Healing After Microblading

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Healing after your procedure

Microblading is a semi-permanent brow treatment that requires minimum down time. Healing can take up to 10 days and varies with each individual. You may encounter the following indications as you heal:

Clotting and Scabbing

The procedure involves the technician making tiny incisions 2-3 layers into the skin, using a microblading tool. Your skin’s natural response to this action is bleeding from the site of incision; the amount of bleeding depends on your skin and any underlying conditions.

As the procedure carries on, the blood becomes thickened and soon forms a clot. This process is known as coagulation and it is your bodies’ way of blocking the flow of blood. This thickened blood then forms the scab that encloses the small incisions and protects them during the early stages of healing. At this point your brows begin to look darker and may appear raised due to the scabs forming.

Swelling and Secretion

Following your procedure you may experience slight swelling and secretion in the treated area. The swelling is a response to the increased blood and fluid circulating in the wound. Blood has many components that carry vital nutrients, antibodies, oxygen, and hormones to the fresh wound. The plasma component of the blood aids in clotting and also moves waste material away from the wound during the healing.

You may experience slight secretion of clear fluid from your brows; this is normal and begins to subside within 24 hours following your procedure. If necessary you can gently blot the brows with a clean gauze or tissue to absorb the excess fluid. Cleanse the brow area twice daily by first dabbing them clean using a dampened cotton or gauze pad. Then, lightly rub a dab of your cleanser over the brows using your ring fingers only, gently blot away cleanser using clean dampened cotton or gauze pad. Apply moisturizer daily and as needed throughout the day to prevent excessive drying and provide added protection. Remember to wash your hands before cleaning your brows ☺

Growth and Repair

During the growth and recovery stage, the scabs that protected the open wound will begin to shed thereby exposing fragile skin. The overall brow colour will appear patchy as the dark scabs fall revealing the lighter tone underneath. The exposed skin may appear thinner and slightly pink while it is re-building.

Your skin forms a network of collagen fibres that support the new layers of skin cells, as the new skin layers build, the pink colouring will fade along with the pigment of your brows. The length of time the skin takes to build back the layers of skin ranges depending on the overall health of the skin prior to procedure and how closely post-care instructions are followed. In most cases the growth and repair process ranges from 4-12 weeks. A cooling mask, such as the Cucumber Recovery Mask can help nourish and soothe the fresh cells after your microblading has fully shed.

Recovery and Refresher

Once your brows have fully recovered, the pigment will once again resurface revealing their true colour, the strokes will also appear more defined and realistic. It is recommended that you wait until all visible signs of the healing process have subsided before following up with your Refresher session.

Daily application of a serum, such as the Corrective Soothing serum after moisturizing strengthens the skin and accelerates the recovery process. Tracking your progress on a weekly basis during the recovery period will ensure that your microblading is healing as expected and provide the necessary information for your technician when selecting a date for your Refresher session.

Ensure you book your Refresher before your brows reach a 40% fade. A minimum of 40% of the initial shape must be present for your Refresher. This time varies per person. Overextending the re-booking period may cause you to lose the outlining shape from your initial session for the technician to follow. If this is the case a complete microblading session may be necessary.

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