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Contraindications for Manicures

Book your manicure in Edmonton with Dérmica. Delivering your service safely is always our first concern. Though rare, some medical conditions exist that may present individual harm from a manicure, or a risk of infecting others. This article discusses the contraindications that your Service Provider will be on the lookout for in preparation for your manicure.

Some conditions are contagious and require treatment before your Service Provider can proceed. Other conditions may require modification of service.

Cuts and Wounds

The fingers may be sensitive and inflamed, and in some cases infected. If possible, we will work around open cuts and proceed with caution when shaping and buffing the nails.


A spot of blood caused by injury to the nail bed. In severe cases drainage may be necessary. For the most part, this condition clears on its own by growing out. In mild cases, your Service Provider will proceed but will not buff the tops.


Warts are small benign growths that appear singularly or in clusters. They are commonly caused by the HPV virus. Warts are contagious, therefore, they must be treated in a clinic or with over the counter remedies before your manicure.

Untreated dermatitis

Conditions that cause the skin to become inflamed, dry, itchy, and rough may result in a service modification. The most common conditions are eczema and psoriasis. Your Service Provider will avoid affected areas.

Fungal infections

Bacterial or fungal infections of the tissue surrounding the nail are often infectious. Affected areas are inflamed and pus may be present. For that reason, you must have the condition treated prior to having your service.

Broken Bones on the hands

Some manicure steps require motor movements that may affect bone healing. As a result, broken bones must have healed prior to having your service.

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