction. You may need to gently clean the skin and reapply through the day.

After wear…

4 | Double cleanse.

This may be a part of your regular routine already, but if not let’s start today. A double cleanse ensures that your skin is free of superficial buildup and rinsed for a fresh finished.

For Normal Combination/ Dry/Mature skin types, we recommend the Hydrating Gel Cleanser.  This hydrating cleanser helps refresh dull skin complexion and cleanse away impurities. 

For oily/acneic skin types, we recommend the Purifying Gel Cleanser. this refreshing cleanser dissolves oily buildup without compromising the skin natural pH.  

5 | Apply soothing serum.

Calming and hydrating the skin covered by your mask will help keep it strong throughout the day and sooth your skin after being exposed to the friction caused by mask wear.

Extended care…

6 | Enzyme exfoliate 2-3 times a week.

Exfoliation rids the skin of buildup that naturally occurs. Having constant friction and pressure from your mask can increase the amount of debris that builds along the seams. A gentle exfoliant with an enzyme will lift away debris without overworking the skin.

7 | Apply a Kaolin clay or zinc mask 2-3 times a week.

Kaolin clay and zinc are excellent for drawing out impurities and balancing oils production without drying the skin. Kaolin clay is also known to relieve skin rashes and irritation making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

pore refining mask

Try the Pore Refining Mask.

Oil-absorbing clay purifies skin and calms irritation while blemish fighting ingredients reduce the appearance of pores and refine skin’s texture.

Our skin does so much for us. Among many other things that it does for us, it provides protection. We hope these tips help you protect it, while it protects you!

Love, Peace, and Great Skin!

-Dérmica MedEsthetics

Contour & Highlight Like A PRO

Let’s talk contour and highlight…

The desired effect created by contouring and highlighting is based on the art technique known as chiaroscuro. Chiaroscuro (chiar·​ oscu·​ ro) is defined by Google as “the treatment of light and shade in drawing and painting”.

Professional makeup artists have used this technique for decades in film and photography. The application of this technique creates the illusion of symmetry, balance, and defines the natural features.

The key to perfecting the contoured finish lies in understanding your own unique features, and the method behind the striped and dotted madness.

Read on as we define the key points to highlighting & contouring, and help you find your unique technique!


Contouring is the technique that will create depth and chisel features. The color shades applied compliment the natural shadows of the face. These shadows are cast around the features and the perimeter of the face. They are the areas that appear deep-set.

Chiseled Contour

This part of the process gives the most definition. The color tends to be neutral with a matte finish. Use this step to cut areas covered or at the deepest point of the hollow. This step gives the illusion of bold contours. Precise application is important, otherwise the result can look dusty.

contour and highlight

Application TIPS:

  • Select the 3rd shade in the GLO contour palette for this step.
  • With the chiseled edge of your applicator, apply a guideline.
  • Use a fluffed brush to blend afterwards.
  • Work in light layers until desired effect is achieved.
  • If using a cream/liquid product, apply before powders.
  • If using powdered product, apply after liquid base products.

Bronzed Contour

Create a sun kissed glow and blend contours with this step. This product tends to be warmer undertone with a matte finish. The application is lightly blended over chiseled contours to help blend and add dimension to the curves. Light application is best for this product.

Application TIPS:

  • Lightly fluff along the skin.
  • Wipe excess off your applicator before blending.
  • Use the 4th shade from the GLO contour palette for this step.
  • Apply after your chiseled contour.


Highlighting focal point of the face will brighten features and soften the complexion. The colors used compliment the most vibrant areas of the face where light naturally reflects.

Matte Highlight

This is good for adding volume and brightening areas that can become oily or creased throughout the day. The product can also help set areas that are naturally lighter but have larger visible pores such as the mid-cheeks.

Application TIPS:

  • Use a sponge or flat brush to press into the skin.
  • Use the 1st highlight in the GLO contour palette.
  • Let set.
  • Apply after your contour.

Sheer Highlight

This step is to be used with a light dusting technique. It will give the illusion of a dewy complexion in areas where light naturally glows onto the skin.

Careful when using this product as it will emphasize fine lines and pores. Due to its metallic properties, it can also cause the area of application to become oily.

contour and highlight

Application TIPS:

  • Use a light fanned or dual fiber brush.
  • Lightly dust or press highlight onto the skin.
  • Apply only to area you want to reflect a glow.
  • Apply after your matte highlight.

There are many ways to enhance your natural beauty, contouring and highlighting is one of our favorites. Remember to apply your makeup in a well-lit room that has access to natural light. This will ensure your look is ready for any occasion and lighting.

Shop brushes and palettes online at!

Love, Peace, and Great Skin!

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What is the difference between day vs night cream?

day vs night cream
What is the difference between the two?

Let’s talk… day vs night cream 

Moisturizers or creams as they are often called, are considered a core essential when it comes to a daily skin care routine. Along with the varying formulations and brands available, we also have the option of day and night cream. Let’s talk day vs night cream and find out what makes them unique to their time of day. 

So, what is the difference between the two?

Day Cream 

The focus of a day cream is to hydrate and protect the skin against environmental damage. Day creams are typically formulated with humectants such as hyaluronic acid that help boost hydration and prevent moisture loss. They will also feature natural antioxidants and UV protection to guard against oxidative stress and sun damage. They tend to be lightweight formulas that wear well throughout the day and under makeup.  

We recommend: 

Oily Skin |

  • Glo Skin Beauty Oil Free Moisturizer – lightweight formula offers a healthy dose of hydration and won’t clog pores. Ideal for oily or combination skin. 
  • Glo Skin Beauty Oil Control Lotion – hydrate and prevent oil build-up throughout the day with this unique moisturizer perfect for even the oiliest skin types. Ideal for very oily/acne prone skin. 
  • Glo Skin Beauty Conditioning Hydration Creambalancing hydration and protection in a silky formula. I deal for all skin types but oily. 

Night Cream 

Night creams are your treatment moisturizers. They contain high concentrations of reparative ingredients and moisture. These powerful formulas are not ideal for day wear as sun exposure may compromise the effects of the product. The consistencies may also be thicker and therefore do not wear appropriately under makeup. Night creams deliver their results while you sleep.  

When comparing day cream and night cream we can say that your day cream will sustain results and protect the skin, and your night cream will deliver a higher dose of active ingredients and therefore faster results or benefits. 

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Love, Peace, and Great Skin!

Dérmica MedEsthetics
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How can I repair my lashes after Lash Extensions?

lash extension care
Tips on how to groom and treat/repair natural lashes post lash extensions.

Let’s talk….lash extension care! 

Have you ever considered what you would do in the event that your favorite lash artist moved away? Or if you became part of that small percentage of clients that begin to experience irritation? Or the unthinkable….a pandemic put a halt to ALL your beauty services?!? 

Well if you haven’t considered the alternatives to lash extensions , or you would like some tips on how to groom and treat/repair natural lashes post lash extensions, read on.

We need a break…. 

Lash adhesives and techniques have really come a long way since their early days. Reputable Lash Artists will use quality products and proper techniques to ensure your lashes are matched to the appropriate length/thickness to avoid damage while suiting your needs.

Although all precautions may be taken on both your artist and your behalf, extended wear and tear can alter the natural growth. A break from your lashes will help strengthen them up and restore before your next application.  

Keep ‘em clean… 

Keeping your lashes clean is important for proper lash extension care as it allows absorption of lash serums and natural moisture. Build-up on the lashes is also prime feeding ground for harmful bacteria that cause styes.  

Use gentle eye makeup removers to break the bonds of your product and lift away build-up. 

Follow up with a gentle foaming wash. A gentle facial cleanser or a lash foam and cleansing brush gets right down to the lash line. If you are choosing to use a brush, use soft pressure and small circular motions.

For lash extensions, use only if approved by your lash artist.  

This process leaves your eyes feeling refreshed and makes for a squeaky-clean start to your makeup application. 

**TIP** Stick to a gentle eye makeup remover if you have sensitive eyes. 

Our picks for lash cleansing:  

  • Glo Skin Beauty – Gentle Makeup Remover. This light formula removes even the most stubborn makeup and a little goes a very long way.  
  • Glo Skin Beauty – Gentle Cream Cleanser Don’t be fooled by the name, this mild formula melts rights into your skin leaving a hydrated and clean surface.  
  • Lily Anne – Eyelash Foam Bubble Wash ($29.90). This fine foam soaks right down to the base of your natural lashes and extensions leaving them clean and intact.  
  • Lily Anne – Lash Cleaning Brush ($7.90) These soft bristled brushes are made specifically for the sensitive eye area and strip lash cleansing.  

Treat and hydrate… 

Keeping your lashes hydrated and enriched with nutrients will help prevent premature breakage and treat dry brittle lashes. Much like the hair on our head our lashes also benefit from added moisture.  

Lash conditioners feed the hair strands with specialized nutrients that encourage new and longer hair growth. The lashes are able to rebuild and strengthen for better application in the future. Most conditioners are also compatible and recommended for use even with lash extensions.  

Our top pick for lash conditioning: 

Keep in mind that if you have stray lash extensions hanging around, do not pull or cut them off. Contact your lash artist for recommendation for proper removal. 

Hope this info helps ties you over until your next lash appointment!

*If you have other questions regarding lash care or other beauty matters, please submit your inquiries to We may feature your questions in our next post! 

Love, Peace, and Great Skin!

Dérmica MedEsthetics
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DIY…blackhead extractions at home!

diy extractions
Gentle extractions between facials helps maintain and boost results of your professional service.

Are you ready to try some DIY extractions?


Extraction solution

  • 1 Tsp of baking soda
  • 1 cup (450mL) of water


  • 1 litre of boiling water
  • Large bowl or basin
  • Large towel

Prepping your skin:

  • Start with a clean face (cleansed and exfoliated).
  • Wipe your skin with a toner or Witch Hazel prior to applying the solution.

Mixing & applying the solution:

  • Combine the baking soda and water until it becomes clouded. The baking soda will quickly settle at the bottom of your mixing bowl. This is fine, just give it a stir again right before you apply.
  • Using a flat makeup brush, mask brush, or cotton swabs, carefully dab a thin layer of the solution onto congested areas. The solution can be runny, cover your eyes with a tissue if applying to your forehead.
  • Let the solution set for 5 minutes.

Steaming the pores:

  • Carefully pour the boiling water into the bowl/basin.
  • Hover your face approximately 12 inches above the bowl.
  • Drape a large towel over your head to ensure the steam remains enclosed.

** Combo skin: steam for 5-7 minutes. Oily skin: steam for 7-10 minutes. **

Take short breaks if needed, just make sure to keep the steam under the dome.

Extracting the Blackheads:

  • Wipe the solution with a damp cotton pad/ gauze, or face towel.
  • Using your finger or cotton swabs, roll down the side of your nose while supporting the skin on the opposite end.

Sealing the pores:

  • Soak a small towel with cold water and wring out the excess water. Press the cold towel into your skin to contract the pores.
  • Wipe your skin with toner or Witch Hazel.
  • Apply a pore minimizing mask according to instructions.

After care:

  • Apply your desired serum and eye care.
  • Finish with a light/ hydrating moisturizer.

Frequency & Precautions:

  • Frequency should be kept to a minimum 3-4 weeks apart and only if necessary.
  • If you have had a professional facial, wait 2 weeks post service.
  • Baking soda has an alkaline effect on the skin therefore, it can alter the pH if used too frequently. Follow recommendations for frequency.
  • Not recommended for Rosacea, dry, or sensitive skin types.

Love, Peace, and Great Skin!

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