Beauty Product Expiration Dates


For those of you wondering about beauty product expiration dates, I’ve put together some info and tips to follow.

Beauty product expiration dates, these are the dates that the cosmetic product must be thrown away regardless of PAO (Period After Opening) or usage. Product expiry dates are normally printed on the bottom of the jar, back of the jar, or imprinted in the top of tubed cosmetics, and are required for most products with less than 30 months of shelf life. Please note that even if you’re PAO exceeds your expiry, you must still throw out the product after expiry date.

Now, most of you have probably noticed a little jar symbol usually found on the back of your product container. This is referred to as the “PAO (Period After Opening)”. This symbol represents the number of months (M) before your beauty products expire after opening. For example if the PAO reads 12M, you’re product is good for twelve months of usage after opening, pretty straight forward. If product is left unopened and does not have a beauty product expiry date, my rule of thumb is triple your PAO, not exceeding three years, for assurance that product to still function at its full capacity and not likely to cause harm.

Organic or all natural products are a great option; in most cases they do not have any added preservatives, this may shorten the life of the products. With any of these products you must of course follow manufacturer recommendation, but in the event there are no printed dates, six months is the recommended product expiry date.

Although we have printed guidelines and recommendations to follow for product expiry dates, always make sure to use your judgment and test the scent, color, and consistency of your product. If it doesn’t smell, look, or feel right chances are it’s overgrown with bacteria and/or has gone rancid. Using expired products can harm your skin by causing irritation, dermatitis, or infections. Some products will naturally settle if left unused for some time and may just require a little stir or shake. If you have used this product in the past you’re aware of how it should perform and its characteristics, and when in doubt toss it out! Some companies will kindly return or exchange the product if found to be off, so don’t be afraid to ask!

  • Store your beauty products in a cool, dry place, and avoid direct sunlight.
  • Try storing eye creams and moisturizers in the butter compartment of your fridge. This will keep products cool, stable, and refreshing when applied!
  • Always make sure you’re closing the caps on your hair/body products kept in the shower. Exposure to water will dilute, spoil or alter products. Making them less effective.
  • When possible choose products that come in pumps or tubes, they hold longer as they are not in contact with open air or skin.
  • If you’re using a potted product use a small spatula or cotton swab to remove products from the jar. The natural oils and bacteria found on our skin can alter or spoil products.

Hope this helps all you products enthusiasts and junkies!

Love, peace, and great skin!

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