IPL/ Laser Hair Removal and Hair Color

ipl laser hair removal hair color
How are IPL/ LASER Hair Removal and Hair Color related?


Let’s review IPL/ laser hair removal and hair color: Your hair tone/type plays an important role when predicting the results of your IPL Hair Removal treatments. This is because the energy emitted into the root of your hair is attracted to and absorbed by the melanin cells. Melanin cells are responsible for adding colour to our hair, skin, and eyes. So, the higher the content, the darker the colour.

Therefore, we understand that the higher the melanin content and thickness of the hair shaft, the more energy is absorbed and the higher predictability of destroying the bulb of the hair. As a result, it can be predicted that darker hair tones will see higher success rates.

laser and blonde hair

Can light hair be removed with IPL/ LASER?

Advanced IPL / LASER operating systems can now effectively treat lighter hair tones.  

The light energy pulsed by the operating system targets pigment cells found in the hair bulb. As a result, the more pigment cells present, the more energy is absorbed.

Light natural hair tones usually contain enough base pigment to properly absorb the energy into the hair bulb. 

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