Microblading Eyebrows

Microblading is an art form.

Microblading eyebrows and brow tattooing is an art that requires attention to detail and continuous practice to perfect this art form. Skilled artists will develop a signature style throughout the years that will draw like-minded clients to their services. Selecting the right artist to match your unique style is key to attaining the ideal brows.

What is the Dérmica style?

Our goal is to achieve a versatile brow finish that blends seamlessly into your natural brow and compliments your features. The finished look can be dressed up with a little color or worn bare for a fresh-faced look.

Identifying your brow needs

In the consultation for microblading eyebrows, we assess your existing growth and discuss your desired look. With this information, we can select the appropriate level of coverage to suit your needs. Whether its a Level 1, 2, or 3, your brows will be topped up or fully restored to their most natural finish.


The microblading service begins with a personalized mapping of your brow area. This map provides a precise guide for the sketch of the brow shape to be bladed. The guide ensures that the shape suits your facial structure and aligns appropriately with your other features.

microblading eyebrows

Hair Strokes

Each stroke is placed following your natural hair growth lending way to a multidimensional brow that flows with the existing brows. Each brow is assessed individually and hair stroke placement, length, and thickness are choosing accordingly.

microblading eyebrows


Your brow colour is chosen by evaluating the undertone of your skin vs your hair tone, and from there creating a customized color blend. This process ensures that your color compliments your features and holds its true tone once healed.

dermica microblading


Although your brows may look amazing on the initial date of service, the healed finish can differ. We want to ensure that your brows are up to par with your expectations, for that reason, we include a complimentary Refresher session in our microblading services.

This session includes a top-up of any color that may have not retained or minor adjustments or additions leaving you with a finish that can last up to 3 years. Also, considering how unique our skin is, we allow our guests up to 12 months to book the Refresher visit.

Professional brow styling can make a world of a difference and save valuable time when you’re getting ready for your day. We are keen on helping you look your best and understand that brows play an important role in your overall appearance, we hope to be your choice for your microblading!

Are you a good candidate for microblading?

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Love, Peace, and Great Skin!

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