Home Recipe for Dry Cuticles and Hands

Dry Cuticles/Hands

Q: Dear Dermica,

What is a good remedy for dry cuticles/hands?

This is a very common issue in Alberta and amongst both men/women.

Let’s begin with the cause. Aside from possibly suffering from dermatitis, eczema, or psoriasis, excessively dry cuticles and hands can be caused by frequent exposure to extreme fluctuating temperature in the winter months. We often go from the frigid outdoor temperature to warm blasts from our heating systems. Both of these extremes are hard on our cells and cause them to loose vital moisture and hydration. Cold temperature slows our cell metabolism, which in turn slows the skins natural absorption and oil production. In addition, we have the artificial dry heat exposure which then dries the skin further by drawing moisture out of our skin.

Now with that background knowledge here are my recommendations, follow through and your hands will feel and look amazing!

Cracked/Dry Cuticles – Always ensure that you have good quality cuticle oil on hand for application throughout the day. Apply a generous amount and massage into the cuticle and nails. Leave the excess oil to absorb, trust me it will. Also remember to include your nails in the application, as they can use a good dose of moisture to prevent brittle nails.

If you have inflamed cracks in the cuticles, this is most likely a sign of infection. Apply a small amount of Polysporin™ to the affected area and finish off with your cuticle oil for protection and moisture.

Dry Hands – First and foremost use a good quality hand moisturizer morning, day, and night, and re-apply after washing. Moisturizers specific for hands feature non-greasy formulations, which are great if you’re not used to wearing moisturizer. Some of us though don’t mind the gleam of moisturizer on our hands and the heavy moisture, butters and balms are great for this. Now when heading out apply a good coat of moisturizer before putting on your gloves, the warmth of your gloves will aid in product penetration and keep your hands safe from the elements.

dry cuticles
ACLARA tightens skin and reduces the appearance of brow spots for younger looking hands.

Since we are on the topic of hands, let’s talk about some Advanced options available for Hand Care. The Glorious Summer months bring hours of fun in the sun, and some unexpected effects due to both intentional and unintentional exposure to the harmful sun rays. This can leave your hands freckled with unsightly brown spots that only get worse with age. Dérmica has the solution, and with the winter darkness upon us now is the time to reverse these effects.

Our ACLARA treatment is suitable for hands as well, in fact some of the greatest results are seen on the hands. Not only will this treatment reduce the appearance of brown spots, but it will also rejuvenate and plump the skin.

Home Recipe Cuticle Balm

  • Melt 1 tbsp of Coconut Oil (great for moisture protection) in a small saucepan on very low heat
  • Once melted stir in 2 drops of Lavender Essential Oil (increases moisture and elasticity)
  • Remove from heat and pour into a small jar with tight lid (lip balm containers work great)
  • Place closed jar in the freezer and let cool for 10-15 minutes (until hardened)
  • Remove and lube away!

Love, Peace, and Great Skin!

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