What is the best moisturizer for my skin type?

Finding the best moisturizer for your skin type can be difficult. When it comes to skincare, the effectiveness and suitability of a moisturizer can vary depending on individual needs and preferences. Finding your perfect match can be narrowed down by considering the following factors.


Understanding your skin type is essential for selecting the best moisturizer for you. Whether you have dry, oily, combination, or sensitive skin will influence the type of moisturizer you should use. Different formulations cater to specific skin types in order to provide optimal hydration, address skin concerns, and maintain a healthy pH balance. During skincare visits, your technician helps determine your skin type to properly select products for your service.


active ingredients

Look for moisturizers with high-quality ingredients that are beneficial to your specific skin type. Common ingredients include humectants like hyaluronic acid, emollients like natural oils and butters, and additional active ingredients that target specific concerns. Examples of concerns include acne, aging, hyperpigmentation, and redness.

Understanding how the ingredients interact with your skin type can make the selection process much easier. During skincare visits, your technician selects products specific to your skin type, according to the active ingredients.


Moisturizers come in various forms such as creams, lotions, and gels. Choose a texture that feels comfortable on your skin and suits your preference. For example, if you have oily skin, a lightweight lotion may be more suitable, whereas those with dry skin may prefer a rich creamy texture. Skin care services are finished with aftercare products which include serums and moisturizers. This is a great way to try on your potential daily moisturizer.


Skincare is a personal journey, and what works for one person may not work for another. Factors such as fragrance, packaging, brand, allergies, and price can also influence your decision when choosing a moisturizer. Professional products tend to have a higher retail price due to their clinical-grade ingredients. These products are not only meant to maintain a healthy moisture balance, but they also help treat skin conditions.

It’s always a good idea to do some research and consult with your skincare professional to determine which moisturizer is your best match. Check out our online store.

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Is IPL Hair Removal safe for darker skin tones?

ipl hair removal dark skin

Many people with dark skin are often concerned about whether IPL Hair Removal is safe and effective for their skin tone.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal is a popular method of hair removal that uses light to target the hair follicles and inhibit hair growth.

I have a melanin rich complexion. Is IPL Hair Removal safe for dark skin?

Good news! IPL is safe and effective on darker skin tones, however, it’s important to choose the right equipment and provider. You may want to choose a provider who is experienced in treating darker skin tones. Dark skin retains heat longer. Your provider can take extra steps to make every session painless and comfortable.

As for the right equipment, this includes IPL machines with longer wavelengths. Another example includes equipment with adjustable settings that can be customized to the patient’s skin tone. The wrong equipment or settings can cause damage to the skin, such as burns or hyperpigmentation.

IPL/DPC power combo

At Dérmica, we believe that SharpLight Technologies is the new way of IPL Hair Removal. Sharplight hair removal systems use advanced technology to provide safe, effective, and long-lasting hair removal for a wide range of skin tones and hair colours.

One of the key benefits of SharpLight hair removal systems is that they use a combination of IPL and radio frequency energy to target hair follicles. It is this combination that allows for treatment on a wide range of skin types, including darker skin tones.

In conclusion…

Overall, IPL hair removal is a safe and effective way to achieve long-lasting hair removal for many skin tones and hair types. With the right provider and equipment, IPL hair removal can be a highly effective way to achieve smooth, hair-free skin for all skin types!

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Microblading vs Tattoo

microblading vs tattoo

What is the difference?

When deciding which service to go for- Microblading vs Tattoo- ask yourself two questions: How long do I want it to last? What do I want it to look like?

There are 2 main differences between microblading vs tattooing. One is the esthetic of the brow: microblading gives a natural appearance because it’s delivered strand by strand. It is meant to mimic natural hair growth and the fibres of the hair. On the other hand, tattooing has a solid finish, there is no separation between the colour.

However, microshading or powdered ombre give the same look as a tattoo but with a gradient because you are not going that deep.

The other main difference is the longevity. Tattoos last the longest whereas microblading or microshading will last half the time. A true permanent makeup tattoo lasts 5-6 yrs, microblading or microshading lasts 1-3 years.

The reason for the difference is not the product itself. Instead, it’s the depth of penetration of the layer in which you are depositing that ink. With microblading you are depositing at an artificIal layer, however, with tattoos you’re depositing closer to the dermis so you are in the deeper levels of the skin.

Different Tools

microblading tools

Microblading uses hand-held tools and the technician manually breaks the skin in a scratching motion. With microshading, the technician uses a power tool, however, it also used manually. As the technician is scratching with the tool, the tool is also vibrating.

Brow tattoos are delivered using a permanent makeup machine.

A tip to the wise

The thing to remember with permanent makeup tattooing is that the pigment is in the skin for very long. The actual composition of that pigment is going to change overtime. This occurs because certain colours absorb out of the skin before others. So when you see the salmon-coloured eyebrows- you can assume those are the last layers of the tattoo.

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Is it safe to use hair dye to tint my eyebrows?

What is the difference?

If you are thinking of using hair dye on the eyebrows consider this. Hair dye has two components: there is the colour aspect, and the developer. The key active ingredient in developer is peroxide.

Peroxide levels are measured according to what you’re doing to the hair. Peroxide content in professional dyes used at a hair salon can range up to 40%. For example, if you are depositing colour, then you’re woking at a lower percentage of peroxide (about 10%). On the other hand, if you are lifting colour, the peroxide level will increase.

Specialized dyes for use on facial hair have a lower peroxide content of 3%.

Peroxide’s Purpose

The role of peroxide is to open up the seal of the hair. Peroxide pops the scales of your hair up so the colour can tuck itself into the cuticle of the hair. Eventually you mask it and seal it back up. Higher percentages really open up those scales often resulting in split ends. The wider the scales are opened, the harder it is to close them once you’re done.

Relatively speaking, the 3% found in specialized facial hair tint is very mild. It won’t completely open the hair, just enough to deposit the colour.

Drugstore Dyes

Box dyes contain lesser percentages of peroxide than professional dyes. Again, if you’re lightening your hair it will be a higher percentage, if you’re darkening it will be a lower percentage. However, professional hair dyes filter out harsh chemicals that can affect the hair and/or skin of people with sensitivities.

Using hair dye on eyebrows may result in the colour not being stable since it’s not the right formulation for that type of hair strand. Even though all hair is made up of the same thing, there are different amounts of layers and density, depending on the type of hair.

Hair Repair

Treating the eyebrows or eyelashes with a daily conditioner will help to repair and strengthen the hair. There are a few options available for lash and brow serums to boost the health of natural lashes. At Dérmica, we retail Adoreyes Lash and Brow serums in-store or online.

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Is bikini wax painful?

bikini wax pain

Let’s just say…the quicker the appointment the better.

Bikini wax pain is a hard measurement to report since our pain tolerance varies. According to most clients, on a scale of 0-5, with 0 meaning no pain, and 5 meaning maximum pain, the average rating is a 3.5. If you prefer a hairless look without the pain, we recommend IPL Hair Removal. In comparison to waxing most clients report a 1. While its about twice the price per session, you only need 8-12 sessions to reach a permanent reduction/removal.

But never fear! If you prefer waxing, our technicians are trained in efficiency and customer care. This means that your service will be completed under 30 minutes with as little discomfort as possible, and a high regard for quality care. Less bikini wax pain!

Can i get a bikini wax if i am on my period?

Yes, we ask that you wear a tampon and the string is tucked away so that it doesn’t get pulled out with the wax. However, keep in mind that you may be more sensitive to pain during this time.

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How do I prepare for my first bikini wax?

pubic hair removal

My first bikini wax

A tried and true form of pubic hair removal is waxing. Waxing is great because you get a smooth finish that lasts for weeks. Does it hurt? Well, let’s just say it’s the only spa service that you want to move along quickly! However, we have some tips on making your first bikini wax as pleasant as can be.

How do I prepare for my first bikini wax?

Our first tip is to make sure that your pubic hair is a good length for removal.

If the hair is too long it will cause unnecessary discomfort to an already uncomfortable service. If its longer than the first ridge on your pinky, that is where you are starting to get to the uncomfortable range.

On the other hand, if it’s too short it can increase the amount of hair that breaks. This results in more tweezing than necessary. If it’s under a quarter of an inch, then its most likely too short.

Course hair

If you have very course hair, using conditioner on that hair on the day of your waxing service helps to soften the hair. This conditioning makes the hair more flexible and less likely to break.

In addition, exfoliating a couple of days leading up to your spa appointment helps too. If there is hair that is just below the surface of the skin, exfoliation can help pop that up which we can tweeze during your visit.

What do I wear to a bikini wax?

We recommend wearing loose fitted bottoms including pants and underwear. Breathable fabrics, for example, cotton, help sooth after your service. Avoid items like thongs or g-strings, bring on the granny panties.

We hope you feel a little more prepared for your upcoming experience. Your service provider will take steps to ensure your comfort and care.

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