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Brow Lamination FAQs

brow lamination faqs

FAQs List

We have compiled this list of brow lamination faqs (frequently asked questions). If your question does not appear on this list, feel free to ask us a question in our “Ask Dermica” feature.

What is it?

The most common brow lamination faq is, “What is it?” It’s a mini perming service designed specifically for brows. The process involves securing the hair in an upward stroke pattern, then setting them into place with a gentle brow perming solution. Adding tint to your service is a great option for extra richness and depth.

How long does the service take?

You can expect to be at Dérmica for 45-60 minutes.

Is there down time?

There is no major down time. We recommend keeping the brows dry for 48 hours. This may require some preplanning, for example, booking your appointment on days that you can avoid wearing makeup or washing your hair to avoid water.

How long does this service last?

4 weeks of max. effect and lasts up to 6 weeks. 

What will it do for me?

If you…

have sparse brows👉 it helps with extra coverage.

have thick and wiry brows👉 it helps to smooth them down.

brows that grow in awkward directions👉 it helps reposition and tame.

want a perfected BROW LINE👉 it helps you GET IT!!

Was your question on this brow lamination FAQs list? Feel free to ask us a question in our “Ask Dermica” feature.

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Not sure which brow service is right for you?

Try our BROW QUIZ to help you choose the best service for your brow goals.

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