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Maintaining Your Brows After Microblading

microblading healing process

How do you maintain your eyebrows after microblading?

Maintaining your brows after microblading is easy! Follow the steps for a smooth healing process.

Short Term Maintenance

The first ten days.

For starters, it is important to keep the brows dry during the microblading healing process. You can blot them clean but you don’t want any soaking in the area. Try to avoid heat application, for example, hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, or hot showers. No picking at the scabs! You will need to moisturize the area with the provided barrier balm a minimum of 2 times per day to keep the area soft, protected, and moisturized.

Gently clean the eyebrows morning and night with a damp cotton pad or gauze and a mild cleanser.

During the healing process and only during the healing process, avoid the use of sunblock and any makeup over and around the brow area. Also, avoid direct and extended sun exposure.

Finally, avoid waxing or tweezing your brows for 2 weeks.

Why can’t you get microblading wet?

You cannot get the eyebrows wet because the microblading healing process creates scabs in the skin. Those scabs serve a purpose in microblading- they seal in the pigment. When the skin is ready, it will detach and release the scab. But in the meantime, there are still connections between the scab/s on the outside and the tissue on the inside of the open incision. Soaking the brows area is going to make those scabs soggy and will make them potentially lift prematurely.

How long after microblading will my brows look normal?

The eyebrows start looking normal usually by weeks 2-3 the brows have healed and settled.

Long Term Maintenance

Waxing the brows after microblading.

If you waxed your brows before, then you’ll need to continue to wax them after microblading. However, don’t be surprised if your eyebrows start growing in areas where gaps existed before! Microblading has a tendency to stimulate the region and kickstart the growth cycle.

Do you still have to fill in the brows after microblading?

Whether or not you will have to continue to fill in your brows depends on how much coverage was achieved with the procedure and your desired look. If the microblading level is chosen appropriately, it should give you a natural brow that does not require a fill. But if you’re going for a glamorous or full make up look, you’ll still add a little pencil to compliment the look, but not necessarily to fill gaps.

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microblading mature brows

Can you regrow eyebrows after 50?

If we approach this from a medical history perspective, it would depend on whether the person has a condition such as alopecia, trichotillomania, or other genetic conditions that impede or stop hair growth.

Aside from medical history, the possibility of hair not growing back may be due to hormonal fluctuations that happen in our lives that may cause changes in our body’s ability to regrow hair. Whether it changes in texture, colour, consistency, or growth rate, these things can be affected by hormonal fluctuations which are directly tied to the process of aging.

Can microblading be done on older skin?

Microblading can be done on most age groups. We consider factors such as the laxity of the skin when deciding if mature skin is suitable for microblading. If the skin texture is sagging or too wrinkled in the brow region, it may not look natural due to the pigment not sitting where expected. In other words, significantly sagging skin may interfere with the positioning of the ink and distort the intended shape.

Possible setbacks

As we age, our skin loses volume and therefore can be too thin to safely microblade over. Our body’s natural healing process is also delayed as we age. So healing is another setback to consider when we work on mature skin.

However, all of the above can be assessed with a proper consultation. This helps us determine if an individual is eligible for microblading. Skin ages differently for each person depending on their health condition, age group, and ethnicity.

Is there special post care for mature skin?

The same post care instructions apply to microblading mature skin, with a little extra precaution where the healing process is concerned. It is important to track the healing process to ensure that there are no infections or prolonged inflammation period.

Is 60 too old for permanent makeup?

Not at all! Permanent makeup enhances the natural beauty of any face, regardless of shape, type and age. In particular, microblading frames the face, add symmetry, and plays a key role in having a youthful look.

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Microblading Pain Level

microblading pain level tolerance

How long does microblading pain last?

Good news! Effective numbing creams have become more accessible to estheticians overtime. As a result, microblading pain has been greatly minimized.

Your microblading appointment starts by reviewing your medical history to ensure there are no contraindications that may complicate the service. After, your technician begins to map out your brows. Once you approve your new brow design, numbing cream is applied 30 minutes before start time.

How painful is microblading without numbing cream?

Microblading pain is very high without an effective numbing cream.

I always thought it would be funny to film a commercial where a foreign spy is strapped down to a bed while being tortured for information via microblading without numbing cream.

My personal experience

I first had microblading in 2015. The numbing creams available to estheticians were not very effective back then. The numbing cream would wear off quicker than expected and you’d be in pain shortly into the procedure. We had to stop often to reapply numbing cream.

But I just had to bare the pain, because I didn’t want to stop halfway through my new brow design. I survived that first microblading procedure: The pain was over. The healing process was fine with the exception of a tingling/itchy sensation while in a hot car during the healing period.

I had microblading again in 2019. The numbing cream used was different, it lasted much longer. While the experience was not 100% pain-free, it was night and day when compared to my first experience. It was very tolerable, even for a big baby like me.


If anyone reading has ever had laser eye surgery or “lasik”, they’ll know you don’t feel a thing, but you smell your eye burning. Similarly, especially at the beginning, you don’t feel a thing, but you hear your skin being sliced open. Cringe!

How can I ease the pain?

To decrease pain level, we recommend following the precautions prior to your appointment. Examples include avoiding all forms of caffeine, and getting enough sleep the night before. For women specifically, menstruation may cause extra sensitivity.

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best brows YEG

Whatever the latest trend, we’ll have you looking chic and on trend!

Your search for the best brows in YEG ends here! Dérmica specializes in brow corrections and precision shaping. We use European techniques to correctly measure and etch your natural brows into beautiful arches. Add the perfect frame to your eyes and compliment your natural facial shape and features.

Dérmica’s Signature Brow Services


brow shape dermica medesthetics in edmonton, ab.

Your go-to for brow definition or a quick fix.
It includes a precise shape using your facial measurements, gentle wax application, tweeze, and trim that will leave your brows looking clean and fresh!

Time Frame: 15-20 min.

Duration: 2-5 weeks


brow wax and tint yeg, dermica medesthetics

Excellent for maintaining water-proof coverage and refined brows. Includes a brow tint application for maximum coverage, and our signature dérmica Shape. Flaunt a flawless brow-line 24/7 with this high definition brow service.

Time Frame: 20-30 min.

Duration: 2-5 weeks


brow lamination edmonton

Tame unruly brows.

The process involves securing the hair in an upward stroke pattern, then setting them into place with a gentle brow perming solution.

Time Frame: 45-60 min.

Duration: 3-6 weeks


microblading in edmonton, alberta. dermica medesthetics.

Your brows are skillfully etched using your natural facial structure, measurements, and any desired personal touches. Individual hair stroke is carefully placed on the skin with top-of-the-line brow feathering products.

Time Frame: 2.5 hrs

Duration: 1-3 years



Excellent for lightening brows up to 4 shades. This complete brow-grooming lightening is a dérmica Sculpt on the other side of the spectrum. Perfect for very blond to lightest blond hair transitions.

Time Frame: 30 min.

Duration: 5-8 wks

Brow Tint

A custom blend tint application that adds depth and coverage to match any hair color. We use professional grade, vegetable-based tint developed for safe and effective use on brows.

Time Frame: 15-20 min.

Duration: 2-5 wks


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Microblading: How many sessions are required?

microblading- how many sessions

How many sessions does microblading take?

Microblading takes two sessions: One is the initial procedure, followed by the second session, the Refresher. It is the second session that allows microblading to boast its long lasting effects. Both sessions are included in the cost.

The Refresher session can be done as early as 6 weeks post initial procedure, and as late as 12 months after the initial procedure. This time varies individually and is related to the healing process.

How to prepare for your microblading sessions

Before booking your appointment, review this PRE-TREATMENT GUIDE to help you select the best date for your appointment. Taking necessary precautions prior to your appointment will ensure that your procedure can be performed safely and effectively.

microblading pretreatment guide dermica medesthetics in edmonton alberta


  1. Cleanse and moisturize morning and evening. Use a PRE CLEANSER in the evenings over your brow area. 
  2. AVOID caffeinated beverages 2 hours prior to appointment as this can cause skin sensitivity. 
  3. DO NOT consume alcohol 12 hours prior to scheduled appointment as this can cause excessive bleeding and sensitivity during treatment. 
  4. DO NOT take the following medications/ supplements during the 72 hours leading up to your procedure: Consult and report with your physician prior to stopping medication
  • Acetylsalicylic Acid (ASA) medications. Example: Asprin™.
  • Anticoagulants (blood thinners)
  • Niacin

5. Direct contact with water will need to be avoided for 72 hours following your procedure; therefore we recommend washing your hair prior to your appointment. 

6. Apply SPF over brow area before sun exposure. AVOID direct sunlight and extended sun exposure. 

Do you meet the criteria for this procedure? Find out by clicking HERE.

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Microblading brown and black skin

Is there a difference in approach?

There is variation when it comes to colour selection when microblading brown and black skin. However, as far as pre and post instructions and the actual procedure itself, we approach microblading the same across all skin types.


From an anatomy perspective, darker skin tones tend to be thicker, this is one of the reasons why they age slower. Additionally, in the ideal climate, darker skin tones tend to be a little oilier. That’s why some say black don’t crack.

The more melanin in the skin, the thicker it typically is; That is not to say it is not sensitive. But the sensitivity may not reflect visually. That is why certain advanced skincare treatments, for example, chemical peels or IPL laser, need to be delivered with caution as the skin may not show visible signs of sensitivity.

Things to consider

microblading on brown or black skin- hyperpigmentation risks

As we stated above, darker skin tones are thicker. As a result, the skin may not hold the colour as much as a very thin skin. In addition, skin types 4-6 heal a lot faster, however, they also have higher possibility of hyperpigmentation scarring.

These skin types have a have a greater capacity to build scars. This is where our assessment comes into place. Your technician will ask the right questions to assess any potential side effects.

Can I get microblading if I’m prone to keloid scarring?

We do not recommend it. If someone is prone to keloid scarring, the risk outweighs the benefits. Even if it is not building a protruding keloid, when those fibres reform, it will be a thicker version of the skin that was there before.

Plus, when it comes time for the Refresher, we would be the working on scar tissue, which is tougher and thicker than the original skin, which was thicker to begin with.

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