Classic Manicures

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What is included in a classic manicure?

Looking for nails on Whyte ave? Our classic manicure starts off with a warm nail bath. This helps to soften the cuticles and loosen the debris underneath the nail. After that, we perform cuticle work. This includes pushing back and trimming the excess cuticle.

Once the nail bed is clean, we cut and file the nails to your preferred shape. We finish the nail work by buffing the tops smooth to a shine. This helps to remove superficial stains and prepares the nail for a smooth polish application.

Once the cuticle and nail work is complete, we move on to the unwinding part of your manicure. Finger by finger, your hands are treated to a relaxing massage to relieve stress and promote blood flow. The cherry on top? A nice, warm paraffin wax application before or after your varnish (depending on the polish type you choose).

What is paraffin good for?

Paraffin is a warm wax that contains moisturizers. Additionally, it helps to push and melt the lotion/oil used during the massage deeper into the skin and into the cuticle area. It also temporarily alleviates arthritic joint pain by heating stiff joints. Bonus!

How long does a manicure typically last?

The length of time depends on a few different factors. On average you can expect your manicure to last about 3-5 weeks. Examples of factors that affect the longevity of your polish includes the type of polish chosen, oily nail beds, and a person’s lifestyle. For instance, people who work with their hands (ex. typing) or have their hands immersed in water often, will see shorter longevity. As far as cuticle growth, you may notice the cuticles start coming back around 3 weeks post manicure.

Home care

Its always good to use a nail brush at home every 2-3 days. A nail brush will provide exfoliation for your fingernails. Take the nail brush along the cuticle line and underneath to keep that overgrown pterygium at bay.

Using cuticle oil and hand moisturizers will help keep dryness and hangnails away.

Other tips

Try to wear gloves when doing dishes or other cleaning around the house. Many products contain alkaline ingredients that throw off your skin’s natural barrier function. Some products may strip away necessary moisture, or some may kill healthy bacteria on your hands.

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