Maintaining Your Brows After Microblading

microblading healing process

How do you maintain your eyebrows after microblading?

Maintaining your brows after microblading is easy! Follow the steps for a smooth healing process.

Short Term Maintenance

The first ten days.

For starters, it is important to keep the brows dry during the microblading healing process. You can blot them clean but you don’t want any soaking in the area. Try to avoid heat application, for example, hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, or hot showers. No picking at the scabs! You will need to moisturize the area with the provided barrier balm a minimum of 2 times per day to keep the area soft, protected, and moisturized.

Gently clean the eyebrows morning and night with a damp cotton pad or gauze and a mild cleanser.

During the healing process and only during the healing process, avoid the use of sunblock and any makeup over and around the brow area. Also, avoid direct and extended sun exposure.

Finally, avoid waxing or tweezing your brows for 2 weeks.

Why can’t you get microblading wet?

You cannot get the eyebrows wet because the microblading healing process creates scabs in the skin. Those scabs serve a purpose in microblading- they seal in the pigment. When the skin is ready, it will detach and release the scab. But in the meantime, there are still connections between the scab/s on the outside and the tissue on the inside of the open incision. Soaking the brows area is going to make those scabs soggy and will make them potentially lift prematurely.

How long after microblading will my brows look normal?

The eyebrows start looking normal usually by weeks 2-3 the brows have healed and settled.

Long Term Maintenance

Waxing the brows after microblading.

If you waxed your brows before, then you’ll need to continue to wax them after microblading. However, don’t be surprised if your eyebrows start growing in areas where gaps existed before! Microblading has a tendency to stimulate the region and kickstart the growth cycle.

Do you still have to fill in the brows after microblading?

Whether or not you will have to continue to fill in your brows depends on how much coverage was achieved with the procedure and your desired look. If the microblading level is chosen appropriately, it should give you a natural brow that does not require a fill. But if you’re going for a glamorous or full make up look, you’ll still add a little pencil to compliment the look, but not necessarily to fill gaps.

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Is dermaplaning really just shaving?

dermaplaning vs shaving

Dermaplaning vs Shaving

While dermaplaning vs shaving are both forms of superficial hair removal, dermplaning has unique skincare benefits. Both shaving and dermaplane are forms of depilation. In other words, the bulb of the hair and anything underneath the skin is left intact.

Skincare benefits

Dermaplaning has additional benefits for the skin. It achieves superficial exfoliation using a blade to lightly graze the dead skin off in a controlled manner. On the other hand, if you are using a “bic” or a razor, you are going to get some grazing of the skin, but not in a controlled manner. If you are pushing hard enough to get that finish, you’ll end up causing some damage even if the blade is brand new.

Differences between shaving and dermaplane

When dermaplaning, we use single blades that come in different sizes and levels of sharpness. As a result, our tools allow us to achieve a controlled exfoliation of dead skin. Whereas with a bic the intention is that it will be strong and rigid enough to cut hair- not skin. Plus, it’s shaped in a way designed to cut hair- which is very different from skin.

Although hair and skin are made of the same thing, hair no longer has that live activity to it so it can’t be hurt by the pressure of a razor, whereas the skin will be punctured and become injured.

‘At home’ straight blades

Again, the sharpness and type of blade is different than what is used in a professional setting. You won’t be able to get as fine a finish without causing injury to the skin.

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Hair Removal Solutions YEG

Options for Hair Removal

Located in YEG, Dérmica offers short and long term solutions for hair removal.

Waxing- Short term hair removal

Traditionally, waxing involves the use of warm wax, typically honey or pine resin-based and cloth strips. The esthetician first preps the area by disinfecting and applying a protective barrier to the skin. The warm wax is then applied using a wooden spatula and covered with a cloth strip; this is referred to as strip waxing or soft waxing. The strip is then quickly pulled off parallel to the skin and voilà your skin is left smooth and hair free!

Prior to booking a wax service ensure your hair is at least ¼ inch long, and has not been sunburned, treated with AHA/BHA, or prescription acne medications. Avoid caffeine for a couple hours before your appointment to reduce sensitivity. Results are visible for about 2 weeks, with 4-6 weeks before you are ready for your next visit. After care for waxing includes: avoiding heat, sun exposure, strong/fragranced, lotions, and washes for 24 hours and frequent skin exfoliation.

IPL- Long term hair removal

For a permanent solution, opt for IPL hair removal treatments. These advanced treatments should only be performed by trained and certified technicians. They are somewhat of an investment and can cause injury to your skin if not delivered properly, so do your research and make sure operational requirements are met by both the business and technician.

If you choose to have your treatment performed by the experts at Dérmica, here’s what you can expect:

  • Our tech begins by disinfecting your skin, she provides you with your protective eyewear, then off she goes zapping away.
  • Some lasers, like ours, are equipped with cooling systems, making your service a breeze. The cooling system makes your treatment significantly less painful (if at all), and 100% less messy than other lasers.
  • For the following 24-48 hours you will be required to avoid direct heat, perspiration, sun exposure, strong/fragranced soaps, lotions and washes. Ensure your skin has not been sunburned, treated with AHA/BHA, or medications/vitamins that may affect your skin.
  • Typically you will notice a stunt in the growth of hair, followed by what seems to be continued growth, then towards your 4-6 week the hair will begin to fall out. At this point you are ready for your next session.

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How do I fix dry flaky skin on my face?

dry flaky skin on face

Winter skincare for very dry skin

Can’t seem to get rid of dry flaky skin on your face? Customizing your winter skin care routine will help you combat the drying effects of the season. To be most effective with your treatment, you must first understand the signals your skin is displaying which will allow you to respond appropriately. So let us address some common winter skin care concerns.

Why does skin flake despite copious amounts of moisturizer?

When faced with cooler temperatures, your skin’s natural response is to slow its metabolic rate. This includes the rate at which your skin regenerates, It is also known as the cell turnover rate.

The cell turnover rate of your skin determines how frequently dried cells at the surface shed and regenerate. When this process slows down, you get a buildup of dead cells resulting in flaking skin, fine lines, and dry patches. These layers of dead cells also block vital nutrients and moisture from absorbing into the fresh cells. This explains why no amount of product seems to relieve the dryness.

Introducing regular exfoliation to your skin care routine will help increase your cell turnover rate throughout the winter months. In addition, it will help maintain it at an active level. Exfoliation is achieved using chemical or manual exfoliants. While they both offer resurfacing benefits, they differ in procedure and interaction with the skin.

Addressing dry skin at home

Manual exfoliants will give a great skin scrubbing massage while sloughing away dead skin cells. Manual exfoliants are not recommended for sensitive or acneic skin types. 

enzymatic exfoliant

Enzymatic exfoliants containing fruit enzymes, AHA, or BHA, react with the skin on a chemical level by dissolving the binding matter between the skin cells causing them to gently lift and rinse away. The active ingredients and intensity vary depending on concentration level and quality of the acids and enzymes.

Look for products containing lactic acid for AHA benefits. This hydrating milk acid is excellent for gently dissolving surface cells, boosting hydration, balancing pH, and brightening dull complexion.

Finally, consider using Hyaluronic Acid in your skincare routine for added moisture. This excellent hydrating ingredient can attract and hold 1000 times its weight in water, making it a must have for dry skin. Hyaluronic acid can be found in many products, most commonly, serums and moisturizers.

Spa treatments for dry skin

Photofacials, chemical peels, and traditional facials are an excellent way to eliminate flaking skin and bring plump new cells to the surface. Amongst the many benefits these treatments offer, they also speed up the skins cell turnover rate, boost collagen production, resurface, brighten complexion, and restore vital moisture and hydration.

Try our Treatment Selection Guide to learn more and find the right treatment to get rid of the dry flaky skin on your face.

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IPL laser treatments and female chin hair

What are the causes of female chin hair?

In short, female chin hair causes come from hormones.

However, what is driving those hormones to produce that excess hair growth is dependent on the person’s health. It could be caused by certain health conditions. For example, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. One of the major side effects is excess hair growth on the lower half of the face for women. There are of course other reasons for hormonal imbalances but that is the most common condition by name that we come across that cause the growth of excess female chin hair.

Another female chin hair cause is genetics. Certain people are more prone to this pattern of hair growth. Also, menopause can cause this as well as the hormones fluctuate drastically at this point.

Do IPL/ laser treatments damage the organs?

No, it does not cause damage to the internal organs because it does not interact with those organs. However, it does interact with the body’s largest organ- the skin. Although our treatment target is a structure that is found within the skin, we do not go any deeper than nanometers in depth into the skin.

Does IPL hair removal affect fertility?

No, it does not affect fertility given the fact that it IPL laser treatments do not interact with those organs. These treatments interact strictly with the skin. However, it is not recommended to have IPL or laser treatments if you are pregant, breastfeeding, or are actively trying to become pregnant. The reason being is that any form of light therapy is a form of radiation.

The amount of radiation output varies, however, it is very light in comparison to ultrasounds or x-rays for example. It is very minimal as far as the exposure, but when you are trying to conceive it’s just best to avoid any extra radiation especially because there already exposure during ultrasounds and other procedures that the mom may behaving on a medical level.

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Acne Breakouts and your Menstrual Cycle

acne breakouts during your period

Minimize the damage left by acne breakouts during your period

Body hormonal levels are different during the menstrual cycle, and hormones typically affect the skin, hair and nail growth.

Although you cannot prevent your body from producing hormonal acne, (especially during that time of the month) you can do things to minimize the effects of acne breakouts during your period.

For example,

  • the scarring
  • how many blemishes will pop up
  • the length of time the blemishes will last
acne breakouts during your period
Avoid anything that grazes the jawline.

Minimize the effects by fighting back with the appropriate products. Anything that contains salicylic acid will help to reduce the inflammation that surrounds blemishes and will help to clear out those pores. In addition, avoid touching/picking at the area. During this time, avoid wearing high collars or anything that grazes the jawline.

It is normal for a couple of new blemishes to pop up in the lower region of the face around that time of the month. If you have excessive amounts it may be something that you want to take up with your physician. There could be a hormonal imbalance.

Do you offer treatments to treat acne that I get from my period?

Just when your face clears up again, here she comes to wreck the day! Luckily, we offer the Dérmica Pore Facial.

This facial was developed as a treatment for acneic, acne prone, and blemished skin.

Blackhead extractions can take 15-30 minutes depending on the skin condition. They can also leave the skin looking irritated for 1-2 hours. Once the pores are cleared, they can remain clear for up to 8 weeks.  

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