Acne Treatments Edmonton: Do’s & Don’ts

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Acne Treatments Edmonton: The Do’s & Don’ts of Acne

f you have ever battled with Acne you can relate to the physical and emotional toll it can take on you. Acne can also be a sensitive subject to approach when searching for the answers and solutions for this condition. So in this blog series titled “the Do’s & Don’ts of Acne” we will be looking at the most common causes of acne and giving out some PRO TIPS in hopes to shed some light on this rather touchy subject.

The most important thing when beginning your search is understanding your own skin condition and the source of your condition.

In this segment of our series we will begin by looking at one of the contributing factors: Diet and Nutrition.

Diet can play a major role in aggravating conditions of the skin, acne being one of them. Your diet may not necessarily be the cause but it can either help treat the condition or interfere, and set-back treatment. Remember that anything ingested by the body effects on major organs, and with your skin being the largest and most visible of all, it is the window into your internal health.

Studies have shown that acneic skin is deprived of important essential vitamins and nutrients. To help address this chemical imbalance you must restore healthy levels within your body. Now let’s get to the “ the do’s and don’ts of the anti-acne diet.


  • Vitamin E. In studies, acneic skin shows to be deprived of this essential antioxidant. Natural food sources include: almonds, hazelnuts, spinach, and kale
  • Vitamin C.. This natural antioxidant helps reduce inflammation and redness. Natural food sources include: citrus fruits, strawberries, raspberries, papaya, and pineapple
  • Vitamin B3.. This natural element aids the body in transforming different foods into energy. Natural food sources include: mushrooms, potatoes, whole grains, meats and alternatives
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acid.. Omega 3 levels are lacking in the average diet and are essential to proper skin health. Natural sources include: fish oils, salmon, free range meats and eggs
  • Water.. Keep your skin hydrated by keeping the cells within your body hydrated as well. Your body needs to maintain a water balance in order to carry out its daily functions


  • Sugars. Food high in sugar can spike healthy insulin levels in the body. This can have a negative effect on acne and worsen the condition
  • Dairy. Dairy products can have an effect on the amount of oil produced in the skin, so be conscious of your dairy intake. For other sources of calcium try include leafy greens in your diet

I recommend focusing on one area at a time, this will help you pinpoint possible sources and treat appropriately. Once you have taken care of possible internal imbalances, controlling the external condition will be much easier.

Book a free consultation with our skin health experts and begin your journey to clear and healthy skin. We will help you develop a skin health plan that includes homecare, medical esthetic procedures, and maintenance.

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  • Sonata


    Amazingly written and described by someone who seems to be very professional and passionate about this stuff. I could not have gotten to know this if I didn’t visit this website. Appreciate it.


    • Dérmica Management


      Thanks Sonata! Our spa director has close to 20 years of experience in skin care and esthetics, but even back then, she was a natural at treatments and improving her clients overall appearance. Some people just have it I guess :)


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