Dermaplaning Treatment

How long does a dermaplaning treatment last for?

There are 2 different results that you get from your dermaplaning treatment. In regards to the hair growth aspect, we would say it takes 6-8 weeks for the fine vellus facial hair to grow back. As for the skin resurfacing aspect, dermaplane provides a superficial exfoliation that also lasts 6-8 weeks. Once buildup returns, it’s not as much a before.

Does hair grow back stubbly after dermaplaning?

Although it can feel that way, it does not actually change the hair growth pattern. The hair has basically just been cut blunt so it’s no longer thinned out by regular daily friction caused by the hair that was there previously. Eventually the hair will smooth out again.

What will adding a boost do to my dermaplane service?

It will amplify the effects that are being sought after according to the boost selected. While dermaplane will do the same for everyone, you can personalize your service and target you problem areas by choosing either a BHA boost for oily, congested, acne-prone skin, or by choosing the AHA boost for dry textured, mature, dull, uneven skin tone, or hyper-pigmented skin. A Vitamin C boost is good for brightening the skin.

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What is the best facial for anti-aging?

best facial for anti aging

The best facial for anti aging can be found at Dérmica! Our facial menu offers a variety of facials. Most of our facials include light extractions, a nourishing mask application, and Pressure-Point facial massage; All key players in the fight against aging.

How often should you have a facial?

We generally recommend booking every 4-6 weeks. However, this period depends on your age, skin type, and even work environment!

When we are young we tend to have oilier skin. This results in acne breakouts which we in turn try to cover up with cheap makeup. At least we were using cheap makeup back then!

Although our skin is tight and our pores are relatively small in our youth, years of this cycle make way for the changes we see as we age.

Environmental factors

There are certain environmental factors that will increase the rate at which your pores need a cleanup. Restaurant workers, particularly those in the kitchen, may see their skin become congested over time. This in part can be due to higher than normal temperatures. Those working outdoors during the summer may experience the same, due to similar reasons.

Do facials help with wrinkles?

Facials help with wrinkles to a certain degree: The exfoliation included in our facials will clear away your skin allowing products to be better absorbed. The pore extractions will clean your pores from within. The mask application will deliver anti-aging benefits through different key ingredients. The pressure-point facial massage will promote blood flow to your facial muscles.

However, for these effects to take place, facials must be a regular part of your routine. If facials have not been a part of your routine and you are looking to reverse some signs of aging, we recommend the ALISA photofacial.

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Is CeraVe good for teen acne?

teen acne

Teen acne can be difficult to treat because teenagers’ hormones are not in balance. They are in a period of flux with little stability. In addition, some teens lack dedication when it comes to their skincare and personal grooming. As a result, (and understandably so) some parents opt out for more cost effective skincare products for their teen’s skincare.

“Is CeraVe good for my teen’s acne?”

CeraVe has a great range within their cleansing line. Cleansing is one of the most important steps when treating acne at home. They have 3 cleansers to select from.

The mildest one is the Foaming Facial cleanser, which contains hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. This combination will ensure your teen’s skin is not dry and dehydrated after, and also helps to calm some of the inflammation associated with acne.

The second option is the Renewing SA cleanser. This cleanser contains salicylic acid which is great for stripping away excess oil, and also for seeping into the pores and clearing them out. This option is best for teens that have very congested skin, blackheads, or thicker texture in the T-zone. Keep in mind that it can be a little too drying for teens that have more of a combination to oily skin type.

Last we have the Acne Foaming Cream wash. This cleanser is actually going to treat teen acne. It should be reserved only for those with moderate to severe acne skin types. It contains 10% benzoyl peroxide. Therefore, not only will it help clean and clear away the oil, but it will have antiseptic effects on the skin. In other words, it will clear away the bacteria causing the breakouts. This is an excellent option for teens that have pustules and pimples. Not only do they get the clearing and healing benefits, they will also help prevent future breakouts due to the antibacterial effects.

Treating teen acne at the spa

We offer a specialized facial for teens- the Teen Facial. This facial incorporates the steps necessary to clean and extract the skin.

IPL Hair Removal Treatment Frequency

ipl treatment frequency

What happens if you use IPL too often?

Treatment frequency for IPL Hair Removal (HR) sessions is 1 treatment every 6 to 8 weeks apart for body areas, and 4-6 weeks apart for facial areas. If you are having sessions too close together, you are basically working on hair that is most likely no longer alive. In other words, you are losing financially!

We need a live hair bulb in order to achieve results. Therefore, we need approximately 4-8 weeks of regrowth to have some live bulbs in the skin again. IPL is also something that you don’t want to be using too often. For this reason, we advise our clients that anything beyond 12 treatments within a 12 month period is far too much.

Like any light based treatment, IPL is a form of radiation so you want to make sure you are not overexposing your skin.

Does IPL or LASER remove hair permanently?

IPL and other light based treatments do not remove hair permanently- as in “forever”. There is always a small chance that you may have some regrowth through the years. The amount of regrowth can range from 2-50%. There are certain things that can influence that percentage. For example, hormonal changes, whether that be with age, pregnancy, or health conditions that can bring back hair growth or decrease hair growth.

Another factor to consider is the amount of reduction that was achieved during your treatment course. Regrowth percentage will influence reduction rate. A higher reduction rate, for example, 98% will have a lower regrowth percentage. On the other hand, a lower reduction rate such as 50% will see higher regrowth.

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Teen skincare and Cetaphil

A question parents often ask when they bring their teen in for a Teen Facial revolves around a very popular option in your local grocery store: Cetaphil.

Is Cetaphil good for my teen’s acne?

Cetaphil is a good option for teens that are experiencing oily to acne prone skin. As far as we can tell, the ingredients seem to have great benefits for those that have this particular skin type.

One Cetaphil cleanser option is their PRO DERMACONTROL® Oil Control foam wash. It comes in a foam pump format so you get an immediate lather. It is a gentle formula containing zinc which is great for reducing inflammation in the skin. According to the ingredient list, not only will it soothe and calm, it will also help absorb excess oil.

This option is great for your teens with combination to oily skin that tends to build up throughout the day. In addition, it claims to be soap and paraben-free, which is important to keep in mind when shopping for skincare products for your teen.

On the other hand, if your teen has irritated, blemish-prone skin, Cetaphil offers the Gentle Salicylic Acid cleanser. It is a cream-to-lather formula so your teen will need to add a little water to get the foam going. Cetaphil claims that it will help reduce pores, maintain a clean complexion, and smooth out rough texture, all of which is true because salicylic acid does have these properties. It absorbs into the clogged pore, helps unclog and loosens debris. It helps take down inflammation and lifts scarring as well.

Of the two, the Gentle Salicylic Acid cleanser would the stronger one so that one would be used by teens with active acne and blemishes on the skin. It may be too drying for teens with combination to oily skin.

tips for teens with acne

Teen skincare at Dérmica

TEEN facial

The TEEN Facial includes a deep-cleanse and pore extractions leaving the skin feeling fresh and renewed. Teen must be accompanied by parent/legal guardian.

35-45 min.

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Facial Edmonton South

Which facial is right for me?

Located in South Central Edmonton, Dérmica offers a facial treatment menu to address your skin concerns.

We’d like to begin by noting that all of the facials in our menu are customized. While other spas may categorize their facials as “anti-aging” or “hydrating” for example, our facials are distinguishable by extra services they may include. Regardless of which facial you choose, your Service Provider will create a treatment approach based on observation and consultation.

This makes the selection process easier as you simply decide how you wish to be pampered!


pore facial

PORE facial

Undoubtedly the most popular of the facials. The PORE Facial includes all the essentials of a classic facial with an emphasis on clearing congested skin by extracting blackheads, milia, and other skin blemishes. 60 min.

teen facial edmonton

TEEN facial

The TEEN Facial includes a deep-cleanse and pore extractions leaving the skin feeling fresh and renewed. Teen must be accompanied by parent/legal guardian.

35-45 min.

facials yeg

RELAX facial

The RELAX Facial includes all the essentials of classic facial procedure with light extractions, nourishing mask application, relaxation-face/shoulder/arm/hand massage, and moisturizing paraffin hand-dip. 75-90 min.

relax facial

BEAUTY facial

The BEAUTY Facial includes all the essentials of classic facial with mild extractions, a brow Sculpt, nourishing mask application, and Pressure-Point facial massage. It is ideal for those preparing their face for an occasion or want to freshen the skin and brows. 75-90 min.

beard grooming

BEARD facial

The BEARD Facial includes all the essentials of a classic facial along with mild extractions, and a beard shampoo & conditioning treatment. it is the best option for men with beards in particular.
60 min.

facial edmonton

BACK Treatment

The BACK Treatment focuses on treating skin conditions affecting the back. In similar fashion, it is structured much like a facial service that includes cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extractions, and back massage.
60-75 min.

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