Can I use the same products for morning and night?

“Can I use the same products for morning and night?” is a common question asked by our clients. If your skin is at its prime, meaning it’s balanced and functioning at it’s best, your cleanser should be fine for morning and night use.

Keep in mind that “prime” doesn’t mean perfect skin for every skin type. If you are happy with your cleanser there is no need to change it. However, you may want to consider adding an oil cleanser for nighttime use. These are excellent at removing makeup and are often used as a first cleanse.

The decision to change moisturizers depend on what you are using. Basic moisturizers are fine for day or night. However, if you are using a moisturizer that contains sunscreen then you can’t use that at night. On the contrary, if you are using a product that contains retinol you can’t use that during the day.

Serums are the product to most likely have specific uses appropriate for certain times of day. For example, hyaluronic acid serums are best to use during the day when trans-epidermal water loss is highest. Vitamin C and E are good serums to use in the day time as they are good for sun protection.

Different beauty regimes

In addition, there are different regimes to consider when deciding whether or not to use the same products for morning and night. There are two types of regimes: maintenance versus treatment. During maintenance regimes you can cleanse and moisturize with the same products.

On the other hand, treatment regimes vary depending on what is happening with your skin. You may be able to use many of the same products if they are effective, but at night you may want to add products with ingredients to correct your skin concerns.


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Ask your service provider for recommendations.

Love, Peace, and Great Skin!

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