Male Waxing Facts


Male Waxing Facts

OK OK… we can understand why some men are still hesitant to wax. But let us give you some facts about men’s waxing:
  • Results last longer than shaving
  • Hair grows back thinner and less-apparent each time you wax
  • Shows details of chest and back musculature
  • Helps with body odour by removing sweat-producing hair
  • Removes dead skin cells making your skin feel smooth

Male Waxing Demographics- Who waxes?

  • Professional men in business attire, such as lawyers, bankers, government officials, businessmen, etc. Waxing removes body hair that may interact with textiles in their clothes. This friction creates heat and sweat production. Men who wax go trough their day confident in the way they smell.
  • Men who value fitness, like athletes, swimmers, bodybuilders, and men who simply enjoy the gym. By removing body hair that hides muscle definition, men can show off their hard work down to the finest detail.
  • Men with active sex lives. We can’t speak for all women, but we feel safe in saying that back hair is not sexy. Men who wax look well-groomed and refined.
  • Forward-thinking men who recognize a clean appearance can improve their prowess in their social and business lives.
Not only does waxing improve your confidence by giving you a clean and sophisticated look, you can feel secure about the way you smell throughout the day. Results are long lasting. Come for a visit at Dérmica. Online Scheduling

Love, Peace, and Great Skin!

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