IPL Laser Treatment: Dérmica Introduces New Medi Spa Services

ipl laser treatment

Introducing new treatments

We’ve decided it’s time to add a little extra to our menu, therefore, we have added a few IPL laser treatment options to our selection!

These advanced treatments are tailored to treat major skin conditions. With just a quick pulse of light we can now diminish brown spots, redness, broken capillaries and remove unwanted facial and body hair. Above all, our treatments are safe and deliver maximum results

IPL Laser Treatment MENU

Our new line of services include the

ACLARA: IPL laser treatment for pigmentation removal,

ALIVIA: IPL laser treatment for Rosacea and other vascular lesions and redness reduction,

ALISA: IPL treatment for skin tightening and pore minimizing, and

IPL Hair Removal.

Browse through our selection and descriptions to see which treatment suits your skin’s needs most. We offer free consultations. Our Skin Expert who will analyze your skin condition, outline the benefits, and help you select the best treatment option.

We use the Sharplight Formax system that features a patented Dynamic Pulse Control (DPC) technology. It delivers quick pulses of light into the skin on areas of the face, neck, arms, hands, and legs. The depth of light penetration is measured according to the condition being treated, thereby targeting only selected areas and layers of the skin.

You may have heard that laser treatment can be painful. However, with our Sharplight Formax system, you can rest assured that your service will be a breeze. All hand pieces for the system feature a cooling window that cools your skin to a safe temperature during the service, meaning your skin feels cool and comfortable throughout!

Book your free consultation with our Skin Expert and begin your journey to fresh smooth skin!
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Love, Peace, and Great Skin!

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    excellent and amazing blog site. I actually wish to thank you, for
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    • Dérmica Management


      You are most welcome! If you ever have any specific questions regarding skin care, esthetics, or any of the medical esthetics treatments we offer, feel free to send your question to our “Ask Dérmica” feature.


    • Dérmica Management


      We’re glad someone is reading out there in the world!


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