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Waxing and Health Conditions

waxing and health conditions

Contraindications- Waxing and Health Conditions

Some health conditions pose risks to waxing facial and body hair. Before proceeding, your service provider will review your health history form.

As a result, certain health conditions will be treated appropriately. Please read carefully through the following health conditions to ensure you meet criteria.

Health Conditions

Please notify your service provider of any of the following health conditions:


Cracks and splits compromise skin with active eczema. Furthermore, the topical medication prescribed to treat eczema usually consists of cortical steroids. Cortical steroids can thin the skin making it more likely to lift.

Lesions and areas treated with topical medications cannot be waxed over, therefore, your service provider will avoid the specific areas.


Similarly to eczema, psoriasis-affected skin is compromised.

Compromised areas treated with topical medications are more likely to lift and cannot be waxed over. Therefore, your service provider will avoid the specific areas.

Active Herpes Simplex/Zoster

If affected areas are being waxed, please take prescribed medication for a minimum of 3 days prior to your waxing appointment.

Medication can reduce the risk of an outbreak due to stimulation.

Open Lesions

Skin with open lesions is compromised. Your service provider will avoid open lesions or sites of dermatitis (irritations or reactions on the skin).


Sunburned skin is more prone to lifting. Please allow your skin to recover for 1-2 weeks depending on severity of burn prior to your waxing service.

Infectious Skin Diseases

Suspicion of an infectious skin disease will result in your service provider postponing your waxing service. You must seek treatment prior to your appointment. An example of a skin disease is folliculitis.

Moles and Skin Tags

Your service provider will avoid moles and skin tags.

Moles should always be treated as if they are malignant and should therefore be handled with care.

Additionally, bleeding, infections, or injuries to the skin can occur when removing deep-rooted hair.

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Product ingredients to discontinue prior to waxing.

waxing precautions

Waxing Precautions- Product Ingredients

Though waxing is considered a basic esthetics service, it can have side effects such as lifting of the skin. We take precautions to ensure your waxing service goes smoothly. As a result, your service provider will ask you a few questions to ensure you meet the criteria for this service.

The following are waxing precautions. Please discontinue usage of the following product ingredients 1 week prior to your appointment date.


AHA/BHA acids are ideal for treating active acne conditions, dry skin, pigmentation, and fine lines. However, they can cause the skin to become sensitized to waxing.

These acids vary in degrees of intensity, thereby, can pose a risk for lifting of the skin in area being waxed. Please discontinue use of prescribed AHA/BHA one week prior to your waxing appointment.


Hydroquinone is a powerful lightening agent and can cause the skin to become highly sensitized.

Please discontinue use of prescribed hydroquinone one week prior to your waxing appointment.


Retinols have the power to smooth skin by stimulating collagen production and cell turnover.

This powerful ingredient can also cause the skin to be sensitized to waxing, and pose a risk for lifting the skin in area being waxed.

Please discontinue use of prescribed retinols one week prior to your waxing appointment.

waxing edmonton

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How should I prepare for my waxing appointment?

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Pedicure Edmonton

PEDÍCARE: Dérmica Pedicures

Located in Edmonton, Dérmica offers pedicure treatments designed to provide you with all the benefits of a traditional pedicure combined with our treatment approach and signature touch of luxury.

Our Pedícare services help you improve and maintain the overall esthetic appeal and health of your feet.



Price: $75

Timing: 1hr 15min

This service is ideal for feet in need of a proper cleaning, detailing, and paint service.

Includes aftercare kit: nail file, nail buffer, cuticle oil.

Gel polish add-on

Price: $10 application fee. $5 removal fee.

Timing: + 15 min.

Ingrown Nail PEDÍCARE

Price: $125

Timing: Up to 1hr 45min.

Ingrown toenails can cause discomfort and lead to infection when left untreated. Pressure is relieved by clearing debris and carefully trimming the ingrown portion of your nail.

A specialized nail brace is secured onto the affected nail to help guide the toenail as it grows and prevents it from back in the tissues of the nail wall.

Includes aftercare kit: file, buffer, nail softening solution)

Anti-Fungal Tx PÉDICARE

Price: $125

Timing: Up to 1hr 45min

Fungal growth on your nails can lead to discomfort, deformities, and discolouration. Infected nails are treated to help prevent transmission and further complications.

Your nail care treatment plan will require follow-up service and use of the anti-fungal solution and home care instructions provided with your service.

Includes aftercare kit: file, buffer, anti-fungal drops.

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Contour & Highlight Like A PRO

Let’s talk contour and highlight…

The desired effect created by contouring and highlighting is based on the art technique known as chiaroscuro. Chiaroscuro (chiar·​ oscu·​ ro) is defined by Google as “the treatment of light and shade in drawing and painting”.

Professional makeup artists have used this technique for decades in film and photography. The application of this technique creates the illusion of symmetry, balance, and defines the natural features.

The key to perfecting the contoured finish lies in understanding your own unique features, and the method behind the striped and dotted madness.

Read on as we define the key points to highlighting & contouring, and help you find your unique technique!


Contouring is the technique that will create depth and chisel features. The color shades applied compliment the natural shadows of the face. These shadows are cast around the features and the perimeter of the face. They are the areas that appear deep-set.

Chiseled Contour

This part of the process gives the most definition. The color tends to be neutral with a matte finish. Use this step to cut areas covered or at the deepest point of the hollow. This step gives the illusion of bold contours. Precise application is important, otherwise the result can look dusty.

contour and highlight

Application TIPS:

  • Select the 3rd shade in the GLO contour palette for this step.
  • With the chiseled edge of your applicator, apply a guideline.
  • Use a fluffed brush to blend afterwards.
  • Work in light layers until desired effect is achieved.
  • If using a cream/liquid product, apply before powders.
  • If using powdered product, apply after liquid base products.

Bronzed Contour

Create a sun kissed glow and blend contours with this step. This product tends to be warmer undertone with a matte finish. The application is lightly blended over chiseled contours to help blend and add dimension to the curves. Light application is best for this product.

Application TIPS:

  • Lightly fluff along the skin.
  • Wipe excess off your applicator before blending.
  • Use the 4th shade from the GLO contour palette for this step.
  • Apply after your chiseled contour.


Highlighting focal point of the face will brighten features and soften the complexion. The colors used compliment the most vibrant areas of the face where light naturally reflects.

Matte Highlight

This is good for adding volume and brightening areas that can become oily or creased throughout the day. The product can also help set areas that are naturally lighter but have larger visible pores such as the mid-cheeks.

Application TIPS:

  • Use a sponge or flat brush to press into the skin.
  • Use the 1st highlight in the GLO contour palette.
  • Let set.
  • Apply after your contour.

Sheer Highlight

This step is to be used with a light dusting technique. It will give the illusion of a dewy complexion in areas where light naturally glows onto the skin.

Careful when using this product as it will emphasize fine lines and pores. Due to its metallic properties, it can also cause the area of application to become oily.

contour and highlight

Application TIPS:

  • Use a light fanned or dual fiber brush.
  • Lightly dust or press highlight onto the skin.
  • Apply only to area you want to reflect a glow.
  • Apply after your matte highlight.

There are many ways to enhance your natural beauty, contouring and highlighting is one of our favorites. Remember to apply your makeup in a well-lit room that has access to natural light. This will ensure your look is ready for any occasion and lighting.

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Microblading Levels

Microblading Before and After Pic
Microblading LEVEL II- Before and After

“My brows aren’t bad enough for microblading.” 🗯

Perhaps not… but have you considered what adding extra volume to your brows will do for your face?

👉the EYES 👁👁

Full brows will bring attention to your eyes.  Therefore, your ideal brow colour should compliment your natural hair and eye colour. Your technician will blend a custom colour to create the best possible colour match.

👉the FACE 🙂

Microblading helps correct asymmetry caused by minor differences between your left and right brow. Your technician will take facial measurements to ensure the most flattering brow shape to frame your face shape.

3 Microblading Levels

Dérmica offers 3 microblading levels to help you achieve your dream brows.

1. LEVEL I – up to 30% additional coverage.

If all you’re looking for is a little extra volume, a LEVEL I is all you need.  LEVEL I clients have an existing shape in their brows, no major correction is needed. In other words, just some strokes here and there.  LEVEL I Microblading is often opted for by clients that want to correct minor mistakes such as over plucking of the tail or arch.

2. LEVEL II- up to 60% additional coverage.

If you want to thicken the shape of your brows, you most likely need a LEVEL II.

LEVEL II Microblading requires your technician to create a new shape using your existing brow shape. Multiple corrections are made on a LEVEL II procedure. Often, strokes are added to the bottom AND top of your existing brow line as well as adding strokes to the tails for a finished look from beginning to end.

3. LEVEL III- up to 100% additional coverage.

Clients who require a LEVEL III procedure have very little to no brow shape. Using geometry to take in-depth measurements, the technician creates a brow shape to last you 2-3 years.

Click HERE to learn about contraindications, booking procedures, pre and post treatment care, pricing, plus more!

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Free Microblading Gift Cards

Have you been thinking about adding volume your brows? Until December 31 or until quantities last, we are giving you a free gift microblading gift card!

Microblading is a long term solution for problem areas that other services cannot fix.

Because microblading adds hair-like volume to your brows, it fills small gaps and scars, and balances the overall brow shape in a way that tint cannot.

Is microblading painful?

During your Microblading session the brow area is numbed to ease discomfort during the procedure.

What can I expect in my microblading appointment?

The procedure time can range from 1-2 hours depending on the amount of restoration required. You will receive a detailed Post Treatment Guide and products to care for your brows during the recovery phase.

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Pick up your free $50 gift card towards your service before your appointment to save $50! This offer is not valid with any other offer or promotion. The last day to pick up free gift card is Dec. 31, 2019, or while quantities last.

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