Fixing Dehydrated Skin

fixing dehydrated skin

What is the difference between dry and dehydrated skin?

Dry skin lacks oil, dehydrated skin lacks water. Dehydrated skin is not a skin type, it is a skin condition caused by external factors.

How do you fix dehydrated skin?

A good hydrator can be part of your solution. Hydrators are different than many moisturizers or creams. Creams are a water-in-oil solution, whereas a hydrator has more water than oil. The best example of a hydrator is hyaluronic acid.

Some people say that they do not use moisturizer because it causes them to break out. While it is true that some moisturizers can cause breakouts, these are usually oil-based. In an effort to avoid breakouts, you deprive your skin of necessary hydration. All skin types benefit from hydration

Dehydrated skin can also be soothed with a cleanser containing lactic acid.

NOTE: A cleanser with lactic acid will sting when you first start using it due to the minor cracks in the skin caused by the dryness. However, once that heals it’s great for long term use.

Will drinking water fix dehydrated skin?

Drinking water helps support everything else you are doing on a topical level.

Did you know that hyaluronic acid and drinking water join forces for hydration? Hyaluronic acid acts like a magnet to the water you drink. They are attracted to each other and keep the skin hydrated.

Drinking water according to your body weight and your metabolism will help you get the water to all the cells.

Why is my face dry even after I moisturize?

Most likely because you have an excessive build up of dead skin cells at the surface that are blocking any product or cleanser from actually getting to the fresh cells that need that nourishment.

You can remove this dead surface layer with proper exfoliation. Keep in mind that dry skin should not be using an exfoliant scrub. Instead, this skin type should use an enzyme exfoliant.

Peace, Love, and Great Skin!

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