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redness reducing treatment edmonton

Reducing Redness with Phototherapy

Located in Edmonton, Dérmica offers the ALIVIA photofacial, a redness-reducing treatment to calm and fortify your skin. Photofacials are safe and effective and are always delivered by qualified and experienced technicians. Please review the treatment criteria before booking your ALIVIA photofacial online.

Rosy cheeks or Rosacea?

Rosacea may begin in childhood as a flattering natural blush appearing on the cheeks, but may spread and progress gradually to the other areas of the face, the ears, chest, back, and eyes in adulthood. It typically develops between the ages 30 to 50.

Conditions such as Rosacea, sensitized skin, or simply genetics can cause frequent, consistent redness and broken capillaries on the face. If left untreated these conditions can worsen, or mutate the skin’s texture.

How do photofacials reduce redness and remove broken capillaries on my face?

Photofacials emit light energy into the skin. The light beam destroys specified targets without damaging the surrounding tissue. After that, the blood coagulates and the vessels break into tiny particles that are naturally filtered away through the body’s lymphatic system.

Supplement your redness-reducing treatment at home.

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We recommend supplementing your treatments with some home tips as well as quality skincare products. Save 15% on in-store product purchases with any skincare service. Your service provider can recommend products to fit your skin and lifestyle.
Professional skincare products will help you reach your skin goals sooner.

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