Pubic and Underarm Skin Discolouration- Part 1

pubic and underarm skin discolouration

Why are my underarms and bikini-line discoloured and rough? 

The appearance of skin discolouration in the underarm and pubic regions are a common concern noted with Hair Removal clients. These dark patches may be accompanied by other symptoms such as irritation, rough texture, odour, or small growths.

It is important to properly diagnose the causes of your condition in order to understand the triggers and prepare a treatment plan for silky, even-toned skin 

Possible causes of skin discolouration

1| Health Factors 

Although this may not be the most common cause, underlying health conditions and medications account for a large majority of the possibilities.  

Health conditions: 

  • Acanthosis – a skin condition described as dark, velvety skin, in the groin, underarms, elbows, knees, neck, or groin area
  • Acromegaly – a condition that causes overproduction of human growth hormone
  • Cushing’s Syndrome – a condition caused by an excess production or exposure to cortisol
  • Skin infections
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Excessive weight
  • Diabete


  • Insulin
  • Corticosteroids
  • Human growth hormone
  • Birth control
  • Niacin

2| Genetic Influences 

Hyperpigmentation or ‘dark patches’ are most prevalent in skin tones that naturally produce higher levels of melanin.

Melanin is the pigment produced by the skin cells that provides it with colour. The amount of melanin in the skin fluctuates with sun exposure and in cases of scarring. Because darker skin tones retain and produce more melanin, they are at higher risk of developing dark patches and scars. 

3| Friction 

The skin’s natural response to trauma is to repair itself in the affected area by producing fresh cells to replace the damaged cells.

Repeated friction over sensitive areas of the skin due to tight or abrasive fabrics can cause micro-trauma to the skin which in turn stimulates the repair process. The skin then forms an abundance of cells over the pressure sites giving way for the appearance of dark patches, or streaks in the skin.  

4. | Shaving 

Shaving the bikini line and underarms can be harsh on the sensitive skin covering these areas, especially considering these areas are often populated with fast growing hair that requires frequent shaves. 

When the sharp blades of the razor glide along the skin, they make just enough contact with the skin to scrape away a thin sheet of dead skin. This can cause micro trauma to the skin, triggering the repair process which then draws pigment to the area.

5. |Chemicals

Skin interaction with ingredients found in deodorant can often lead to discolouration. Aluminum compounds in deodorants keep the underarms dry by blocking the pores from excreting sweat and helps prevent odour by inhibiting the bacterial growth.

Although there are many different contributors to this skin condition, there are also various remedies that may provide relief. Stay tuned for Pt.2

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Is Brow Lamination Safe?

Is brow lamination safe?

Do you have stubborn brows? 😠

Brow gel doesn’t do the trick? 😫

Your brows point down when you wish they pointed up or sideways? 😳

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, it may be time to try the newest brow service available! But first, let’s review- is Brow Lamination safe?

Brow lamination enhances your natural brows as it sets your brows in place causing them to look thicker and fuller. After laminating, we finish the look with our signature wax and tint service, the Dérmica sculpt.

The service takes about one hour and last 4-6 weeks.

Is Brow Lamination safe for my brows?

Perm solutions have greatly improved since grandma’s time. However, exposure to some perm solutions can cause reactions to sensitive skin such as itching, redness, etc. 

Trust your brows to the experts at Dérmica. Please review the service criteria before booking online.

Service criteria:

2 weeks of growth.

Avoid trimming your brows.

Suitable for all but hypersensitive skin types.

Gentle cleansing routine the morning of your booking.

Avoid exfoliants, retinol, AHA, and BHA on the brows.

Brows should be clear of any brow cosmetics.

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How does brow lamination work?

How does brow lamination work?
Brow Lamination can last up to 6 weeks.

Its all the about science.

How does Brow Lamination work?

A perm solution is applied which breaks the disulphide bonds that hold together the brow hair’s keratin.

Once the bonds have been broken, we are able to change the state of the brow hair thereby straightening unruly brows and redirecting the hair to reshape the brows for a thicker, fuller look.

We then apply a setting solution which neutralizes the perm process and reforms the disulphide bonds in their new and improved shape. This is what makes your brow lamination last up to 6 weeks.

Is brow lamination safe for my brows?

Perm solutions have greatly improved since grandma’s time. 👵🏻
However, exposure to some perm solutions can cause reactions to sensitive skin such as itching, redness, etc.

We hope to have shed some light on your question: “How does brow lamination work?

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Our brow game is strong!

We’ve taken our signature Dermica sculpt and applied it to our Brow Lamination service!

Fill gaps and add volume to your brows. Your Brow Lamination includes:

  • Style (perm-brow setting)
  • Shape (waxed & trimmed)
  • Colour (brow tinting)

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Brow Lamination FAQs

brow lamination faqs

Lift your brows and add definition with a Brow Lamination service! Here are some brow lamination FAQs surrounding this trending service. 

What is it?

It’s a mini perming service designed specifically for brows. 

How long does the service take?

You can expect to be at Dérmica for 45-60 minutes.

Is there down time?

Nothing major, just keep ’em dry for a couple days following.

How long does this service last?

4 weeks of max. effect and lasts up to 6 weeks. 

What will it do for me?

If you have…

▪︎ sparse brows👉 it helps with extra coverage.

▪︎ thick and wiry brows👉 it helps to smooth them down.

▪︎brows that grow in awkward directions👉 it helps reposition and tame.

▪︎want a perfected BROW LINE👉 it helps you GET IT!!

We hope we’ve answered your questions in this brow-lamination-FAQs article. If you have more questions, feel free to ask us a question in our “Ask Dermica” feature.

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Brow Lamination vs. Microblading

What is the difference between brow lamination and microblading ??? 🤔

Brow lamination is a brow perm where as microblading is a brow tattoo.

Brow lamination works with your natural brow hair to hide gaps, like a brow “comb over” if you will. 😊

In addition to hiding gaps in your eyebrows, it straightens unruly brow hair acting like water-resistant, 24-hour brow gel. This in effect makes your brows look as full as naturally possible.

After “laminating” the brow hair, we add definition by tinting and waxing the brows into their ideal shape. We finish off with precision-work including necessary tweezing and trimming.

Because it’s a topical service, brow lamination lasts 4-6 weeks when cared for properly.

Microblading adds hair like strokes and is the solution for people with very sparse, thin, or non-existent brow hair. Because microblading goes into the layers of the skin, it can last up to 3 years. 

Want to know more? Ask us a question in our “Ask Dermica”.

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6 Most Popular Hair Removal Methods of Explained

Hair Removal Methods Explained
Hair Removal Methods

Hair Removal Methods Explained | What are your options?

Hair removal methods have been around since the days of Cleopatra, it has since evolved to include a vast selection of products, tools, gadgets, and highly sophisticated equipment. With all these options now available, how do you choose which one is most appropriate for your personal needs? 

Well, there are a few questions to consider: 

  • When are you expecting your results?  
  • What is your budget? 
  • How much maintenance are you able to commit to?
  • What will the effects be?  

In order to make this process a little easier for you, we’ve researched the pros, cons, and facts to consider when making your selection. 

1. Epilation (ep-i-la-tion) 

Process: The hair is dissolved or cut flush with skin. The root of the hair remains intact below the surface of the skin. There is no effect to the growth rate, texture, or density of growth.  

Common forms of depilation are razor shaving, electric shaver, epilation cream such as Nair ™.  

Longevity: 24hrs – 72hrs.  

Pricing: $

Frequency: As often as needed.  


  • Convenient. 
  • Suitable for all hair types. 
  • No wait periods.
  • Low cost.   


  • Hair has sharp tips when growing back.  
  • Risk of cuts in hard to reach or contoured areas. 
  • Chemical burns can occur if skin is not properly assessed prior to treating with creams.
  • Can cause ingrown hairs, razor burn, and/or skin irritation. 

Depilation (dep-i-la-tion) 

Depilation refers to the process of physically pulling the hair and root from the hair follicle in the skin. The process removes hair growth that is visible at the surface of the skin. Depilation can have a mild effect on the regrowth depending on the stage in which the hair is removed. The most positive effect is seen on active hair growth.  

Professional Methods of Depilation 

2. Waxing 

Process: Warm wax solution is applied in sections over the hair/skin. The wax and adhered hair is then swiftly pulled from the skin.  

Longevity 2-3 weeks.  

Price: $$ 

Frequency: 4-6 weeks or until hair is ¼ inch.  


  • Suitable for all hair types. 
  • Immediate results.
  • Softer hair growth.
  • Minimize occurrence of ingrown hairs.   


  • Must wait for the hair to grow back to the appropriate length. 
  • Can be painful in sensitive areas. 
  • Down-time 24hrs: no swimming, sweating, fragranced products, sun exposure.
  • Some sensitivity and mild swelling may occur following the treatment. Can take up to 48hrs to completely calm.  

3. Threading 

Process: A specialized thread is wound up and passed over the skin entwining the hair and pulling it from the hair follicle.  

Longevity: 2-3 weeks. 

Price: $

Frequency: 3-4 weeks. The hair must be visible at the surface.  


  • Price point. 
  • Express service.
  • No risk of allergic reaction to product.   


  • Risk of cross contamination if thread is being anchored in the technician’s mouth.  
  • Friction burns can occur in sensitive areas.  
  • Hair may not be completely removed from its follicle and therefore grows back sooner than expected.  

4. Sugaring 

Process: A warm honey-like paste is maneuvered over the treatment area, adhering itself to the hair. After placement it is lifted away from the skin, taking along with it the unwanted hair.  

Longevity: 3-4 weeks. 

Price: $$

Frequency: 4-6 weeks. Sugaring only requires 1/8 inch of hair growth and can be done as soon as 2 weeks post service.  


  • Less length required for removal. 
  • Organic formulation.
  • Suitable for all skin types.  


  • Uncommon service, difficult to source a professional technician.  
  • Service timing takes longer than waxing. 
  • Most effective on fine hair.  

5. Laser/IPL

Process: Hair is reduced by destroying the root of the hair using a light energy. There are slight variances in IPL vs Laser, but both deliver permanent reduction in hair growth rate, density, and thickness.  

Longevity: 5+ years 

Price: $$$ 

Frequency: 4-8 weeks. Until desired results (average 10-12 for max. results). 


  • Permanent reduction. 
  • Quick service.
  • Eliminates ingrown hairs.
  • Smooths texture and pigmentation in areas with dark-coarse growth.   


  • Downtime 24-72 hours with strict guidelines.  
  • Results may regress with hormonal fluctuation.
  • Not suitable for deep skin tones or light hair types.
  • Risk of burns.  

6. Electrolysis/ Thermolysis 

Process: The root of the hair is destroyed by delivering an electric current to the bulb. This can be done with electrically charged tweezers, or by insertion of a charged needled into the follicular region.  

Longevity: 10+ years 

Price: $$$$ 

Frequency: 1-2 weeks until desired results. 


  • Results are most often permanent. 
  • Can treat lightest hair tones.
  • Suitable for all skin types. 


  • Costly due to number of sessions required. 
  • Lengthy service time. 
  • Painful. 
  • Frequency of visits required. 

About IPL Hair Removal…


What to Expect When Doing Permanent Hair Removal

What is the difference between IPL and LASER Hair Removal?

FAQs including possible IPL side effects 

Am I a good candidate for IPL treatments?

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