What are the negatives to microblading?

what are the negatives to microblading

Microblading cons

While there are many pros to microblading, like anything else, there are also cons. Many of you know the pros, for example, full, natural looking brows that do not wash off. However, some of you have asked,

“What are the negatives to microblading?”

In our opinion, the number one negative is the pain. Unlike a brow waxing service where you get through that little bit of pain, microblading takes much longer. While we use numbing cream to minimize discomfort, we have seen a full spectrum of pain tolerance. To clarify, most clients take well to the numbing cream.

Another negative to microblading is the recovery time of the service. This is where some people may have trouble. People may reconsider their decision because of the look of the brows during the recovery period. Brows in recovery can either look extremely dark or off due to the swelling.

During the recovery phase you are limited to what you can do afterwards, not only because of the skin recovering but also because of the look of them.

A third negative we can think of is specific to people who have really thick and/or oily skin. Their pigment retention is lower so they will have to get their refresher sooner rather than later. We recommend refreshers as early as 6 weeks post procedure and as late as 12 months post procedure.

A minimum of 40% of the initial shape must be present for your Refresher. This time varies per person. Oily skin reaches a 40% fade rate closer to the first 2-3 months, while other skin types can stretch the refresher closer to 10-12 months post procedure.

What’s stopping you now?

Love, Peace, and Great Skin!

-Dérmica MedEsthetics

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