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IPL Hair Removal: Bikini Edition

brazilian laser hair removal edmonton

IPL Hair Removal Styles

Did you know you have style options when it comes to Brazilian IPL laser hair removal in Edmonton? Choosing the right drapes to match your windows can be difficult enough in your home, so where do you start when deciding how to drape your…ehemm…vagine?

After many years in the spa industry we’ve heard some interesting tales and crafty names. Trends change throughout the years, from the 70’s low-maintenance shag to the 90’s thong-th-thong-thong-thong landing strip. Therefore, knowing what to request when booking your bikini hair removal is important to prevent confusion.

To keep things accurate when reading this article, we have included definitions for some commonly used terms:

  • “bikini line”- think basic full-seated bikini bottoms
  • “hairline”- the edge where your hair naturally begins
  • “front”- anything visible from frontal view
  • “underside”- lower area covering your lady bits
  • “backside”- the area beginning just after your bits up to your tailbone
  • “bunny tail”- the small area over the tailbone

The French

For those of you looking for a more defined bikini hairline, the French bikini offers more options for shaping and further removal. Most of the hair is removed from the front leaving a small patch of hair, this includes removal from underside, and excludes the backside.

The flattering little v-patch will bring the hairline down 2-3 inches from the bikini line, and give you most coverage at the top and taper neatly into the back.

The Brazilian

Contrary to popular belief, the traditional method of Brazilian hair removal does NOT leave you free of all hair below the waist. This traditional method leaves only a small strip down the centre. This look was modeled after the thong bikini bottom worn in Brazil which leaves little to the imagination, but still leaves a “little”.

So for you thong sporting ladies, a Brazilian bikini wax will give you the same flexibility with shape and coverage that the French bikini wax offers, but also clears any unwanted strays from the backside leaving you confident from any angle.

The Hollywood

Who needs hair down there anyway? If this is your motto then opt for a Hollywood bikini and liberate yourself from pubescent hair growth. The name is influenced by the adult industry associated with the provocative nature of the famous city of fast cars, bright lights, fame, and fortune. This method will clear all existing hair from front to bunny tail leaving you G-string ready all around. Many spas will refer to this technique as a Brazilian, so make sure to clarify with your technician.

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Advanced Pedicure Menu

Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Dérmica offers an advanced pedicure menu to address foot health concerns. Our treatments are designed to provide you with the benefits of a traditional service, coupled with our treatment approach.

To begin with, we’d like to point out that we do pedicures on other concerns as well, such as plantar’s warts, bunions, and so on. On the whole, we tend to treat most common concerns with a Classic pedicure. However, our advanced pedicure or pedícare menu includes specific treatments for ingrown nails, and nail fungus. In the event that you have a concern not addressed in the specialty menu, attach a note to your Classic pedi booking.



Nail fungus does not heal itself. Unless you remove as many of the ideal conditions (e.g. humidity, darkness, warm temperature, and nutrients) fungus will continue to thrive.

If left untreated, not only will it cause odour, it will also start to mutate.

medical pedicure edmonton dermica

Anti-Fungal Tx Pedícare

Price: $125

Timing: Up to 1hr 45min

Fungal growth on your nails can lead to discomfort, deformities, and discolouration. Infected nails are treated to help prevent transmission and further complications.

Your nail care treatment plan will require follow-up service and use of the anti-fungal solution and home care instructions provided with your service.

Includes aftercare: anti-fungal drops.


An ingrown toenail is caused by an overgrowth of nail along the side of the nail. Consequently, this condition creates pressure which can lead to swelling, a lot of pain, and even infections.

The extra growth can be attributed to factors such as incorrect nail cutting, trauma, or genetics.

mani pedi whyte ave

Ingrown Nail Pedícare

Price: $125

Timing: Up to 1hr 45min.

Ingrown toenails can cause discomfort and lead to infection when left untreated. Pressure is relieved by clearing debris and carefully trimming the ingrown portion of your nail.

A specialized nail brace is secured onto the affected nail to help guide the toenail as it grows and prevents it from back in the tissues of the nail wall.

Includes aftercare: nail softening solution.

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IPL or LASER Hair Removal

There are some things to consider when deciding between IPL or LASER hair removal. Below are some popular questions clients ask when making their choice.

Is IPL as strong as LASER?

The short answer is yes. IPL is as strong in terms of delivering results. The amount of sessions required are similar with both systems. In other words, you get the same results in the end. The main different between IPL and LASER is the type of light they are emitting. LASER uses a single beam, whereas IPL delivers a broad spectrum. This means that the system delivers different types of treatments because you have more range in that light spectrum.

What are the advantages of IPL over LASER?

If we are basing it on results, they are on par with each other. Now, based on the comfort level of the service, IPL tends to be more gentle with the surrounding tissue. The reason for this is that broad spectrum we mentioned earlier. Within that spectrum, depending on the person’s hair tone, skin tone, and the number of sessions they’ve had, the machine will filter out a specific depth of penetration that will only affect the target so that the surrounding tissue is not compromised.

Do IPL and LASER hair removal feel similar?

IPL and LASER do not feel similar. With IPL, the system wIll make direct contact with the person’s skin, whereas LASER will hover over the skin.

Another difference is that LASER typically uses a hose that outputs cold air to cool the skin. On the other hand, with IPL, depending on the system, the technician may use an ultrasound jelly to keep the skin cold. Other systems, for example the Sharplight system that we use, uses contact cooling, via the actual window that touches the skin.

Can you switch from LASER to IPL and vice versa?

Yes, you can safely switch because they are both light based treatments. Some differences you may notice are the way the treatments are delivered. Examples include the cooling mechanism, the sitting time, and possibly the frequency of treatments.

When it comes to your currents results, it should not have an effect on your current results or cause any regrowth to happen. If this happens, it’s most likely not the system. However, it could be that your settings are not set accordingly. This is why it’s important to let your technician know that you have had previous treatments, how many treatments you’ve had and also the efficacy of those treatments.

Peace, Love, and Great Skin!

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Signs of Microblading Infection

Signs that your Microblading isn’t healing properly

There are microblading infection signs to be on the lookout for that tell you your microblading is not healing properly.

Let’s start with fluid secretion. Normal fluid is translucent with a pinkish tone. It should stop secreting by the second day. If fluid secretion continues on the 3rd day, pay attention to any changes. If the fluid starts looking yellowish, orangish, greenish (along those tones) and gumming up, this is a sign that you are not healing properly.

Next, let’s discuss itching. Whenever you’re healing from a scab and your skin is closing itself, it itches. So, itching can be a good sign, however, if it is accompanied by tenderness or swelling, it is a warning.

During the healing process, you may also experience inflammation. This is normal, however, if you still see inflammation accompanied by itching after days 3-4, your microblading may not be healing properly.

Why do brows not heal properly sometimes?

Most cases of infection are a result of a pathogen being introduced during the most vulnerable stages. Infections can be related to hygiene. For example, if a person sweats while sitting out in the sun or working out, then inadvertently touches their brows, they may have “contaminated the scene”.

Touching the brows with dirty hands is the main reason for infections, but so is improper post care. While you cannot soak the brows, you must ensure to clean them well. Not cleaning the brows properly and/or using dirty makeup sponges, brushes, or dirty makeup in general around the area is an open invitation for pathogens.

Other sources of pathogens include hot tubs, saunas, swimming pools, lakes, and yes, pets licking the face. Though some of us here at Dérmica love dog kisses, we recommend keeping away during the vulnerable healing period.

Knowing the microblading infection signs will help you along the healing process.

Allergic reaction vs Infection

Allergic reactions are completely different than infections caused by poor hygiene. Allergic reactions manifest themselves as early as during the procedure or shortly after. Another way you will be able to tell the difference is by the size and feel of the inflamed area. Inflammation from allergies is not irritating and usually encompasses a larger area like the eyes, and feels firm like a goose egg. On the other hand, inflammation from an infection is softer and eventually turns into a liquid that can be removed.

What are the healing stages of microblading?

healing stages of microblading

Beginning to Heal

Knowing the healing stages of microblading can help you better plan for your procedure. Here is what you can expect of your brow healing journey.

The first stage if healing is typically inflammation. So, you body will send signals to the areas which will make for higher activity in that area than you are used to. For example, you will likely have some inflammation, redness, and weeping.

Weeping is lymphatic fluid seeping though the cut. This process helps move along the healing process. Blood and fluids clot the area usually within the first couple of hours after your microblading, that is, if not during the procedure.

Days 2-3 see the forming of scabs. These are filled with a little bit of ink, lymphatic fluid, and blood. The scabs eventually separate which is how you get that flaking part of the process. Flaking can last between days 4-6, depending on your skin.

Once all the flaking has finished, you will have fresh juicy cells at the top. Still, you may feel a little tenderness and it could still look scabby and patchy during days 7-10.

End of Healing

By the time you get to week 2, the skin cells have begun to compress and dry, therefore the colour starts to come back up to the surface.

From there, everything seems pretty consistent as you are now healed. Keep in mind that the colour continues to come closer to the surface. It can take up to 6 weeks for the colour to come up and your skin to look visibly healed. However, for up to 12 weeks, your skin is still reforming all of the collagen fibres and networks that make it solid under the surface. The 12th week marks the end of the stages of healing for microblading.

Are you medically eligible for procedure?

Microblading, like all other forms of tattooing, has risks associated with the procedure that though uncommon, must be reviewed. Please read carefully through the following contraindications to ensure you meet criteria.

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Manicure YEG

manicure whyte ave

Looking for a place to get a manicure on Whyte ave in YEG? Dérmica offers manicure treatments designed to provide you with all the benefits of a traditional manicure combined with our treatment approach.

In essence our manicure services help improve and maintain the overall health and esthetic appeal of your hands.

Furthermore, our signature touch of luxury makes our manicures a treat for tired hands. Coupled with their corrective quality, they are a favourite on the menu.

We offer extras such as gel polish application (a form of shellac polish) and removal. We also offer shellac and gel polish removal as a stand-alone service.


manicure whyte ave


Price: $55

Timing: 60 min

This manicure service is ideal for hands in need of professional nail and cuticle grooming, detailing, and a paint service with attention to detail. 


Gel polish add-on

Price: $5 application fee; $10 removal fee; $15 removal fee as a stand-alone service.

Timing: + 15 min.

mini manicure whyte ave


Price: $40

Timing: 30min

The Mini MANÍ includes nail shaping, buff, and polish application. Undeniably a treat for little hands! 


Gel polish add-on

Price: $5 application fee; $10 removal fee.

Timing: + 15 min.

Manicure Contraindications

Above all, delivering your service safely is always our first concern. Though rare, some medical conditions exist that may present individual harm from a manicure, or a risk of infecting others.

Some conditions are contagious and require treatment before your Service Provider can proceed. Correspondingly, other conditions may require modification of service.

Please review the list of contraindications before booking your manicure online.

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