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best brows YEG

Whatever the latest trend, we’ll have you looking chic and on trend!

Your search for the best brows in YEG ends here! Dérmica specializes in brow corrections and precision shaping. We use European techniques to correctly measure and etch your natural brows into beautiful arches. Add the perfect frame to your eyes and compliment your natural facial shape and features.

Dérmica’s Signature Brow Services


brow shape dermica medesthetics in edmonton, ab.

Your go-to for brow definition or a quick fix.
It includes a precise shape using your facial measurements, gentle wax application, tweeze, and trim that will leave your brows looking clean and fresh!

Time Frame: 15-20 min.

Duration: 2-5 weeks


brow wax and tint yeg, dermica medesthetics

Excellent for maintaining water-proof coverage and refined brows. Includes a brow tint application for maximum coverage, and our signature dérmica Shape. Flaunt a flawless brow-line 24/7 with this high definition brow service.

Time Frame: 20-30 min.

Duration: 2-5 weeks


brow lamination edmonton

Tame unruly brows.

The process involves securing the hair in an upward stroke pattern, then setting them into place with a gentle brow perming solution.

Time Frame: 45-60 min.

Duration: 3-6 weeks


microblading in edmonton, alberta. dermica medesthetics.

Your brows are skillfully etched using your natural facial structure, measurements, and any desired personal touches. Individual hair stroke is carefully placed on the skin with top-of-the-line brow feathering products.

Time Frame: 2.5 hrs

Duration: 1-3 years



Excellent for lightening brows up to 4 shades. This complete brow-grooming lightening is a dérmica Sculpt on the other side of the spectrum. Perfect for very blond to lightest blond hair transitions.

Time Frame: 30 min.

Duration: 5-8 wks

Brow Tint

A custom blend tint application that adds depth and coverage to match any hair color. We use professional grade, vegetable-based tint developed for safe and effective use on brows.

Time Frame: 15-20 min.

Duration: 2-5 wks


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Microblading: How many sessions are required?

microblading- how many sessions

How many sessions does microblading take?

Microblading takes two sessions: One is the initial procedure, followed by the second session, the Refresher. It is the second session that allows microblading to boast its long lasting effects. Both sessions are included in the cost.

The Refresher session can be done as early as 6 weeks post initial procedure, and as late as 12 months after the initial procedure. This time varies individually and is related to the healing process.

How to prepare for your microblading sessions

Before booking your appointment, review this PRE-TREATMENT GUIDE to help you select the best date for your appointment. Taking necessary precautions prior to your appointment will ensure that your procedure can be performed safely and effectively.

microblading pretreatment guide dermica medesthetics in edmonton alberta


  1. Cleanse and moisturize morning and evening. Use a PRE CLEANSER in the evenings over your brow area. 
  2. AVOID caffeinated beverages 2 hours prior to appointment as this can cause skin sensitivity. 
  3. DO NOT consume alcohol 12 hours prior to scheduled appointment as this can cause excessive bleeding and sensitivity during treatment. 
  4. DO NOT take the following medications/ supplements during the 72 hours leading up to your procedure: Consult and report with your physician prior to stopping medication
  • Acetylsalicylic Acid (ASA) medications. Example: Asprin™.
  • Anticoagulants (blood thinners)
  • Niacin

5. Direct contact with water will need to be avoided for 72 hours following your procedure; therefore we recommend washing your hair prior to your appointment. 

6. Apply SPF over brow area before sun exposure. AVOID direct sunlight and extended sun exposure. 

Do you meet the criteria for this procedure? Find out by clicking HERE.

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What is the best facial for anti-aging?

best facial for anti aging

The best facial for anti aging can be found at Dérmica! Our facial menu offers a variety of facials. Most of our facials include light extractions, a nourishing mask application, and Pressure-Point facial massage; All key players in the fight against aging.

How often should you have a facial?

We generally recommend booking every 4-6 weeks. However, this period depends on your age, skin type, and even work environment!

When we are young we tend to have oilier skin. This results in acne breakouts which we in turn try to cover up with cheap makeup. At least we were using cheap makeup back then!

Although our skin is tight and our pores are relatively small in our youth, years of this cycle make way for the changes we see as we age.

Environmental factors

There are certain environmental factors that will increase the rate at which your pores need a cleanup. Restaurant workers, particularly those in the kitchen, may see their skin become congested over time. This in part can be due to higher than normal temperatures. Those working outdoors during the summer may experience the same, due to similar reasons.

Do facials help with wrinkles?

Facials help with wrinkles to a certain degree: The exfoliation included in our facials will clear away your skin allowing products to be better absorbed. The pore extractions will clean your pores from within. The mask application will deliver anti-aging benefits through different key ingredients. The pressure-point facial massage will promote blood flow to your facial muscles.

However, for these effects to take place, facials must be a regular part of your routine. If facials have not been a part of your routine and you are looking to reverse some signs of aging, we recommend the ALISA photofacial.

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Pedicure Menu

Located in Old Strathcona in Edmonton, Dérmica offers a mani pedi menu. Our treatments are designed to provide you with all the benefits of a traditional service combined with our treatment approach.

Furthermore, our signature touch of luxury makes our manis and pedis a treat for tired hands and feet. Coupled with their corrective quality, they are a favourite on the menu.



Price: $75

Timing: 1hr 15min

Luxury is in the details.
This pedicure service is ideal for feet in need of a professional skin and nail grooming, detailing, and paint service.

Gel polish add-on

Price: $10 application fee; $5 removal fee.

Timing: + 15 min.

mani pedi whyte ave


Price: $50

Timing: 40min

Bring those little feet in for a treat!
This service includes a foot soak, nail shaping, buff, and polish application.

Gel polish add-on

Price: $10 application fee; $5 removal fee.

Timing: + 15 min.

mani pedi whyte ave

Anti-Fungal Tx PÉDICARE

Price: $125

Timing: Up to 1hr 45min

Fungal growth on your nails can lead to discomfort, deformities, and discolouration. Infected nails are treated to help prevent transmission and further complications.

Your nail care treatment plan will require follow-up service and use of the anti-fungal solution and home care instructions provided with your service.

Includes aftercare: anti-fungal drops.

mani pedi whyte ave

Ingrown Nail PEDÍCARE

Price: $125

Timing: Up to 1hr 45min.

Ingrown toenails can cause discomfort and lead to infection when left untreated. Pressure is relieved by clearing debris and carefully trimming the ingrown portion of your nail.

A specialized nail brace is secured onto the affected nail to help guide the toenail as it grows and prevents it from back in the tissues of the nail wall.

Includes aftercare: nail softening solution)


manicure whyte ave


Price: $55

Timing: 60 min

This manicure service is ideal for hands in need of professional nail and cuticle grooming, detailing, and a paint service with attention to detail. 

Gel polish add-on

Price: $5 application fee; $10 removal fee; $15 removal fee as stand-alone service

Timing: + 15 min.

mini manicure whyte ave


Price: $40

Timing: 30min

The Mini MANÍ includes nail shaping, buff, and polish application. Undeniably a treat for little hands! 

Gel polish add-on

Price: $5 application fee; $10 removal fee.

Timing: + 15 min.

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Edmonton’s Brow Lamination Destination

edmonton brow lamination

Located on Whyte avenue in Edmonton, we offer brow lamination services in our full spa menu.

What does eyebrow lamination do?

To better understand this, think of the typical brow hair pattern. It grows upward at the beginning of the eyebrow, but then starts turning downward as we get closer to the arch. Once past the arch, the hair grows downward.

During your service, we achieve this by chemically straightening the brow hair and then neutralizing it in it’s new position.

How long does brow lamination last?

Depending on a few factors, your service could last up to 6 weeks. One factor to consider when estimating the life of your lamination is your brow hair density. Thicker brows are more likely to “fall” sooner. To clarify, by “falling” we mean the hair looses its new shape and returns to the original shape.

brow gel for great brows

In addition, oily skin types may find the oil from their skin may cause the lamination to fall sooner. But don’t let this deter you from getting this service if you meet those two factors! The post-care instructions are simple to follow and should keep your lamination going strong all month long.

Plus, brow gel can help those thick and stubborn brows reach the full 6 weeks and possibly beyond.

Do brows go back to normal after brow lamination?

Yes, your brows will go back to normal. This is the main reason we don’t trim your brows during the lamination service. Instead of trimming, we teach you how to style your brows. That way, your brows won’t be awkwardly short when they fall.

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Microblading Edmonton Price per Level

microblading edmonton price

Microblading- The Magical Cure for Sad Brows

Amazing brows are just one spa appointment away! Whatever your brows look like, our brow artists will take you from ‘dud’ to ‘stud‘, from ‘nice pal’ to ‘hot gal‘, and better still, ‘just a friend’ to ‘must attend‘!

In microblading, your brows are skillfully etched into shape by combining our signature brow design with top-of-the-line products and techniques. Your brows are designed by our experts using measurements of your natural facial structure, and any desired personal touches.

Each individual hair stroke is carefully etched on the skin, building a beautiful and natural brow that lasts up to 3 years.

Our spa is located on Whyte avenue in Edmonton; Our microblading price depends on the level you need. Eyebrows come in all different shapes and sizes. For this reason, our prices are based on the percentage of additional brow the artist needs to design and etch. In effect, Level 3 procedures are by comparison much longer than those considered Level 1. Given these points, we find it is best to offer 3 levels of microblading.


Level I : Increase the definition of your brow line, add density to thinning areas, fill small gaps and scars, or balance the overall brow shape. Includes 30% brow coverage and 1 Refresher which can be booked within 12 months following initial procedure. $350

Level II : Remodel brow your shape, balance highly uneven brows, fill-in gaps, scars, increase density and thickness in sparse brows. Includes 60% brow coverage and 1 Refresher which can be booked within 12 months following initial procedure. $450

Level III : Restore your brows from tip-to-tip and top-to-bottom with a complete coverage of severely thinned brows or missing brows. Includes up to 100% brow coverage and 1 Refresher which can be booked within 12 months following initial procedure. $550

Refresher : (under 12 months since last session) Hair strokes are refined and color is intensified or refreshed. $150

Do you meet the criteria for this procedure? Find out by clicking HERE.

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