10% OFF ANY IPL/Laser Treatments @ Dérmica for BeYOUtiful YOU Clients!

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Meet Meagan Hazlewood, PTS, Master Trainer and Coach-Owner of BeYOUtiful YOU Whole Body Fitness & Training

Dérmica and BeYOUtiful YOU

Dérmica has a new friend on Whyte Ave!

For those of you that haven’t heard, BeYOUtiful YOU Whole Body Fitness & Training is a wellness studio focused on whole body fitness and training.

To celebrate this friendship, Dérmica is offering 10% discount on any IPL Advanced Skin Care and Laser Hair Removal Treatments to all BeYOUtiful YOU clients. In the same manner, all Dérmica clients will receive 10% off all of BeYOUtiful YOU Services!

‘BeYOUtiful YOU’ assists individuals to set wellness goals and embrace the growth that occurs as they strive towards achieving them. Believing each person is an individual they create for their clients a personal journey to a lifestyle of health and wellness.

They offer a wide range of integrated wellness services including massage, athletic therapy and nutrition counseling to provide convenient, integrated, quality services such as relaxation, pain management and rehabilitation services. Their personal trainers are committed to supporting clients. They offer a comfortable, inspiring, and innovative environment in which a variety of health care professionals work collaboratively to meet individual wellness needs.

‘BeYOUtiful You Fit’ is located on 10544B-82 Ave Edmonton, Alberta. You can give them a call at 780.756.1484

Like BeYOUtiful YOU on Facebook , follow them on Twitter and Instagram
Like Dérmica on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and Instagram

At Dérmica, we look forward to meeting all the wonderful BeYOUtiful YOU clients and offer them great deals and services. In turn, we are excited to introduce our clients to the newest body fitness & training facility to hit Whyte Ave, ‘BeYOUtiful YOU Fit’!

Peace, Love, and Great Skin!
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8105 106St, Edmonton
(780) 885 7108

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