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IPL Hair Removal and IUD

ipl or laser hair removal and IUD
Will my IUD affect my IPL Hair Removal treatments?

Can I have IPL Hair Removal if I have an IUD?

The simple answer is, yes! 

What is an IUD? 

An IUD (Intrauterine Device) is a small T-shape contraceptive device that is placed inside of the uterus and worn for 3-10 years with regular check-ups. Most IUD’s available on the market are constructed of a simple copper, or a polyethylene plastic with hormonal components built into the structure. 

One of the main concerns with this combination, is how the heat absorbed by the body tissues will react with the solid structures of the device. Although this sounds like a probable cause for internal burns, there are major contributing factors that make this reaction highly unlikely.  

The Facts 

If we observe the depth of the uterus beneath the skin in the average adult female, it would be within the centimetre scale (not including excess fat). The distance of measure includes layers of skin, fascia, muscle, fat, and the multiple layers of the uterine wall.  

The light energy emitted by the device is measured on a nanometer scale and reaches up-to a 635-nanometer depth in the skin. To put this into perspective when comparing to the distance of the uterus, consider the following:  

1cm = 0.01m 


1nm = 0.000 000 001m 


One-hundredth of a meter 


One-billionth of a meter 


Measurement used for object that fit on a ruler  


Measurement used for objects on an atomic or molecular level  

One thing to keep in mind though if you have the polyethylene IUD (contains hormones), there may be an effect on the expected results and/or number of sessions required. 

If you have any underlying medical conditions and are under observation of a physician, we recommend you consult with them prior to booking your appointment, to ensure you have your questions and concerns addressed from both a technical and medical perspective.  

Now that we have cleared the air, let’s CLEAR THAT HAIR! 

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Love, Peace, and Great Skin!

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August Special- FREE AHA/BHA Peel Boost to your LUX or Back Treatment

Throughout August, we are adding a free AHA/BHA Peel boost ($40 value) to all LUX  facials and Back Treatments! 


The LUX 

The LUX facial is what its name surmises, luxury. 

Skincare, massage, and brows all in one package. 

Your skin is treated to a thorough deep pore cleanse and exfoliation. After a warm steam session, extractions release impurities and debris from the skin. Masking and moisture care infuses your skin with nutrients. 

Whether you have blemishes, dry, oily, or acne prone skin, our custom applications ensure that we address your specific needs every time. 

Your hands, arms, shoulders, neck, and face are treated to a relaxing combination of Swedish and Pressure point massage. 

That’s not all though, your spa session is finished off with a dérmica brow Shape, leaving your face looking and feeling anew! 

AHA/BHA Peel Boost 

AHA/BHA acids are ideal for treating active acne conditions, dry skin, pigmentation, and fine lines. They can be layered and are available in varying degrees of intensity.  

The AHA/BHA Boost is a light acid peel that gives your skin that gentle boost it needs to self-regenerate and repair. There is an expected downtime of 1-3 days depending on your skin. 

The BACK Treatment

Our Back Treatment, a facial for your back, begins with a deep pore cleanse followed by exfoliation to remove build up and dead skin. Next, we apply a professional extraction fluid that opens the pores and softens the oil and debris that causes clogged pores.

A relaxing steam session warms and softens the skin before the manual extractions begin. Your technician releases the trapped debris inside the pores using an extraction tool.

Steamed towels are used to wipe the skin clean in preparation to close the pores with toner. Toner is used to give your skin a boost of hydration which helps draw moisture deeper into the skin. Your back is then massaged with nutrients through a custom mask application. Ideal for all skin types.

This special is not valid with any other offer/promotion. Offer valid from September 3-28, 2019. No pre-purchasing.  BOOK NOW.

Love, Peace, and Great Skin!

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To-Do’s for your I Do’s: Skin Wedding Prep

Skin Wedding Prep: a 3 Step Program for healthy manageable skin.

We recently received a question in our “Ask Dérmica” feature.

“dear dermica,

how soon should i start prepping for my wedding day?”

It’s never too soon to start planning for your big day, especially when it comes to your skin. It can take several months for your skin to clear unwanted blemishes, plump up fine lines and wrinkles, and banish dark spots, so the sooner you get started the closer you’ll get to your skin goals. 

We’ve come up with a 3 Step Program for healthy manageable skin for any occasion or just everyday wash and wear ;) 

STEP 1: Professional Treatment  

This is your professional service and typically the first step to the 3 Step Program. Our skin care professionals will help you select the right treatment for your skin concern and help you establish a routine for follow-ups, as you may need more than 1 session of your selected treatment.  

Your professional treatment will give your skin the most visible result and get to the source of your skin concerns. Think of this step as the booster for all things to follow.  

Depending on what your skin type, age, and concern is, you will be directed to one or a combination of the following treatments. 

The Chemical Peel 

dermica peels

Chemical Peels are used to deliver deep exfoliation benefits that cannot be achieved by simply scrubbing the skin. The molecular structure of the acids is so fine that they can penetrate below the surface and seperate the top layers of the skin. This process leaves the skin renewed and gives way to clearer skin with every treatment.  

Chemical Peels can be booked 4 – 6 weeks apart depending on your skin. Pricing is $145+ and service time is approximately 30 minutes.  

The Photofacial

dermica photo facials edmonton

Photofacials are delivered using an IPL System that penetrates light directly into its target in the skin. The light causes a heating effect which either dissolves unwanted matter such as pigment or broken blood vessels, or multiplies the source creating volume. Results are quick to follow and long lasting. 

Photofacials can be booked 3 – 4 weeks apart until desired results are achieved. Prices range from $45 – $175 and service time is 20 – 45 minutes.  

STEP 2: Maintenance  

Now that we have your skin where we want it, a routine facial should do the trick. This will also ensure that we can track our progress and intervene if your skin decides to backtrack.  

The Facial

facials edmonton

Facials are great for maintaining healthy skin. They are also great for minor concerns such as congested pores, few breakouts, dull skin, or minor pigment imperfections. It may also be suggested as an opener to other services if you have heavy build-up in the pores.  

Facials are basically the most thorough cleanse, exfoliation, and zit popping session your skin will ever have. 

Facials can be booked 4 – 6 weeks apart depending on your skin. Prices ranges from $85 – $125 and service time is 1hr – 1hr 45min. 

STEP 3: Home Care and Pre-Day Prep 

Now that you have invested your time, money, and effort into achieving this glow you should treat it right outside of the spa. Choosing the right products for your skin type is key to preventing the problems from reoccurring.  

Your skincare professional will help you select the appropriate products for daily use and guide you on how to use them appropriately. Not every product needs to be used according to their written rules and some may have other uses not listed.  

TOP 3 products to have on hand: Cleanser, Eye Care, Moisturizer.  

Although we cannot be there to prep your skin the day of here are some tips the night before: 

SKIN Wedding Prep 

  1. Double cleanse with your desired cleanser. Take your time massaging into every corner of you face and neck using circular motions.   
  2. Exfoliate using a mild scrub or gentle enzyme exfoliant. Make sure to include your lip and neck area. Having a fresh canvas will ensure your makeup stays and sets smooth.  
  3. Mask using a light gel mask for hydration or pore refining to shrink pores in the t-zone. Make sure you don’t let them set too long as you don’t want any last-minute mishaps.
  4. Eye Care because it’s a must always. This will help tone puffiness and lighten dark circles.
  5. Lip Care will help soften your pucker for that newlywed PDA. 
  6. Moisturize as per usual including your neck. Use good pressure to help stimulate circulation and increase your glow. 

Now let’s toast to the happily wedded couple and their glowing SKIN! 

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Love, Peace, and Great Skin!

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Our gift to you- $50 gift card!

Thinking about microblading? Achieve the brows you’ve always wanted! Dermica is gifting you a $50 gift card.

Gift card for Microblading Levels 1,2,and 3 only. Gift cards expire June 30, 2020. One card per client. While quantities last. Not valid with any other promotion.

What is the difference between Levels 1, 2, and 3?

Level I : Increase the definition of your brow line, add density to thinning areas, fill small gaps and scars, or balance the overall brow shape. Includes 30% brow coverage and 1 Refresher which can be booked within 12 months following initial procedure.

Level II : Remodel brow your shape, balance highly uneven brows, fill-in gaps, scars, increase density and thickness in sparse brows. Includes 60% brow coverage and 1 Refresher which can be booked within 12 months following initial procedure.

Level III : Restore your brows from tip-tip and top-bottom with a complete coverage of severely thinned brows or missing brows. Includes up to 100% brow coverage and 1 Refresher which can be booked within 12 months following initial procedure.

Learn more.

Love, Peace, and Great Skin!

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5 SUMMER must-haves

Don’t miss out on these 5 #summer #musthaves 👓🌞

The following products will have you looking your best!

Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30

A multi-tasking moisturizer that shields against sun damage and provides long-lasting hydration with a hint of colour. With an oil-free, lightweight formula,Moisturizing Tint SPF 30+ evens the skin tone while minimizing imperfections for a healthy, radiant complexion.

Soothing Gel Mask

Soothes, hydrates and tones while relieving sunburn during the summer months, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time.

•EyEnvy Lash Conditioner

EyEnvy is a vegan lash and brow conditioner that amplifies your natural hair growth. It contains a combination of nutrient rich vitamins and peptides that elevate hydration and nourish the hair shaft.

•Lip Revival

Lip Revival is formulated to give the appearance of fuller, smoother lips. This hydrating lip treatment is rich in ingredients designed to increase hydration while causing a visible volumizing effect.

Antioxidant Defense Day Cream, SPF 50

A blend of antioxidants, conditioners and minerals glide on skin and absorb quickly, to shield against environmental stressors and help preserve a youthful glow.

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Just when you thought you couldn’t go curlier…

The Lash Lift can last up to 8 weeks.

Just when you though you couldn’t go curlier…. 😍

For those that love being low-maintenance without looking low maintenance, the #LashLift is a great alternative to lash extensions.

Book a lash lift for 8 weeks of curler-free summer days! Excellent for days at the pool or the beach.

Add tint to your Lash Lift and ditch the mascara as well!

Lear more about the Lash Lift in our FAQ.

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