How does brow lamination work?

How does brow lamination work?
Brow Lamination can last up to 6 weeks.

Its all the about science.

How does Brow Lamination work?

A perm solution is applied which breaks the disulphide bonds that hold together the brow hair’s keratin.

Once the bonds have been broken, we are able to change the state of the brow hair thereby straightening unruly brows and redirecting the hair to reshape the brows for a thicker, fuller look.

We then apply a setting solution which neutralizes the perm process and reforms the disulphide bonds in their new and improved shape. This is what makes your brow lamination last up to 6 weeks.

Is brow lamination safe for my brows?

Perm solutions have greatly improved since grandma’s time. 👵🏻
However, exposure to some perm solutions can cause reactions to sensitive skin such as itching, redness, etc.

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Our brow game is strong!

We’ve taken our signature Dermica sculpt and applied it to our Brow Lamination service!

Fill gaps and add volume to your brows. Your Brow Lamination includes:

  • Style (perm-brow setting)
  • Shape (waxed & trimmed)
  • Colour (brow tinting)

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