What are some tips for Sunburn Relief?

What happens when you get a sunburn?

Your skin will go through some processes depending on how severe the sunburn is. Sunburn relief treatment consists of soothing and protecting. Sunburn recovery treatment will depend on the flaking process.

Sunburn Phase 1

First, you will experience a burning sensation, stinging and possibly blistering. This will be followed by some scabbing or flaking of the skin. During this initial period where the skin really sensitive, we recommend using a barrier balm over top of a soothing gel that contains grape seed oil or aloe vera.

Aloe Vera improves skin hydration and delivers strong anti-inflammatory benefits.

Aloe vera is very good for calming the skin and keeping the area hydrated. It helps the healing process along by acting as a protective shield against environmental pollutants. This in turn helps retain moisture which helps repair damage to epidermal cells.

Try using the Glo’s barrier balm. It will lock in hydration and prevent any extra water loss while protecting from the elements. In addition, it contains vitamin E which helps the skin heal faster.

Sunburn Phase 2

After the initial period you will see the flaking process. While this means having new fresh skin, the process will either leave you with hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation is the result of the sun bringing out excess melanin in the skin. This can appear as sunspots, freckles, or blotches on the skin.

Hypo-pigmentation happens when damaged skin and the surrounding skin has been tanned by the sun but the fresh cells don’t have that tan which leaves blank spaces or “hypo-pigmentation”.

To resolve the after effect for hyperpigmentation we recommend photofacials, for hypo-pigmentation we recommend chemical peels.

Can you get rid of sunburn overnight?

In short, the answer is no. However, you can soothe sunburn and prevent form getting worse. As soon as you notice, you need to pull that heat out of your skin. Draw the heat out by using ice packs or anything else that cools the skin. After that, you have to hydrate immediately. Soothing gels that are water based are excellent for protection. However, even if you act promptly, chances are you’ll still have damage because once the skin has been damaged you cant reverse it, only heal it.

Is Vaseline good for sunburn?

Vaseline is a good sunburn treatment in the sense that it will keep moisture in the skin but it does not allow trans-epidermal movement. So, while you’re not losing moisture, you’re also not getting extra moisture in. This won’t hurt but it wont help to heal. The faster you heal the less chances of extra damage.

Peace, Love, and Great Skin!

-Dérmica MedEsthetics

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