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laser treatment edmonton
A medical history form is the first step in your laser treatment consultation with our experts.

Dérmica offers what is commonly known as a laser treatment in Edmonton, specifically, IPL Phototherapy.


When predicting the before and after results of your IPL Hair Removal, we take the following factors into careful consideration: your hair type, skin tone, and treatment area. These key points help us set realistic expectations for your treatment course and keep your skin safe.

To help you better understand how these points come into play when predicting your before and after results, allow us to dissect the consult.

1 | Hair Tone

2 | Skin Tone

3 | Treatment Area

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IPL/ Laser Hair Removal and Treatment Areas

ipl laser hair removal face


Hair growth is present in most areas of the human body. It can range from thick/coarse textures to peach fuzz. Some hair becomes more evident with hormones during puberty and, some hair is only present in our fetal stage. The purpose of hair is to protect us from the elements, a means of skin lubrication. In other words, it aids in temperature regulation, and other bodily functions.

Different IPL/ Laser hair removal treatment areas see varying degrees of success.

Bikini | Underarms | Face | Chest | Back

The pubic, underarm, lower facial region, chest, and back grow what is known as terminal hair. Terminal hair is present at birth and grows throughout the years. Some hair starts as vellus hair (fine hair) during childhood and develops into coarser hair during puberty.

Because of the colour content and thickness of the bulb, these areas tend to get quick and dramatic results within the first couple of sessions. The downside is that these areas are hormonally influenced and may require touch-ups sooner than other areas.

Hairline | Scalp | Arms | Legs

These regions of the body also contain terminal hair growth. Because these areas are not as affected by hormones in our adult years, they typically require fewer sessions and, the results last longer before touch-ups are necessary.

Although results vary depending on your hair and skin type, proper aftercare and scheduling are vital to ensuring your treatments are successful.

Peace, Love, and Great Skin!

Dérmica MedEsthetics
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laser hair removal treatment areas
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IPL/ Laser Hair Removal and Hair Color

ipl laser hair removal hair color
How are IPL/ LASER Hair Removal and Hair Color related?


Let’s review IPL/ laser hair removal and hair color: Your hair tone/type plays an important role when predicting the results of your IPL Hair Removal treatments. This is because the energy emitted into the root of your hair is attracted to and absorbed by the melanin cells. Melanin cells are responsible for adding colour to our hair, skin, and eyes. So, the higher the content, the darker the colour.

Therefore, we understand that the higher the melanin content and thickness of the hair shaft, the more energy is absorbed and the higher predictability of destroying the bulb of the hair. As a result, it can be predicted that darker hair tones will see higher success rates.

laser and blonde hair

Can light hair be removed with IPL/ LASER?

Advanced IPL / LASER operating systems can now effectively treat lighter hair tones.  

The light energy pulsed by the operating system targets pigment cells found in the hair bulb. As a result, the more pigment cells present, the more energy is absorbed.

Light natural hair tones usually contain enough base pigment to properly absorb the energy into the hair bulb. 

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IPL/ Laser Hair Removal and Skin Tone

laser hair removal and skin tone
How are IPL/ laser hair removal and skin tone related?

IPL/ Laser Hair Removal, Skin Tone, and The Fitzpatrick Scale

The treatment approach to IPL/ Laser hair removal depends on skin tone.The most commonly used guide for selecting the skin type for LASER and IPL treatments is the Fitzpatrick Scale. This guide helps us predict the skin’s rate of aging, risk of cancer, and reaction to UV exposure. The Fitzpatrick Scale ranges from level 1 – 6, with level one being the lightest and level six the darkest.

Different treatment approaches for different skin tones

Levels 1-3

Because lighter skin tones contain less melanin, they absorb less energy and release it faster. As a result, they are less likely to react adversely following LASER and IPL treatments. In addition, less energy absorption allows us to use higher settings in the early stages of treatment which translates into a higher rate of hair reduction.

Levels 4-6

On the other hand, melanin-rich tones absorb more energy. Therefore, a lower setting is required, especially in the early stages of the treatment course. Easing the skin into the treatment reduces the risk of burns and hyperpigmentation until it builds tolerance to the energy. Although we can safely treat darker skin, the rate of hair reduction decreases in darker skin tones.

In short, advanced IPL / LASER operating systems can effectively treat a wide range of skin tones. However, there are limitations to treating beyond a Level 5. Adverse reactions such as burns and permanent scarring can occur due to the pigment in the skin absorbing the energy emitted by the laser.


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laser hair removal treatment areas
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Bikini Waxing & Laser Hair Removal Edmonton

bikini waxing edmonton

Bikini Hair Removal? We got you covered!

Types of Bikini Hair Removal, Edmonton

Trends change throughout the years, from the 70’s low-maintenance shag to the 90’s thong-th-thong-thong-thong landing strip. Whether you’re booking waxing or laser hair removal, knowing what to request when making your appointment is important to prevent confusion.

French, s’il vous plait..

French bikini hair removal offers more options for shaping and further removal. Most of the hair is removed from the front leaving a small patch of hair, this includes removal from underside, and excludes the backside. The flattering little v-patch will bring the hairline down 2-3 inches from the bikini line, and give you most coverage at the top and taper neatly into the back. Opt for the symmetrical strip down the centre for a little more coverage. This look will bring the hairline straight down toward the underside, giving you a clean underside.


Contrary to popular belief, the traditional method of Brazilian bikini hair removal does NOT leave you free of all hair below the waist. The traditional method leaves only a small strip down the centre. This look was modeled after the thong bikini bottom worn in Brazil which leaves little to the imagination, but still leaves a “little”. So for you thong sporting ladies, a Brazilian bikini wax will give you the same flexibility with shape and coverage that the French bikini wax offers, but also clears any unwanted strays from the backside leaving you confident from any angle.

Once upon a time in… Hollywood

Who needs hair down there anyway? If this is your motto then opt for Hollywood bikini hair removal and liberate yourself from pubescent hair growth. The name is influenced by the adult industry associated with the provocative nature of the famous city of fast cars, bright lights, fame, and fortune. This method will clear all existing hair from front to bunny tail leaving you G-string ready all around. Many spas will refer to this technique as a Brazilian, so make sure to clarify with your technician.

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